Top 10 Activities To Experience In Baker City, Oregon

Things To Do In Baker City Oregon

Hey there, fellow travelers! Feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to plan an awesome trip to Baker City, Oregon? Trust me, we totally get it. There’s just so much to see and do in this adorable little town, it can make your head spin.

But don’t worry – we’ve got your back. We’ve put in the hard work to bring you the ultimate guide to Baker City’s top 10 can’t-miss experiences. So kick back, relax, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in this hidden gem of the Pacific Northwest!

Key Takeaways

  • Baker City offers a mix of historical, cultural, and outdoor activities, including museums like the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center and Baker Heritage Museum.
  • The downtown area features over 100 well-preserved 19th and early 20th-century buildings, making it one of America’s most beautiful small towns.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, skiing at Anthony Lakes, and scenic train rides on the Sumpter Valley Railroad.
  • Local wineries, breweries, and bakeries provide diverse culinary experiences, with spots like Copper Belt Winery and Sweet Wife Baking offering unique tastes.
  • Annual events such as the Miners’ Jubilee (July 14-16) and Baker County Fair and Rodeo (August) showcase the town’s heritage and community spirit.

Historical and Cultural Activities in Baker City

Things To Do In Baker City Oregon - An antique wooden covered wagon sits in a dusty lot at the Oregon Trail Museum.

Baker City brims with historical and cultural treasures. We love exploring its museums and landmarks that tell tales of the Old West and Oregon Trail pioneers.

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

We love visiting the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City. It’s a fantastic spot to learn about the Oregon Trail’s rich history. The center offers living history demonstrations, exhibits, and multi-media presentations that bring the past to life.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. during summer, it’s an affordable adventure at $8 for adults and $6 for seniors, with kids under 15 entering free.

Located at 22267 Hwy. 86, this museum lets us step back in time. We can explore wagon ruts, see authentic artifacts, and chat with knowledgeable staff about the pioneers’ journey. The center’s programs offer a hands-on experience of 19th-century life on the trail.

It’s a must-visit for history buffs and families alike, providing a deep dive into an important chapter of American history.

Baker Heritage Museum

We’ve got a real treat for history buffs at the Baker Heritage Museum. This gem spans 33,000 square feet of exhibits, housed in the old Natatorium building. It’s a top-rated attraction, scoring 4.5 out of 5 bubbles from visitors.

Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of local history, including the impressive Cavin Warfel Rock Collection.

Our museum dives deep into the rich past of the Oregon Trail and Eastern Oregon. Plan to spend about 1-2 hours exploring all the fascinating displays. From pioneer life to geological wonders, there’s something here for everyone.

The Baker Heritage Museum offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment, making it a must-visit spot in Baker City.

Leo Adler House Museum

The Leo Adler House Museum offers a glimpse into Baker City’s past. Built in 1889, this Italianate-style home was Leo Adler’s residence for 94 years until 1993. We love exploring its well-preserved rooms and learning about the man who called it home for nearly a century.

The museum showcases period furnishings and personal artifacts that tell the story of Baker City’s development.

Our visits to this historic landmark always leave us feeling connected to the area’s rich heritage. The museum’s exhibits highlight Adler’s impact on the community and his philanthropic efforts.

It’s a must-see stop for history buffs and anyone curious about Baker City’s influential figures. The Leo Adler House Museum truly brings the past to life in this charming Oregon town.

Chinese Cemetery

We can’t miss the Chinese Cemetery when exploring Baker City’s hidden gems. This historic site, located on Windmill Road just east of I-84 Exit 304, offers a unique glimpse into the area’s past.

The Baker County Historical Society began preserving this important cultural landmark in 1994, ensuring its story lives on for future generations.

The cemetery holds 46 recorded burials from 1894 to 1948, each grave marking a life that contributed to Baker City’s rich tapestry. In 2002, a pavilion was dedicated on August 24th, adding to the site’s significance.

As we walk among the gravestones, we’re reminded of the Chinese community‘s vital role in shaping this quiet corner of Oregon.

Downtown Baker City

Downtown Baker City is a treasure trove of history and charm. We love strolling through its streets, lined with over 100 well-preserved buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It’s easy to see why this quaint district has earned Baker City a spot among the nation’s most beautiful small towns.

Our favorite part of downtown is exploring the locally owned shops, eateries, and art spaces. These spots give Baker City its unique flavor. Throughout the year, the area comes alive with festivals and events that showcase the community’s spirit.

It’s the perfect place to slow down and soak in the atmosphere of a quieter, more relaxed Oregon.

Things To Do In Baker City Oregon – Exploring Oregon’s Heritage

Oregon’s heritage is rich with stories of pioneers and adventurers. Baker City offers a unique glimpse into the state’s past, with its well-preserved historic buildings and museums.

Best Small Towns in Oregon

We’ve explored countless small towns across Oregon, and Baker City stands out as a true gem. It’s no surprise this charming locale was named one of the six most beautiful small towns in the nation.

With fewer than 25,000 residents, Baker City embodies the quiet, laid-back atmosphere many of us crave. It’s a perfect base camp for Eastern Oregon adventures, offering easy access to natural wonders like Snake River and Hells Canyon.

Our travels have shown us that Oregon’s small towns are treasure troves of history and culture. Mike, the creator of Best Small Towns in America website, agrees. He highlights places like Baker City for their unique character and rich heritage.

Here, you can step back in time on the Oregon Trail, hit the slopes at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, or simply stroll through the picturesque downtown. These small towns offer a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing us to slow down and appreciate the simpler things.

Outdoor Adventures in Baker City

Baker City offers a wealth of outdoor adventures for nature lovers. From hiking trails to scenic bike routes, there’s something for everyone. Want to know more about the exciting outdoor activities in Baker City? Keep reading!

Hiking and mountain biking on scenic byways

We love exploring Baker City’s scenic byways on foot or two wheels. These trails offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. The Ascent, Mountain Ash, and Panorama Point Loop showcase lush forests and breathtaking views.

For those seeking a moderate challenge, the Phillips Lake South Shoreline Trail provides an excellent mix of terrain. These paths cater to hikers, bikers, and trail runners alike, making them ideal for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Oregon’s stunning landscapes.

Our favorite part of these trails is the variety they offer. From dense woodlands to open vistas, each route presents unique sights and experiences. The well-maintained paths make it easy for visitors of all skill levels to enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you’re after a quick nature walk or a full day of mountain biking, Baker City’s scenic byways deliver unforgettable adventures in the heart of Eastern Oregon.

Exploring the Sumpter Valley Railroad

We recommend exploring the Sumpter Valley Railroad for a step back in time. This historic railway offers train rides every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The journeys last between 2-3 hours, giving us plenty of time to soak in the scenic beauty of Baker County.

The railroad’s main station is located at 12259 Huckleberry Loop, Baker City, OR 97814-7897.

Our excursion on the Sumpter Valley Railroad pairs well with visits to nearby attractions. The Sumpter Valley Dredge stands as a testament to the area’s gold mining past. Art enthusiasts will enjoy a stop at the Lynn Bean Gallery.

These sites, combined with the train ride, paint a vivid picture of Baker City’s rich heritage and natural splendor.

Skiing at Anthony Lakes

At Anthony Lakes, we’re treated to a winter wonderland that’s perfect for skiing enthusiasts. This hidden gem boasts a base elevation of 7,100 feet, ensuring excellent snow conditions throughout the season.

With an average snowfall of 300 inches per year, powder hounds will find plenty of fresh tracks to carve.

Our skiing options at Anthony Lakes are diverse and exciting. The resort offers 30 kilometers of Nordic trails for cross-country skiing lovers. For those seeking more adventure, backcountry skiing and cat-guided trips are available.

These options let us explore untouched powder and breathtaking views away from the crowds. Anthony Lakes truly offers a quieter, more intimate skiing experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Culinary Experiences in Baker City

Baker City’s food scene is a treat for the senses. From sipping local wines to tasting craft beers, the city offers a range of flavors to explore.

Wine tasting at local wineries

We love exploring Baker City’s local wineries, and Copper Belt Winery is a gem we can’t miss. This charming spot, rated 5.0 based on 6 reviews, offers a delightful range of wines. We always enjoy their bubbly white on tap and their reserve selections.

It’s open most weekdays, making it easy to fit into our schedule.

Baker City’s wine scene may be small, but it packs a flavorful punch. We often find ourselves sipping and savoring at Copper Belt Winery on Main Street. The staff’s knowledge adds depth to our tasting experience, helping us appreciate the local terroir.

It’s a perfect stop for fellow wine enthusiasts looking to unwind in a quieter, small-town setting.

Visiting local breweries and distilleries

Baker City boasts a surprisingly vibrant craft beer scene for a small town. We’ve found some great spots to grab a pint or sample local brews. Barley Brown’s Brewpub stands out with its 4.3 rating from over 200 reviews.

They offer outdoor seating, perfect for soaking in the laid-back atmosphere. North Seven Brewing, though newer on the scene, has quickly gained fans with a stellar 4.6 rating. Side A Brewing matches that score and has become a local favorite, racking up over 330 positive reviews.

These taphouses don’t just serve great beer – they’re also hubs of community life. Many offer food menus featuring local ingredients, and some host live music or trivia nights. It’s easy to while away an afternoon or evening chatting with friendly locals and fellow travelers.

For those who prefer to take some brews home, most spots offer growler fills or canned options for takeout.

Trying delicious baked goods

We can’t resist the aroma of freshly baked goods wafting through Baker City’s charming streets. Sweet Wife Baking, nestled in the heart of downtown, is a must-visit spot for those with a sweet tooth.

Owned by Jenny Mowe, a former professional basketball player turned pastry chef, this cozy bakery offers a delightful array of treats. From blueberry babkas to maple twists, cookies to scones, and savory quiches, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

As Baker City gears up for its 150th anniversary in 2024, indulging in these local delicacies feels like a tasty way to connect with the town’s rich history and vibrant culinary scene.

Annual Events in Baker City

Baker City bursts with excitement during its annual events. From art shows to rodeos, there’s always something happening in this charming Oregon town.

Elkhorn Drive Scenic Byway Art Show

We love the Elkhorn Drive Scenic Byway Art Show. This annual event showcases local artists’ works inspired by the stunning 106-mile scenic route. It’s a perfect blend of art and nature, celebrating the artistic community and the breathtaking beauty of eastern Oregon.

The show features paintings, sculptures, and photographs that capture the essence of the byway’s landscapes, wildlife, and historical sites.

The art show typically takes place in summer or fall, coinciding with the best time to drive the byway. It’s a great opportunity for art enthusiasts and nature lovers to explore the quieter side of Oregon.

Visitors can enjoy the artwork while planning their own journey along the scenic byway, which takes about 3-5 hours to drive. This event truly highlights the unique charm of Baker City and its surroundings.

Miners’ Jubilee celebration

We’re excited about the Miners’ Jubilee celebration in Baker City. This festive event happens every year from July 14th to July 16th, bringing the community together for a weekend of fun and history.

The jubilee offers a mix of activities for all ages, including a fun run, gold panning championships, and even a horseshoe tournament. Golf enthusiasts can join in on the action too with a special tournament.

For the artistically inclined, there’s a free student chalk art class, thanks to a partnership with Baker 5J School district. It’s a great chance to explore Baker City’s rich mining heritage while enjoying modern-day entertainment.

During the Miners’ Jubilee, we get to see Baker City come alive with the spirit of the Old West. The streets buzz with energy as locals and visitors alike join in the festivities. We particularly enjoy watching the gold panning championships, where participants show off their skills in this traditional mining technique.

The chalk art class adds a splash of color to the event, letting students express their creativity on the city’s sidewalks. For those interested in learning more about the jubilee or getting involved, Jessica Dougherty is the person to contact at

This celebration truly captures the essence of Baker City’s history and community spirit.

Baker County Fair and Rodeo

The Baker County Fair and Rodeo is a must-see event for anyone visiting Baker City in August. This week-long celebration showcases the area’s rich agricultural heritage and western spirit.

We can enjoy the FHA livestock show, watch thrilling ICA Rodeo events, and marvel at the horse show. The fair’s parade and craft exhibits offer a glimpse into local culture and creativity.

For 2024, the theme “Rough Hands, Farmer Tans, Dirty Boots and Country Roots” captures the essence of rural Oregon life. The fair partners with the Oregon State Fair, FFA, and 4-H, highlighting its commitment to youth and agriculture.

It’s a perfect opportunity for us to experience the heart of Baker City’s community and traditions.

Things To Do In Baker City Oregon Conclusion

Baker City, Oregon brims with activities for every interest. We’ve explored museums, scenic byways, and outdoor adventures. Our journey took us through rich history, vibrant art scenes, and mouthwatering culinary experiences.

From skiing at Anthony Lakes to celebrating at the Miners’ Jubilee, this charming town offers year-round excitement. We hope our guide inspires you to visit and create your own unforgettable memories in Baker City.

Things To Do In Baker City Oregon FAQs

1. What are the top scenic attractions in Baker City, Oregon?

Baker City offers stunning views along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway. This drive showcases breathtaking landscapes. Visitors can explore the canyon’s rugged beauty. The byway winds through diverse terrain, revealing hidden gems at every turn.

2. Are there any cultural spots worth visiting in Baker City?

Yes, the Crossroads Carnegie Art Center is a must-see. It’s housed in a historic building. The center features local and regional art. Exhibitions change regularly, offering fresh experiences. It’s a hub for creativity in Baker City.

3. Where can I grab a drink in Baker City?

Barley Browns Brew Pub is a popular spot for beer lovers. They serve craft brews and hearty meals. The pub has a welcoming atmosphere. It’s a great place to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

4. What makes Baker City unique among small towns in the United States?

Baker City blends Old West charm with modern attractions. It boasts well-preserved 19th-century architecture. The town’s rich history is evident in its buildings and museums. Yet, it offers contemporary amenities like art galleries and craft breweries. This mix creates a distinctive experience for visitors.

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