Small Towns Near Baltimore

Discover Quaint Small Towns Near Baltimore

Small Towns Near Baltimore

Sometimes, the constant buzz of Baltimore’s city life sends us searching for a quieter corner. We totally understand the feeling; that craving for small-town charm without venturing too far from our doorstep.

On our quest, we stumbled upon some delightful towns near Baltimore – hidden treasures like St. Michaels and Chestertown on the Eastern Shore. These spots offer a peaceful reprieve plus unique activities, from kayaking adventures to exploring historic sites steeped in history.

Ready for a little change of scenery? Let’s start this journey together and explore these charming destinations.

Key Takeaways

  • Stroll through St. Michaels for beautiful harbor views and unique shopping, with homes valued around $660,100.
  • Chestertown offers a glimpse into colonial history and waterfront activities on the Chester River.
  • Visit Crisfield to enjoy outdoor sports at Janes Island State Park and affordable living with an average home value of $141,800.
  • Take in colorful houses and boutique shops along Bohemia Avenue in Chesapeake City.
  • Discover Stevensville on Kent Island for its rich maritime heritage and scenic waterfront views.

Top Small Towns Near Baltimore

A charming small town with an old-fashioned storefront and cobblestone street in a bustling atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, consider exploring the quaint small towns near Baltimore. These gems include St. Michaels, Chestertown, Crisfield, Chesapeake City, and Stevensville (Kent Island).

St. Michaels, MD

We love exploring St. Michaels, MD for its harbor views and unique shops. This town invites visitors to enjoy the local winery and delve into maritime history at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

With an average home value of $660,100, it’s a place where water meets wealth in a tranquil setting.

St. Michaels also shines with waterfront sunsets that paint the sky. We find ourselves wandering through galleries and trying out restaurants that offer us tastes of local charm. Shopping here is an adventure in itself, with each store offering something special about Chesapeake Bay life.

Chestertown, MD

Chestertown, MD, sits quietly on the western shore, drawing us in with its colonial history and tight-knit community. We find ourselves walking down streets lined with buildings that tell stories from centuries ago.

The tall ships at the dock are a testament to the town’s rich past, inviting us to explore more. Shops brimming with local crafts and cafes serving up home-cooked meals make every visit here feel like stepping back in time.

We engage in waterfront activities along the Chester River, where kayaking and boating become ways to see this charming town from another perspective. The tasting room experiences offer sips of locally made wines and spirits, showcasing Chestertown’s growing artisan community.

Here, supporting local businesses isn’t just a choice—it’s part of what makes visits memorable.

Crisfield, MD

Crisfield, MD, sits quietly by the water, with an average home value of $141,800. This small town is not just a place on the map; it’s where history and strong faith come together.

Civic groups abound here, showing a tight-knit community. For fun on the water, Janes Island invites everyone to try their hand at various sports.

We find that life in Crisfield offers a blend of peace and adventure. With its roots deeply planted in tradition, this town opens its arms to anyone looking for solace away from the hustle.

The waters around Janes Island are perfect for spending a day out under the sun or simply taking in the calm views.

Chesapeake City, MD

Chesapeake City, MD showcases colorful houses on Bohemia Avenue and features shops and fountains. As we explore this town, the vibrant atmosphere immerses us in its magnificent charm.

Boutique stores and local eateries adorn the streets, making it a great spot for leisurely strolls and finding unique treasures. The delightful waterfront presents an array of activities, from boating to enjoying scenic views along the canal.

This idyllic town truly epitomizes small-town allure at its finest.

Stevensville, MD (Kent Island)

Stevensville, MD (Kent Island) sits peacefully on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It’s a serene escape from bustling city life, with its charming waterfront offering picturesque views and tranquil strolls.

The town is steeped in history, playing a pivotal role in the state’s maritime past. A visit here allows for exploration of local attractions such as the Chesapeake Exploration Center to learn about the Bay’s ecology and wildlife or indulging in fresh seafood at one of its many restaurants.

Residents take pride in their town’s deep-rooted connection to maritime heritage. The winding roads invite leisurely drives with glimpses of striking sunsets over the bay and lush countryside scenery… a true haven for those seeking refuge from urban noise. Whether it’s learning about oyster farming, kayaking along peaceful waterways, or simply enjoying an ice cream cone while watching boats sailing by – Stevensville offers unique experiences that capture Maryland’s essence.

Best Small Towns in Maryland

A charming main street with historical buildings and a bustling atmosphere.

St. Michaels, Maryland is renowned for its charming harbor and historic district. Chestertown, also known as the “reel” capital of Maryland, boasts colonial architecture and a vibrant arts scene.

Meanwhile, Crisfield beckons with its rich seafood heritage and serene waterfront views. Chesapeake City entices visitors to stroll along the C&D Canal while admiring quaint shops and eateries.

Lastly, Stevensville in Kent Island invites exploration of hidden beaches and scenic trails.

Things to Do in These Small Towns

Explore local attractions and activities, from charming historic sites to picturesque waterfront experiences. Enjoy a variety of dining options and immerse yourself in unique shopping experiences.

Local attractions and activities

Let’s explore the array of local attractions and activities in these small towns near Baltimore. From charming historic sites to scenic waterfronts, there are diverse experiences to enjoy.

Dive into the rich history at St. Michaels’ Maritime Museum or take a leisurely stroll along Chesapeake City’s canal front. Feel the breeze during a boat tour in Crisfield or savor fresh seafood dining options.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re seeking unique shopping experiences or simply looking to relax by picturesque vistas.

In addition to this, immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Chestertown with its array of dining options and artistic charm. Uncover hidden gems while strolling through Stevensville on Kent Island, while enjoying stunning water views and outdoor recreational activities like kayaking and biking along tranquil paths.

Waterfront activities

When exploring the quieter and smaller towns near Baltimore, don’t miss out on the delightful waterfront activities. Discover the serenity of kayaking in Kent Narrows or indulging in water sports at Janes Island in Crisfield.

Havre de Grace offers stunning water views and delectable waterfront seafood restaurants, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing day by the water.

In these charming small towns, you can soak up the peaceful ambiance while engaging in enjoyable water-based activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, or simply unwinding by the tranquil shores.

Whether you’re seeking a leisurely day admiring picturesque scenery or looking to partake in exhilarating water sports, these idyllic waterfront locations offer a diverse array of options to suit your preferences.

Historic sites and landmarks

Let’s explore the historic sites and landmarks in these small towns near Baltimore. You can visit the Concord Point Lighthouse in Stevensville, experience colonial life on the tall-ship _Dove_ in Saint Mary’s City, and stroll along Bohemia Avenue in Chesapeake City to admire its colorful historic houses.

These unique attractions offer a glimpse into the rich history of Maryland while providing an enjoyable and educational experience for visitors.

Dining options

We found hidden gems for dining in these small towns. St. Michaels offers waterfront restaurants with fresh seafood and outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying the scenic views while savoring a meal.

Chestertown boasts cozy cafes and family-owned eateries serving up local specialties like crab cakes and artisanal sandwiches, creating a delightful culinary experience. Meanwhile, Chesapeake City provides charming bistros and rustic taverns, offering hearty comfort food alongside craft beer and cocktails that cater to diverse tastes.

As we explore these quaint towns near Baltimore, we discover unique dining spots reflecting each town’s distinct character and flavors.

Shopping experiences

In our search for unique shopping experiences, we found that Berlin offers charming antique shops and one-of-a-kind items. Chesapeake City’s lovely shops and fountains create a peaceful atmosphere perfect for leisurely strolls and relaxed browsing.

Easton boasts upscale boutiques and art galleries showcasing a variety of exquisite handcrafted goods, providing an opportunity to find truly special treasures during our explorations.

Benefits of Visiting Small Towns Near Baltimore

Visiting small towns near Baltimore offers a charming and relaxed atmosphere, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It allows you to support local businesses and the economy while experiencing unique attractions and activities.

Quaint charm and character

These small towns exude an inviting charm with their cozy main streets, historic architecture, and friendly locals. Walking through the cobblestone streets, we are greeted by quaint boutiques, charming cafes, and vibrant art galleries that add to the towns’ unique character.

The tranquil atmosphere and picturesque landscapes create a perfect setting for leisurely strolls or relaxing moments by the waterfront. Each town has its own story to tell, reflected in its well-preserved heritage sites and captivating local traditions.

In these quaint havens just a stone’s throw away from Baltimore bustling city life feels like a world away. The warm hospitality of the locals coupled with the timeless allure of these towns creates an enchanting escape that leaves visitors feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Escape from city life

Take a break from the city hustle and bustle by exploring peaceful small towns near Baltimore, Maryland. Unwind in picturesque settings, discover historic sites, and enjoy outdoor activities like fishing or hiking.

Dive into local culture with unique dining experiences and quaint shops that offer handmade crafts. Embrace the slower pace of life while supporting small businesses and immersing yourself in the charm of these hidden gems.

Immerse yourselves in a serene atmosphere away from the city’s chaos – dwell amidst scenic landscapes, delve into rich history, and indulge in various leisure pursuits such as boating or strolling along waterfronts.

Engage with community charm through culinary ventures showcasing regional flavors and one-of-a-kind boutiques boasting artisanal goods. Cherish an unhurried lifestyle while bolstering local enterprises and relishing the allure of these lesser-known treasures.

Support local businesses and economy

Visiting small towns supports local boutiques, restaurants, and farmers’ markets, helping to strengthen the community. Moving to small towns in Maryland offers affordable housing opportunities and a chance to contribute to a thriving local economy.

Small Towns Near Baltimore Conclusion

So many quaint small towns near Baltimore offer charm, relaxation, and a break from city life. Visitors can explore historic sites, enjoy water sports, and indulge in local dining and shopping experiences.

These towns provide an escape with their unique character and support for local businesses. From St. Michaels to Chestertown and beyond, there’s a wealth of activities waiting to be discovered.

Join us in uncovering the hidden gems of these delightful small towns just outside Baltimore!

Small Towns Near Baltimore FAQs

1. What’s a great small town near Baltimore for a day trip?

Mount Airy is perfect for a quick getaway. It’s got charm, history, and lots of local shops to explore. Plus, it’s easy to get there by car or MARC trains.

2. Are there any scenic train rides we can take in Western Maryland?

Yes! The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad offers breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. It’s a fun way for us all to see the beauty of the area without needing to hike.

3. Where can we find outdoor activities near Baltimore?

Deep Creek Lake and Harford offer tons of options like hiking, boating, and fishing. Whether we’re looking for adventure or just want to relax by the water, these places have it all.

4. Is there an island worth visiting close to Baltimore?

Solomons Island is our go-to spot for a peaceful escape by the sea. It’s not too far away and has delicious seafood, pretty views, and friendly locals—making it ideal for a weekend trip.

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