Allow me to re-introduce myself.

My name is Mike. I’m the creator and curator of Best Small Towns in America, a website dedicated to exploring the heart and soul of small-town life across the United States.

From the picturesque streets of Paducah, KY, to the scenic beauty of Bisbee, AZ, I’ve journeyed through the diverse landscapes of our nation, seeking out the stories, traditions, and hidden gems that make each small town unique.

My love for small towns runs deep, rooted in my formative years spent in the vibrant city of Chicago, where I developed a keen appreciation for the charm and simplicity of quieter, more intimate communities.

This passion led me on an extensive RV adventure, traveling from coast to coast in search of a new place to call home. Ultimately, I found my haven in Frankfort, MI, a place that perfectly embodies the spirit of small-town America.

This website is a tribute to the small towns that capture our hearts and imaginations.

From the places we’ve discovered to those still waiting to be explored, I’m here to share my experiences and inspire your next adventure.

I am always eager to hear of places I should visit and am an open book, so please feel free to send a message and follow along on social media.

Whether you’re planning your next getaway or simply looking for a slice of Americana, this is your go-to source for all things related to the quaint, the charming, and the wonderfully unique aspects of small-town life.

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Frankfort, MI – The Starting Point of Our Adventures!