small towns near arlington tx

Exploring Charming Small Towns Near Arlington, TX

Small Towns Near Arlington TX

Looking for a little peace and quiet? You’re in good company—sometimes, we all need that soothing break away from the hustle and bustle. Interestingly, right around Arlington, TX, there are several quaint small towns perfect for that much-needed escape.

Our guide is here to walk you through these charming locales, each offering a unique blend of attractions amidst tranquil settings. Ready to unwind? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Small towns like Argyle, Van Alstyne, and Ponder offer peaceful retreats close to Arlington, TX. They have a strong sense of community and affordable housing.
  • Unique attractions await in these towns, from historic downtowns to annual festivals like Canton’s First Monday Trade Days. Outdoor activities are also available at places like Eagle Mountain Lake State Park in Sunnyvale.
  • These small towns near Arlington are perfect for quick day trips or finding a new place to call home. They combine the charm of rural living with access to city amenities.
  • Towns such as Ennis and Glen Rose provide cultural experiences with historical sites and nature parks where visitors can explore Texas’ rich history and natural beauty.
  • The close-knit communities in these areas create welcoming environments for newcomers. Events throughout the year bring people together, enhancing the small-town feel.

Charming Small Towns Near Arlington TX

A vibrant town center with diverse storefronts and locals.

Discover charming rural towns surrounding Arlington, Texas. From the historic charm of Argyle to the quaint allure of Canton and everything in between, these small towns offer a unique glimpse into local Texan culture and community living.


Argyle sits quietly in Denton County, offering a serene escape from the hustle of Fort Worth and Dallas. It’s a place where community bonds run deep, making everyone feel like they belong.

The town square boasts quaint shops that reflect its small-town charm, inviting visitors to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Here, affordable housing goes hand-in-hand with a high quality of life. Residents take pride in their well-kept homes and the green spaces that dot the landscape. Argyle is not just about relaxing views; it’s about forming lasting friendships and building a life away from city noise while still being close enough to enjoy urban amenities when desired.

Van Alstyne

Van Alstyne offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, nestled in North Texas. This small town charms visitors with its historic downtown, where friendly faces welcome newcomers and locals alike.

Here, quaint shops line the main street, inviting folks to browse at their leisure. Life moves at a slower pace, making it easy for anyone to unwind and savor the simple joys.

The community spirit in Van Alstyne stands strong; events throughout the year bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging. Whether it’s a local festival or a high school football game, there’s always an opportunity to connect with others.

The town also prides itself on affordable housing options that appeal to families looking for space and quiet without breaking the bank. With its close-knit feel and welcoming atmosphere, Van Alstyne truly embodies the charm of small-town living near Arlington, TX.


Ponder, Texas, is a treasure we found on our quest for peaceful living close to Arlington. This small town charmed us with its friendly faces and wide-open spaces. It’s the sort of place where neighbors wave hello and everyone knows each other by name.

Our visit to Ponder felt like stepping back in time to a simpler era, yet it didn’t lack modern conveniences.

We strolled through downtown Ponder, admiring the quaint shops that line the streets. The local diner served us some of the best home-cooked meals we’ve had in years — think hearty breakfasts and pie that tastes just like grandma used to make.

Living here offers a perfect balance: quiet country life within easy reach of Dallas-Fort Worth area attractions. For anyone looking at real estate with an eye for community and tranquility, Ponder stands out as a prime choice near Tarrant County.


Nestled in the heart of Texas, Kemp offers a tranquil escape from city life. Surrounded by natural beauty, this small town is perfect for those seeking a slower pace of life and close-knit communities.

With its affordable housing and quaint downtown area, Kemp presents an ideal opportunity to embrace peaceful suburban living with easy access to urban amenities such as the Texas Motor Speedway and downtown Dallas.


Dallas suburbs like Decatur are known for their unique attractions, such as the scandalous murals and the distinctive pink courthouse. This small town, located within an hour’s drive from Arlington, TX, offers a charming and peaceful environment—ideal for exploring or settling down.

With its mix of quiet residential enclaves and bustling suburbs with businesses, Decatur provides visitors with a rich tapestry of experiences. The sense of community and slower pace of life in this area appeal to those seeking a break from city living—providing a refreshing change of scenery for day trips or potential new homes.


Sunnyvale, a charming small town near Arlington, TX, offers a peaceful escape from city life. With its population of about 6,000 people, this rural gem provides a close-knit community feel and affordable housing options.

The town’s quaint downtown area is dotted with unique attractions that showcase the local culture, making it an ideal place for those seeking a slower pace of life. Additionally, Sunnyvale is located within easy reach of Dallas suburbs and Fort Worth Metroplex, providing access to urban amenities while maintaining its serene ambiance.

During our visit to Sunnyvale, we discovered the beauty of Eagle Mountain Lake State Park – perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and picnicking. We also enjoyed exploring the historical landmarks in the area that provided us with insights into Sunnyvale’s rich heritage.


Let’s explore the charming town of Justin, just a short drive from Arlington. This friendly community is known for its unique attractions and close-knit environment. You’ll find affordable housing and a quaint downtown area that adds to its appeal.

Justin offers a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a break from city living. Plus, it’s conveniently located within an hour’s drive from Arlington.

When you visit Justin, be sure to check out its local attractions such as the historic buildings and friendly shops. The town exudes a cozy vibe with beautiful surroundings that make for an enjoyable day trip or even potential new place to call home.


Parker, nestled near Arlington, TX, offers a tranquil escape with its friendly community and scenic surroundings. Our day trip or potential new home destination boasts unique attractions like the Southfork Ranch known from the hit TV show “Dallas,” offering an enriching experience.

The town’s quaint downtown area exudes charm with its boutique shops and cozy eateries, providing a perfect setting for leisurely strolls. With affordable housing options and a close-knit atmosphere, Parker invites exploration for those seeking a quieter pace of life amidst picturesque landscapes.


Canton, a charming small town near Arlington, TX, is known for its vibrant First Monday Trade Days. The event draws visitors from all over with its mix of antiques, arts, and unique finds.

The historic downtown area boasts quaint shops and eateries, perfect for leisurely strolls and discovering hidden gems. Additionally, Canton offers a welcoming community vibe with various local events throughout the year.

Moreover, one can explore the beautiful natural surroundings through outdoor activities like hiking and picnicking in nearby parks.


Pantego, a hidden gem, offers a close-knit community and unique attractions. With its small-town charm, this quaint enclave provides an escape from the bustling city life. The affordable housing and picturesque downtown area make it an ideal place to settle down or spend a relaxing day trip.

Stepping into Pantego feels like entering a welcoming haven where one can savor the simplicity of life away from the urban rush.

In Pantego, I experienced firsthand the warmth of its community and peaceful surroundings. The town’s serene ambiance, coupled with its inviting local spots and friendly residents, made it a delightful visit that left me longing for more.

Reasons to Love Living in These Small Towns

A vibrant main street with diverse storefronts and bustling atmosphere.

Discover unique attractions, close-knit communities, and affordable housing in these small towns – a perfect blend for a fulfilling lifestyle. Read on to find out more!

Unique attractions

Explore the pink courthouses and scandalous murals in Pilot Point and Decatur. Discover the lush outdoor spaces in Ennis, perfect for a leisurely stroll or picnic. Delight in the historical charm of Glen Rose with its fascinating cultural sites, offering a step back in time to the roots of Texas history.

Close-knit communities

Life in these small towns revolves around close-knit communities, where everyone knows each other and is always willing to lend a helping hand. From potluck suppers to community events, there’s a sense of belonging that fosters lasting friendships and support networks.

The welcoming atmosphere of these tight-knit neighborhoods creates a warm and friendly environment for residents, making it easy to settle in and feel at home. In fact, the United States has many little elm groups, but the quarters are particularly charming in rural Texas towns like Argyle and Sunnyvale – perfect for those looking for an inviting community feel.

Affordable housing

Looking for a place with reasonable housing costs? These small towns near Arlington, TX have affordable residential options that won’t break the bank. Some of these areas offer quiet residential enclaves with charming homes at budget-friendly prices, making it an ideal spot for potential homeowners or those seeking to downsize.

With a variety of housing styles and sizes available, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

Seeking the quieter life but without expensive living costs? Look no further than these small towns surrounding Arlington, where you can find cozy homes at affordable prices. Whether it’s settling down or simply exploring new day trip destinations, these towns provide attractive housing options in peaceful surroundings.

Quaint downtown areas

Our journey through these small towns reveals charming downtown areas that beckon us with their inviting atmosphere. Unique boutiques, cozy cafes, and historic architecture await visitors in these quaint locales.

Strolling along the picturesque streets offers a glimpse into the heart of each town’s community spirit, showcasing local craftsmanship and warm hospitality.

Moreover, at every turn, there’s a sense of history interwoven with modern charm; from antique stores to artisanal shops, these downtown districts offer an enchanting blend of old-world allure and contemporary flair.

Best Small Towns in Texas

Argyle, Van Alstyne, and Ponder are among the best small towns in Texas. These quaint towns offer a peaceful and close-knit community atmosphere, along with charming downtown areas that make for an ideal living experience or a relaxing day trip to explore unique attractions alongside affordable housing options.

With their serene environment and appealing amenities, these small towns near Arlington, TX provide a refreshing change of scenery for those seeking a quieter lifestyle without compromising on modern conveniences.

Additionally, Canton and Sunnyvale present similar attractions and close-knit communities with affordable housing options tailored towards those wanting to settle into a more serene environment outside the bustling city life.

Quick Day Trips from Arlington to Nearby Small Towns

Embark on quick day trips to scenic small towns within a 2-hour drive from Arlington, perfect for a weekend getaway or day trip. Read more….


Ennis, just a short drive from Arlington, TX, offers a delightful glimpse into the past with its historic charm and vibrant cultural scene. The town is renowned for its annual Bluebonnet Trails Festival, where visitors can revel in stunning wildflower displays spanning over 40 miles of scenic countryside roads.

With fascinating museums like the Ennis Railroad & Cultural Heritage Museum and Ellis County Museum, history buffs can immerse themselves in captivating tales of the region’s heritage.

Furthermore, antique lovers will find paradise at the charming shops along downtown streets lined with classic brick architecture.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, Ennis boasts Lake Clark Park as a perfect spot for picnics or leisurely strolls amidst nature’s tranquility. The elegant Ennis Public Theatre stages an array of captivating performances throughout the year for art enthusiasts to indulge their passion right within this quaint community.


Hico, situated within a 2-hour drive from Arlington, is a hidden gem boasting historical charm and picturesque scenery. This quaint town offers an escape from city life with its slow-paced environment and friendly locals.

Home to the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, it’s a great place to delve into the cowboy culture and history that defines this region. In addition to its rich heritage, Hico also hosts delightful antique shops and cozy cafes that make for a pleasant stroll through the downtown area.

For those seeking something more adventurous, there are numerous outdoor activities such as hiking trails and fishing spots nearby. Overall, Hico provides an idyllic backdrop for exploring small-town America while immersing oneself in its captivating local culture.


Thurber, a historical town near Arlington, TX, offers a glimpse into the region’s past. Once a bustling coal-mining center, it now boasts well-preserved remnants of its mining heritage.

Visitors can explore the Thurber Ghost Town to see old buildings and artifacts that hark back to its mining heyday. The town also features a museum showcasing photographs and relics from Thurber’s past as an industrial hub.

In addition, nature enthusiasts can enjoy outdoor activities at nearby parks with scenic trails and picnic spots.

Glen Rose

Glen Rose is a small town nestled in the heart of Texas, known for its scenic beauty and outdoor adventures. We discovered that it’s famous for Dinosaur Valley State Park, where you can see real dinosaur footprints! The tranquil Paluxy River runs through the park, offering opportunities to hike or splash around in the water.

Additionally, Glen Rose boasts charming shops and restaurants in its downtown area – perfect for a leisurely stroll and enjoying local treats.

With attractions like Fossil Rim Wildlife Center allowing up-close encounters with exotic animals, our visit to Glen Rose was an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s exploring historical sites or soaking up nature’s beauty, this quaint town has something for everyone.

Walnut Springs

Nestled among the rolling hills, Walnut Springs offers a serene escape from city life. The town is rich in history, with landmarks like the historic Inn at Walnut Springs and the Site of Old Town Spring serving as testaments to its past.

Visitors can explore scenic walking trails around the springs or relax in one of the picturesque parks dotted throughout the area.

Our visit to Walnut Springs was a charming experience. We strolled through the quaint streets and discovered local artisans showcasing their crafts at small boutiques. Engaging with friendly locals added warmth to our trip, making us feel right at home in this welcoming community.

These day trips are all within a 2-hour drive from Arlington, making them perfect for a weekend getaway or day trip.

Discover captivating small towns that are just a 2-hour drive from Arlington. These hidden gems are ideal for a quick escape or a leisurely weekend adventure, all within easy reach from the city.

Uncover unique attractions, soak in the close-knit communities, and explore quaint downtown areas without venturing too far from home. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of Texas’ charming rural towns, where the simple life meets modern-day allure.

Small Towns Near Arlington TX Conclusion

Explore the delightful rural towns near Arlington, TX for a refreshing change of scenery. Small-town living offers unique attractions, affordable housing, and close-knit communities.

Whether it’s for a day trip or potential new home, these charming small towns provide a peaceful environment and a sense of community. Discover the slower pace of life and quaint downtown areas within an hour’s drive from Arlington.

Take in the quiet charm and leisurely way of life that these small towns have to offer.

Small Towns Near Arlington TX FAQs

1. What’s a charming small town near Arlington, TX to visit?

Grapevine is a great place with lots of history and fun shops.

2. Can I find good food in these small towns?

Yes, many of these towns offer delicious local eats you’ll love.

3. Are there any parks or nature spots in these small towns?

Sure, places like Cedar Hill have beautiful parks for hiking and picnics.

4. Do these towns have events or festivals?

Yes, most of them host unique events throughout the year that are worth checking out.

5. Is it easy to travel between Arlington and these small towns?

Traveling is easy, with most towns just a short drive away from Arlington.

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