Towns Near Portland Maine

Explore Charming Towns Near Portland, Maine

Towns Near Portland Maine

Scouring for fresh destinations near Portland, Maine can feel like a real challenge—we totally get it. But after diving deep into research, we’ve uncovered some delightful towns brimming with activities, and all just a hop away.

Eager for a little exploration?

Key Takeaways

  • Freeport is less than 20 miles from Portland and famous for its L.L.Bean Flagship Store, open 24/7. It also has many outlet malls and artisan shops.
  • Yarmouth hosts an exciting Clam Festival every July, offers walks along the Royal River Parkway, and gives a small-town feel near Portland.
  • Kennebunkport attracts visitors with its coastal views, arts scene, and dining spots. It’s great for those interested in Maine’s history and culture.
  • Ogunquit is known for its scenic coastline, sandy beaches, Marginal Way walking path, art galleries, and theaters hosting festivals year-round.
  • Portsmouth provides a mix of colonial architecture, waterfront activities, arts scene. It’s just an hour’s drive from Portland and popular for day trips.

Towns Near Portland Maine

A scenic coastal village with colorful fishing boats captured in high definition.

Only a short drive from Portland, charming towns await discovery. Each unique in its own way, these nearby towns promise delightful experiences awaiting your exploration.


Freeport sits less than 20 miles from Portland, making it a perfect spot for us to visit. The town is famous for its L.L.Bean Flagship Store, open all day and night. Besides this giant store, we find lots of outlet malls and artisan shops here.

Shopping in Freeport feels like a treasure hunt, where we can discover both local crafts and big brand deals.

We also love how easy it is to reach Freeport from the greater Portland region. It invites us for day trips without the hassle of long drives or crowded city streets. Here, every shop window seems to tell a story of Maine’s rich heritage and the town’s cozy charm captures our hearts every time we visit.


We love visiting Yarmouth because it feels like stepping into a charming New England postcard. The town’s main street is straight out of a storybook, lined with shops and cafes that invite you to stroll and explore.

Every July, the whole place comes alive for the Clam Festival, an event that brings locals and visitors together for food, fun, and festivities.

Yarmouth also offers serene views along the Royal River Parkway—a perfect spot for a leisurely walk or bike ride. This beautiful path makes it easy to enjoy outdoor adventures without leaving town.

Plus, being close to Portland means we can experience the peace of small-town living along with the conveniences of city amenities nearby in places like South Portland and Cape Elizabeth.

Whether we’re looking for a quiet getaway or eager to join in local celebrations, Yarmouth always has something special to offer.


Kennebunkport sits by the sea, close to other towns near Portland, Maine. This town charms visitors with its mix of outdoor fun, shopping areas, arts scenes, and dining spots. Its rich history and beautiful views make it a must-visit spot for those wanting to explore the quieter sides near Casco Bay.

We find ourselves drawn to Kennebunkport’s working waterfront where history comes alive among historic homes and local shops. For anyone looking to soak in coastal beauty while immersing in Maine’s culture and history, this town is perfect.

With options ranging from exploring Great Diamond Island to enjoying the serenity at Old Orchard Beach, there’s something here for everyone who loves the outdoors or seeks a peaceful retreat away from city life.


Ogunquit, a picturesque town near Portland, Maine, offers various activities such as sightseeing, outdoor adventures, shopping, arts, culture, and dining. The town is famous for its scenic coastline with sandy beaches and the Marginal Way walking path.

It’s also known for its vibrant arts community with numerous galleries and theaters hosting art festivals throughout the year. Ogunquit gives tourists seeking a peaceful seaside retreat access to delightful New England charm while being easily accessible from Portland.


Portsmouth is a charming coastal city in New Hampshire, situated just an hour’s drive from Portland. This historic town offers a delightful blend of captivating colonial architecture, bustling waterfront culture, and a vibrant arts scene.

Visitors can explore the historic Strawberry Banke Museum, stroll through elegant gardens at Prescott Park, or savor fresh seafood at one of the many renowned restaurants along the waterfront.

With its rich maritime history and picturesque streets lined with unique boutiques and art galleries, Portsmouth promises an enjoyable day trip steeped in cultural exploration and scenic beauty.

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Things to Do in These Towns

Artisan pottery and handcrafted jewelry displayed in coastal boutique surrounded by nature photography, without people.

Explore charming boutiques and artisan galleries, savor delectable seafood at waterfront restaurants. Engage in outdoor activities like kayaking or strolling along pristine beaches.


When visiting the towns near Portland, Maine, shopping offers a delightful experience. Freeport stands out as a hub for renowned international brand outlets where one can find discounted deals.

In addition to this, there are boutiques and galleries that showcase local artists’ work in Yarmouth and Ogunquit. Artisanal crafts and unique finds await exploration in these charming towns near Portland.

In fact, Cumberland Fair in Cumberland also presents various shopping opportunities worth exploring.


In these charming towns near Portland, Maine, dining is a delightful experience with an array of options. From fresh seafood at harborside restaurants to cozy cafes serving locally sourced ingredients, there’s something for every palate.

In Freeport and other neighboring towns, local cuisine takes center stage in welcoming eateries that offer authentic flavors and unique dining experiences.

Arts and Culture

Discover the vibrant arts scene in Portland, Maine and its neighboring towns. From internationally renowned artists at the Portland Museum of Art to revitalized downtown areas showcasing local talents, there’s something for everyone.

Explore historical exhibits, contemporary art galleries, and live performances reflecting the rich artistic tradition of these charming communities. Immerse yourselves in cultural experiences that bring history and creativity to life.

Unlock hidden gems throughout quaint towns near Portland where creative expression knows no bounds. Unveil a tapestry of arts and culture as we navigate through eclectic museums, art walks, and immersive exhibitions in this thriving coastal region.

Outdoor Activities

Explore charming towns near Portland, Maine and discover a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy. From hiking trails at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal to the sandy beaches and boardwalks in Scarborough, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to kayak, boat, or take a schooner ride around the Casco Bay Islands – it’s an experience you won’t forget.

How to Get There (Driving Distance, Public Transportation)

Explore these charming towns near Portland, Maine easily through a short drive or public transportation. Discover the convenience and ease of reaching these delightful destinations… Read on to find out more!

Major cities near Portland, ME

We all love discovering new places, especially those peaceful, smaller towns just a short trip away from our busy lives in the city. For folks like us, eager to explore the charm lying near Portland, Maine, knowing how to get there is as crucial as knowing about the places themselves. Let’s look at the major cities around Portland, Maine, which could serve as start points for our adventures.

CityDriving Distance from Portland, MEPublic Transportation Options
Boston, MAabout 112 milesBuses, Trains (Amtrak Downeaster)
Longueuil, QCabout 265 milesNo direct service; options include combinations of buses and trains
Montreal, QCabout 250 milesNo direct service; options include combinations of buses and trains
Laval, QCabout 255 milesNo direct service; options include combinations of buses and trains
New York, NYabout 300 milesBuses, Trains (Amtrak)
Quebec City, QCabout 320 milesNo direct service; options include combinations of buses and trains

We find these cities fascinating for their proximity and for their easy access routes to Portland, Maine, and the quaint towns nearby. Whether you’re driving or opting for public transport, there’s a way to make the journey seamless and enjoyable. So, we encourage everyone to take a break from the hustle and bustle, and discover the unique charm these small towns have to offer.

Local towns near Portland, ME

Exploring the area near Portland, Maine, leads us to uncover several charming towns. Each offers unique attractions and a quiet retreat from the bustling city life. We want to share a glimpse into some of these gems. Our journey includes South Portland, Westbrook, Falmouth, and Scarborough, as well as Cape Elizabeth, Gorham, Yarmouth, and Freeport. Here’s a quick guide:

TownDistance from PortlandKey Attractions
South Portland3 milesLighthouses, parks, waterfront dining
Westbrook6 milesRiver Walk, breweries, live music venues
Falmouth7 milesYacht facilities, nature preserves, local shops
Scarborough7 milesBeaches, wildlife refuges, historic homes
Cape Elizabeth9 milesLighthouses, state parks, stunning coastal views
Gorham11 milesHistoric district, university campus, biking trails
Yarmouth12 milesAnnual Clam Festival, history museums, parks
Freeport20 milesOutlet shopping, historic estate, outdoor activities

These towns offer a mix of shopping, dining, arts and culture, and outdoor activities. We can easily drive to each town, and for some, public transportation options are available. Whether we’re looking for a day trip or a longer stay, there’s plenty to explore near Portland, Maine.

Towns Near Portland Maine Conclusion

We presented charming towns near Portland, Maine, each offering unique attractions and experiences. The Greater Portland region boasts diverse activities such as sightseeing, outdoor adventures, shopping, arts, culture, history, and dining.

From the renowned shopping destination of Freeport to the vibrant college town of Gorham – there’s something for everyone. As we explored these areas together in this article – it became clear that this region offers a rich tapestry of experiences just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Towns Near Portland Maine FAQs

1. How do we get to these charming towns near Portland Maine?

Well, starting our journey from the Portland International Jetport is a great idea. It’s pretty close and super convenient for us. From there, we can easily drive or catch a local bus to places like Chebeague Island and Falmouth, Maine. Remember, though – sometimes there are extra fees or surcharges when using certain transport services.

2. What makes Chebeague Island a must-visit spot?

Oh, let me tell you about Chebeague Island… It’s this beautiful little place that seems almost untouched by time. We can take a short ferry ride to get there – it’s an adventure in itself! The island offers stunning views of the ocean and has some lovely spots for picnics and hikes. Plus, visiting here feels like stepping into another world where everything slows down.

3. Is Falmouth worth the trip when visiting Portland?

Absolutely! Falmouth is just a stone’s throw away from Portland and it’s packed with charm. We’ll find quaint shops, lovely green spaces, and waterfront areas that are perfect for relaxing walks or bike rides. It’s such a peaceful place to spend the day and unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life.

4. Are there any hidden costs we should know about before planning our visit?

Yes…, while exploring these towns near Portland doesn’t have to break the bank., it’s smart for us to keep an eye out for possible surcharges or fees., especially related to transportation or special attractions on Chebeague Island or in Falmouth., Planning ahead can help us avoid unexpected expenses,, making sure we have more fun with less worry.

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