The Ultimate Guide to Things To Do In Saranac Lake NY

Things To Do In Saranac Lake NY

Sometimes finding activities in quieter, smaller towns feels like a bit of a puzzle. You’re after something unique and memorable but away from the usual hustle and bustle of city life.

That quest has led us to Saranac Lake, NY—a place brimming with history, natural wonders, and engaging things to do. Our exploration into what sets Saranac Lake apart uncovered hidden gems such as the Adirondack Carousel and the historic Saranac Laboratory Museum.

Consider this guide your treasure map to these discoveries and more. Picture yourself scaling Baker Mountain for those awe-inspiring views or exploring the life of loons at the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation—Saranac Lake offers a little slice of heaven for every type of explorer.

Whether it’s adventure that calls you or you’re in search of tranquil landscapes peppered with waterscapes and mountains—we’ve got just what you need for an experience that’ll stick with you long after you leave.

Key Takeaways

  • Saranac Lake is full of adventures like riding the Adirondack Carousel and hiking up Baker Mountain.
  • The town has a rich history, shown at places like the Saranac Laboratory Museum.
  • It’s located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and offers lots of outdoor activities.

Top Attractions in Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake offers a variety of attractions for everyone. From the enchanting Adirondack Carousel to the historical Saranac Laboratory Museum, there are diverse experiences awaiting exploration in this charming town.

Adirondack Carousel

The Adirondack Carousel is a must-see in Saranac Lake. It brings joy with its hand-carved animals that represent the wildlife found in the Adirondack Mountains. Kids and adults alike enjoy rides on this unique merry-go-round.

The craft behind each animal shows deep love for local nature.

We find the carousel not just fun but also educational. It teaches visitors about animals native to our region while offering laughter and smiles. This attraction stands out by blending art, history, and adventure into one experience.

Saranac Laboratory Museum

We always include Saranac Laboratory Museum in our walking tours. It’s a key spot for those who love diving deep into history without the fluff. James B from Dublin, Ireland, gave it high marks on January 22, 2023.

He was impressed by the rich stories and how much curator Alex knows. This place shows off the battle against tuberculosis in ways that stick with you.

Visiting brings history to life, making past struggles real and understandable. We recommend checking their schedule before you go; they often have talks and displays that change. It’s a unique part of our Adirondack adventure packages, showing a different side of local culture far from the usual art galleries and ski slopes at places like Whiteface Mountain or Lake Placid.

Baker Mountain

Baker Mountain offers a family-friendly hike with a bit of challenge for young children. This spot is perfect for those seeking adventure in Saranac Lake without venturing too far off the beaten path.

The climb rewards hikers with stunning views that make every step worth it. Plus, it’s one of the popular attractions here.

This mountain is more than just a hiking destination; it’s an opportunity for families to create lasting memories together while exploring the natural beauty of New York State. The trails are well-marked and lead adventurers through scenic landscapes, making Baker Mountain a must-visit for anyone coming to Saranac Lake looking to experience the great outdoors up close.

Why Saranac Lake is One of the Best Small Towns in New York

Things To Do In Saranac Lake NY - A cozy cabin in the Adirondack Mountains surrounded by lush greenery.

Saranac Lake sits in the heart of Adirondack Mountains, a giant protected area. This small town boasts unique shops, historic architecture, and a welcoming community spirit. When it comes to dining, you can relish authentic Adirondack dishes with local ingredients at various eateries in this quaint town.

In Saranac Lake, accommodation options are plentiful, including hotels, B&Bs, inns, and rental properties for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat.

Saranac Lake’s Place Among the Best Small Towns on the East Coast

Saranac Lake, nestled in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, is renowned for its captivating charm and serene surroundings. It’s no wonder that it has been named one of the best small towns on the East Coast.

With a rich cultural heritage, including attractions like Adirondack Carousel and Saranac Laboratory Museum, this idyllic town offers an array of activities for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Whether it’s exploring Baker Mountain or embarking on a scenic snowmobile ride through picturesque landscapes, there’s something for everyone in Saranac Lake. The town’s delightful combination of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences truly sets it apart as one of the premier destinations on the East Coast.

Things To Do In Saranac Lake NY Conclusion

So, that’s our guide to things to do in Saranac Lake NY. It offers a rich history, unique attractions, and natural scenery. Visitors can enjoy self-guided tours of the village’s “cure cottage” architecture and take walking tours that include stops at the Saranac Laboratory Museum.

In addition, there are various outdoor activities such as skiing at Mt. Pisgah Recreation Center or boat rentals from Swiss Boat Rentals for exploring the waterways. The Wild Center is also a must-visit, featuring the People’s Choice top attraction in the Adirondacks.

Overall, whether you’re interested in history, nature or outdoor adventures, Saranac Lake has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a quieter and smaller town to explore with plenty of enjoyable activities – look no further than Saranac Lake!

Things To Do In Saranac Lake NY FAQs

1. What activities can we do in Saranac Lake NY during winter?

We can hit the slopes at Mt. Pisgah Ski Center, explore miles of trails for snowmobiles—don’t forget to request a map! Also, The Wild Center offers unique indoor experiences if you prefer staying warm.

2. Are there any cultural spots we should check out in Saranac Lake?

Yes, dive into history at the Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage and Museum or catch a live performance at Pendragon Theatre. Both promise an enriching experience.

3. Can we find any water activities around Saranac Lake?

Absolutely, surrounded by bodies of water, summer brings opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and swimming. It’s a haven for water lovers.

4. How do we stay updated on what’s happening in Saranac Lake?

Simple, subscribe to our newsletter! Get destination packages deals directly to your inbox along with up-to-date information on all events and attractions.

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