Discover The Best Activities In Philipsburg, Montana

Things To Do In Philipsburg Montana

Searching for fun activities in small towns can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt without a map. But tucked away in Philipsburg, Montana, there’s a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered that will delight everyone.

Whether you’re uncovering the sparkling secrets at Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine or carving fresh tracks at Discovery Ski Area, we’ve got the inside scoop on all the best spots Philipsburg has to offer to make your visit truly memorable.

Pack your sense of adventure and explore what makes this little town a big hit!

Key Takeaways

  • In Philipsburg, we can search for sapphires at the Philipsburg Sapphire Mine and keep what we find.
  • The Philipsburg Brewing Company offers a variety of craft beers made right in town.
  • We can enjoy live performances each summer at the Opera House Theatre.
  • Fly fishing in Georgetown Lake and nearby streams provides tranquil experiences with abundant trout.
  • Winter sports enthusiasts have fun skiing, snowboarding, and more at Discovery Ski Hill and Echo Lake Ski Area.

Top Attractions in Philipsburg

Things To Do In Philipsburg Montana - A photo of The Philipsburg Sapphire Mine with vibrant gemstones, surrounded by natural beauty and bustling atmosphere.

Explore the Philipsburg Sapphire Mine for a hands-on gem hunting experience, savor craft beers at the Philipsburg Brewing Company. Or catch a live performance at the Opera House Theatre.

Philipsburg Sapphire Mine

At Philipsburg Sapphire Mine, we get to wash and sort gravel to find real Montana sapphires. It’s a fun day out for everyone and feels like we’re hunting for treasure. The mine gives us all the tools we need, so it’s easy to start looking as soon as we arrive.

We also learn about different types of sapphires you can find in Philipsburg, MT. This place is special because you keep what you find. Finding a shiny blue gem among the rocks always makes our day exciting.

It’s not just about finding gems; it’s about making memories together in one of Montana’s quieter towns.

Philipsburg Brewing Company

We love visiting Philipsburg Brewing Company, a place that stands out for beer lovers. They make many different kinds of beer right in Philipsburg, Montana. This spot gets lots of praise from those who stop by to enjoy a cold one.

People say it’s a must-see when you’re exploring this quiet town. Its variety adds something special to the mix of things you can do around here.

It feels like stepping into a cozy space where everyone shares a love for finely crafted brews. The friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome – whether you’re new to craft beers or an experienced enthusiast.

We always recommend adding this brewery to your list because it shows off the creative spirit found throughout Philipsburg and its surroundings.

Opera House Theatre

At the Opera House Theatre in Philipsburg, we get to enjoy performances each summer. This place shines with comedic plays and vaudeville-style variety shows. It’s a gem for those who love laughter and lively entertainment.

The theatre brings a touch of history to life, making our visit memorable.

This spot is perfect for us if we appreciate the arts within small town charms. The Opera House Theatre doesn’t just show plays; it creates experiences that stick with us long after the curtain calls.

Watching a performance here feels like stepping back in time, yet it’s filled with humor and joy relevant today.

Other Activities in Philipsburg and Surrounding Areas

The image features an old mining cart surrounded by sapphire mines in a bustling atmosphere.

Discover the thrill of sapphire mining in Philipsburg. Experience the tranquility of fly fishing in the surrounding areas.

Sapphire mining

Sapphire mining offers a unique and exciting experience for those who appreciate natural beauty and geological wonders. At the Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine, visitors can try their hand at gravel washing and sorting to uncover dazzling Montana sapphires hidden within the earth.

For an even more hands-on adventure, the Montana Gems of Philipsburg Mine provides the opportunity to mine for Montana sapphire gravel right on site. This immersive experience allows us to unearth our own treasures while learning about the fascinating world of gemstones in a picturesque setting.

Incorporating these activities into our exploration of Philipsburg adds depth and novelty to our journey while creating lasting memories centered around nature’s beauty and geological marvels.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is a popular activity in Philipsburg and the surrounding areas. The crystal-clear waters of Georgetown Lake offer abundant opportunities for catching trout, while Rock Creek and Flint Creek are also renowned for their fly fishing.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to the sport, there are plenty of outfitters and guided tours available to help you make the most of this tranquil pastime.

In addition to local rivers and creeks, visitors can explore the nearby blue ribbon streams such as the Big Hole River and Clark Fork River, both offering exceptional fly fishing experiences.

With its peaceful surroundings and diverse aquatic life, Philipsburg is a haven for anyone looking to reel in some great catches amidst stunning natural beauty.


Rockhounding allows us to explore and collect rocks, minerals, and gemstones from nature. In Philipsburg, this activity shines bright due to the diverse geological landscape. We can find treasures like sapphires, garnets, quartz crystals, and agates in areas such as Rock Creek and along the Flint Creek Range.

The rich history of mining in Montana adds an intriguing layer to our rockhounding adventure. Engaging in this pursuit lets us connect with the earth’s natural beauty while creating lasting memories amidst stunning landscapes.

Lake fishing

Many quiet and beautiful lakes surround Philipsburg, making it the perfect spot for a peaceful day of fishing. These tranquil waters are home to various kinds of fish, including trout and bass, offering an excellent opportunity for those who love angling as well as for first-timers looking to experience the art of fishing.

The serene atmosphere combined with the breathtaking scenery creates a memorable fishing experience that will surely leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Soaking in the stunning landscapes while trying your hand at catching some freshwater fish makes lake fishing an ideal way to spend a relaxing day in Philipsburg’s natural surroundings.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or someone new to this pastime, these picturesque lakes provide the perfect setting for a laid-back yet enriching outdoor adventure.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a popular activity in Philipsburg, Montana. Visitors can explore the serene countryside on horseback, taking in the natural beauty and fresh air. Whether it’s leisurely meandering through picturesque trails or embarking on an adventurous ride, horseback riding offers a unique way to experience the area’s stunning landscapes.

Visitors of all skill levels can partake in this timeless activity, from beginners seeking an introduction to seasoned riders yearning for more challenges. Immersing ourselves in such outdoor pursuits provides an authentic and enriching experience that complements the tranquility of smaller towns like Philipsburg.

ATV riding

ATV riding offers an exciting way to explore the rugged terrains and natural beauty of Philipsburg and its surrounding areas. The region boasts a variety of trails, making it an ideal destination for ATV enthusiasts.

Whether in warm or cold weather, visitors can rent ATVs from local businesses for an adventurous off-road experience. This activity provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the picturesque landscapes while enjoying the thrill of outdoor recreation.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a popular activity in Philipsburg due to the rugged terrain. Enthusiasts can explore old mining sites and ghost towns while enjoying this thrilling sport. The area’s outdoor offerings, such as gem mining and fly fishing, create a perfect synergy for mountain biking enthusiasts seeking an all-encompassing adventure.

Visitors are sure to relish the opportunities provided by the mountainous landscapes around Philipsburg, making it an ideal destination for those who want to immerse themselves in nature.


When visiting Philipsburg, immerse yourself in diverse shopping experiences. Explore charming candy emporiums, antique stores, and jewelry shops that offer unique finds for every preference.

Venture into the local establishments and uncover hidden treasures, adding an extra touch of delight to your exploration of this captivating town.

Experience the quaint allure of small-town shopping as you peruse through a variety of specialty shops offering an array of one-of-a-kind items. Engage with friendly locals who are eager to share stories about their wares and widen your understanding of the town’s history.

Delight in the chance to discover distinctive souvenirs and mementos that capture the essence of your visit while supporting local businesses throughout Phillipsburg.

Things To Do In Philipsburg Montana – Year-Round Activities

Enjoy blue ribbon fly fishing, indulge in winter sports at Discovery Ski Hill and Echo Lake Ski Area, tee off at the Old Works Golf Course, and take a scenic drive along the Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway.

Don’t miss out on these year-round adventures!

Blue ribbon fly fishing

When visiting Philipsburg, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience blue ribbon fly fishing. The area offers a variety of streams and rivers that are perfect for casting your line and enjoying a tranquil day by the water.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to the sport, the scenic beauty and abundance of fish make fly fishing in Philipsburg a must-do activity. So, pack your gear and get ready to reel in some unforgettable memories amidst Montana’s stunning natural landscapes!

Winter sports at Discovery Ski Hill and Echo Lake Ski Area

Discover a winter wonderland at Discovery Ski Hill and Echo Lake Ski Area! With snowy slopes and thrilling runs, we can enjoy activities like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

The ski resorts offer amenities such as rentals, lessons for all skill levels, and cozy lodges to warm up after a day of outdoor fun. Whether it’s gliding down the bunny hills or tackling the challenging alpine skiers’ trails, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this picturesque snowy setting.

So grab your gear and hit the slopes for an unforgettable winter adventure packed with excitement!

Plus, beyond skiing and snowboarding, other cold-weather pursuits await us such as cross-country skiing on serene trails or testing our skills at ice-skating. And don’t forget about the thrill of snowmobiling through scenic landscapes or trying our luck at ice-fishing on frozen lakes – ensuring that our trip to Philipsburg is bursting with wintertime delight!

Old Works Golf Course

Old Works Golf Course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, offers a challenging yet scenic layout that integrates remnants of a historic mining site. The course provides a unique setting for golf enthusiasts to enjoy the picturesque Montana landscape.

This destination is beloved by visitors and offers year-round activities for golfers of all skill levels.

Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway

The Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway offers year-round activities for all of us. In warm weather, we can enjoy boating, hiking, fishing, hunting, and biking. And when it’s cold outside, we have options like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and even ice-fishing.

Exploring Small Towns in Montana

Montana is home to small towns with rich histories and unique charm. As we explore these quaint destinations, we uncover hidden gems that offer a glimpse into the state’s captivating past.

From Granite Ghost Town State Park to the Philipsburg Public Library, each locale resonates with a distinctive character waiting to be discovered. Once we embark on this journey, we encounter treasures such as the Yogo Sapphire and winninghoff park nestled amidst stunning landscapes.

The fascinating history of Philipsburg, Montana unfolds before us, revealing stories preserved at Granite County Museum and St. Philip’s Catholic Church, all contributing to the tapestry of small-town life in this picturesque corner of America.

We adventure through these lesser-known spots – from the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area to Stuff & Such Antiques – immersing ourselves in authentic experiences while unlocking the secrets of Montana’s charming smaller towns.

Each visit becomes an opportunity for enriching historical explorations and moments that connect us with the heart of local communities here in The Treasure State.

Things To Do In Philipsburg Montana Conclusion

So, there you have it – a treasure trove of activities waiting for you in Philipsburg, Montana. From sapphire mining to brewery visits, from fly fishing to mountain biking, and from winter sports to exploring nearby small towns – the options are endless.

We can’t wait for you to embark on this adventure and discover the natural beauty and rich history that Philipsburg has to offer. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience in this charming Montana town!

Things To Do In Philipsburg Montana FAQs

1. What can we do at the Sapphire Gallery in Philipsburg, Montana?

At the Sapphire Gallery, we can sift through gravel to find our own sapphires. It’s a fun activity that lets us take a piece of Montana home with us.

2. Is there something sweet for us in Philipsburg?

Yes! The Sweet Palace is a must-visit spot where we can watch candy being made and choose from over 50 types of sweets. It’s like stepping into a world filled with sugar and joy.

3. Can we learn about history while in Philipsburg?

Definitely, the Montana Law Enforcement Museum offers us a glimpse into the brave world of those who kept order in the Wild West. And don’t forget Garnet Ghost Town – it feels like traveling back in time to see how miners lived.

4. Are there outdoor activities nearby for adventure seekers?

For sure! Just beyond Interstate-90, adventures await near Berkeley Pit and Garnet Ghost Town… Plus, hiking trails around these areas offer breathtaking views and fresh air – perfect for those looking to explore nature’s wonders.

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