Exploring The Best Things To Do In Anaconda MT

Things To Do In Anaconda MT

Starting a journey to Anaconda, Montana might initially appear challenging. We get it – we’ve scoured the area too, hunting for those standout experiences. Our efforts unearthed a rich array of activities, from hitting the slopes at Discovery Ski Area to stepping back in time at the historic Washoe Theater.

Consider this article your personal roadmap for creating some truly unforgettable memories in Anaconda, MT. Adventure is calling!

Key Takeaways

  • Anaconda, Montana is a treasure trove of outdoor adventures and historical sights including Discovery Ski Area for winter sports enthusiasts and the iconic Washoe Theater with its Nuevo Deco architectural style.
  • Nature lovers can enjoy Georgetown Lake‘s breathtaking views and opportunities for fishing, boating, and hiking, while history buffs will appreciate Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park’s insight into the region’s industrial past.
  • For relaxation and leisure activities, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort offers pools and golfing among other amenities. The town also boasts unique attractions like the Copper Village Museum showcasing local mining history.
  • Adventure seekers have options such as Montana Zipline Adventures for an adrenaline rush from ziplining amidst stunning landscapes. Gem mining in nearby locations offers a fun experience to unearth precious stones.
  • The Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway presents a picturesque drive through classic Montana scenery, providing an unforgettable journey marked by wildlife sightings and tranquil vistas.

Top 10 Things to Do in Anaconda MT

Things To Do In Anaconda MT - The iconic Washoe Theater's stunning interior with grand architecture and a bustling atmosphere.

Discover the iconic Washoe Theater, take in the picturesque views at Georgetown Lake, and hit the slopes at Discovery Ski Area. Immerse yourself in history at Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park and savor craft brews at Smelter City Brewing.

Tee off amid stunning landscapes at Old Works Golf Course and unwind in therapeutic waters at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Journey along the scenic Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway and explore nature’s beauty at Lost Creek State Park.

Delve into local history and culture at Copper Village Museum for a truly enriching experience.

Washoe Theater

Washoe Theater stands out in Anaconda as a must-see for its unique Nuevo Deco architectural style. Built in the 1930s, this historical landmark invites visitors into an era of elegance and charm.

The theater showcases ornate designs that catch the eye and transport people back to a time when movie-going was a grand affair. It’s not just about films; it’s a journey through history, showcasing why Washoe Theater is one of Anaconda’s jewels.

People love exploring this place for its well-preserved interior and rich history. From the decorative murals to the plush seating, every detail adds to the experience of stepping into another age.

Fans of outdoor activities, landmarks, and those eager to uncover hidden gems in Montana find delight here. While enjoying their stay at nearby hotels or after spending the day skiing or soaking in hot springs resorts, many make sure to catch a show or tour at Washoe Theater—a perfect closing act for any day in Anaconda.

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake offers stunning views and is a haven for those who love the outdoors. It’s perfect for fishing, boating, and hiking. The lake sits surrounded by mountains, making it a picturesque spot where you can enjoy nature at its best.

For couples looking for an adventure or just a peaceful day out, this place has much to offer.

Nearby accommodations make it easy to stay close and spend more time exploring the area. Whether you’re planning to catch some fish or just want to take in the scenic beauty from a boat, Georgetown Lake has something special for everyone.

With free entry, it’s a great choice for anyone wanting to experience Montana’s natural beauty without spending a lot of money.

Discovery Ski Area

Discovery Ski Area offers a range of terrain for all ski and snowboard levels. It’s a perfect spot in Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest for those who love the outdoors. Since opening in 2017, this place has become a must-visit for many.

The area promises an unforgettable wilderness experience whether you’re on two skis or a snowboard.

This ski area is not just about challenging downhill runs; it also includes fairways that cater to beginners and families. The location makes it ideal for anyone looking to escape the city’s hustle and delve into nature’s tranquility.

With pristine views and fresh mountain air, Discovery Ski Area stands out as a top choice for winter sports enthusiasts visiting Anaconda, Montana.

Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park

Located within Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park, the towering smoke stack stands as a historical symbol of the town’s legacy. This park offers captivating views and a chance to delve into the region’s industrial history – an experience that is both informative and visually stunning.

The park provides an opportunity to witness firsthand this behemoth structure dating back to the mining heyday. As we explore the state park, its rich historical essence intertwines with panoramic vistas, making it a must-visit for those looking to gain insight into Montana’s unique past while reveling in its natural beauty.

Smelter City Brewing

Smelter City Brewing, founded in 2017, offers a delightful experience for those seeking more than just a drink. The brewery features live music and a connected patio to a taco place – perfect for an evening of good company and great food.

With its dog-friendly policy, it’s not merely a brewery; it’s an inclusive space tailored towards everyone who wants to unwind and savor the local flavors.

Serving since 2017, Smelter City Brewing is located in Anaconda, Montana – the richest hill on earth. Whether you’re visiting solo or with companions – this spot should be on your list when exploring quieter towns like Anaconda.

Old Works Golf Course

The Old Works Golf Course offers a premier practice facility and a Jack Nicklaus signature course, delivering great condition and breathtaking views. The well-maintained course provides an opportunity for a memorable golfing experience in Anaconda, Montana.

With its top-notch amenities and stunning vistas, it’s definitely worth adding to your list of things to do in the area. Whether you’re an avid golfer or just looking to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings, this is a must-visit spot for enjoying outdoor activities amidst captivating natural landscapes.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort offers a range of activities suitable for all ages, including an onsite golf course, pools, water slide – and for those who love disc golf, there’s the opportunity to indulge in this fun sport.

Additionally, the resort boasts a mini-golf course and features a restaurant that caters to various tastes. This ideal setting makes Fairmont Hot Springs Resort an excellent choice and is complemented by its stunning surroundings.

The location provides true relaxation with ample opportunities for outdoor exploration throughout the year. It’s not only about seeking more than just a comfortable stay but also encompasses bespoke opportunities to immerse oneself in nature or embark on adventures such as skiing & snowboarding areas found nearby.

For those looking to unwind or seek thrills amidst breathtaking landscapes while staying at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, consider exploring nearby attractions such as Montana Zipline Adventures or simply enjoying points of interest & landmarks around us!

Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway

The Pintler Veterans Memorial Scenic Byway offers a picturesque drive through classic Montana scenery. The scenic highway takes you on a journey amidst stunning landscapes, with opportunities to spot wildlife and enjoy the tranquility of the area.

With its winding roads and beautiful vistas, this byway provides an unforgettable experience for those seeking a quieter and more immersive exploration of Montana’s natural beauty.

Good for couples looking to unwind in a peaceful setting, this route is tailor-made for those who appreciate unspoiled landscapes and serene surroundings.

This scenic byway embodies the essence of Montana’s captivating beauty – from rolling hills to meandering rivers, it’s an ideal way to explore the diverse natural wonders that define this region.

Taking time to traverse this route allows us to connect with nature while immersing ourselves in one of Montana’s hidden gems. Whether it’s admiring the changing colors of autumn or reveling in the lush greenery of spring, each season paints its own unique portrait along this timeless pathway.

Lost Creek State Park

Nestled in Deer Lodge County, Lost Creek State Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts. With rustic campsites and clean pit toilets, it’s the perfect spot to immerse oneself in natural beauty.

The park boasts breathtaking waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and a network of hiking trails that cater to various skill levels. For those seeking an escape into tranquil surroundings without compromising on adventure or scenery, Lost Creek State Park is an ideal destination.

Copper Village Museum

Nestled in the heart of Anaconda, Montana, Copper Village Museum offers a firsthand experience of the town’s rich mining history. The museum hosts art exhibitions, events, and classes, making it a welcoming space for both locals and visitors.

As an educational resource focusing on historical context, the museum unveils secrets about Anaconda’s ever-evolving realm. It is designed to enhance our understanding of the complexities that underpin this unique town.

Furthermore, Copper Village Museum isn’t merely a traditional exhibit but serves as a tailored gateway to explore and comprehend the world of mining in Anaconda. Visitors can explore meticulously curated displays showcasing not only the artifacts but also engaging stories related to local miners’ lives during different eras.

This makes it more than just a usual visit; it provides bespoke insights into Anaconda’s heritage.

Unforgettable Experiences Nearby

A vintage carousel in motion at sunset with a bustling cityscape backdrop and joyful children.

Experience the sweet delights of The Montana Candy Emporium, take in the thrill of gliding through treetops at Montana Zipline Adventures, immerse yourself in history exploring the World Museum of Mining…ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure?

Sweet Palace

The Sweet Palace in Anaconda is a popular stop, especially for those with a sweet tooth. At the Sweet Palace, visitors can expect to find an array of delectable candies, chocolates, and other confections that cater to all ages.

This makes it an ideal place to indulge in mouth-watering treats and pick up unique souvenirs. The establishment has garnered positive reviews from travelers who appreciate its inviting ambiance and diverse confectionery offerings.

The Sweet Palace provides a delightful experience for anyone seeking a memorable excursion while exploring quieter towns like Anaconda, Montana.

Montana Zipline Adventures

Are you ready for an adrenaline rush? Get your heart racing at Montana Zipline Adventures, home to the longest zipline in Montana. Opened May 21, 2021, this experience is a must for adventure seekers.

Fly through the sky and soak in panoramic views of Anaconda’s stunning landscapes from a unique vantage point. It’s an action-packed way to add some excitement to your trip and create unforgettable memories.

Prepare yourselves for an exhilarating ride along this exceptional zipline! With its grand opening on May 21, 2021, Montana Zipline Adventures offers the thrilling distinction of being home to the longest zipline in all of Montana.

This iconic experience lets you soar above Anaconda, treating you to breathtaking vistas that will leave a lasting impression on anyone seeking adventure or simply wishing to add that extra dash of excitement into their journey.


When it comes to exploring Anaconda, Montana, you can’t miss out on the charming taprooms and live music at Smelter City Brewing. This brewery has been serving since 2017 and offers an engaging atmosphere for visitors looking to unwind and enjoy handcrafted brews.

Additionally, nearby Philipsburg Brewing Co. is another great option with a delightful taproom and concert space that adds to the town’s vibrant social scene.

So if you’re seeking more than just sightseeing in Anaconda, these breweries are designed to enhance your firsthand experience of this ever-evolving town’s culture and community.

Gem Mines

Ready to uncover the enchanting world of gem mines? Montana offers a treasure trove of experiences for rockhounds and curious adventurers alike. Sapphire Gallery, Montana Gems, and Gem Mountain provide captivating opportunities to unearth your own precious stones.

Dive into the exciting realm of gem mining and discover the thrill of finding sapphires, rubies, and other unique treasures hidden in the earth. With numerous tools at our disposal such as screens, shovels, buckets, and water flumes provided by these venues, we can embrace an immersive adventure tailored toward revealing nature’s mesmerizing creations buried beneath the soil.

Let’s embark on a journey through time and geology while experiencing firsthand the exquisite wonders waiting to be unveiled within Montana’s renowned gem mines.

Pintler Peaks Casino

Pintler Peaks Casino is a prominent attraction in Anaconda, Montana. The casino offers diverse activities and experiences for visitors of all tastes. Traveler reviews provide valuable insights into the atmosphere and amenities at Pintler Peaks Casino, enhancing our understanding of what to expect.

The casino presents an exclusive and memorable experience, adding to the rich tapestry of attractions in Anaconda.

Unique Attractions and Activities in Anaconda

Explore the towering Anaconda Smelter Stack, drive along the scenic Pintler Veteran’s Memorial Scenic Highway, visit the vintage Silver Bow Twin Drive-In, wander around the historic Granite Ghost Town, and take a tour of the intriguing World Museum of Mining.

For more details on these unique attractions and activities in Anaconda, Montana, head over to our blog!

Anaconda Smelter Stack

The Anaconda Smelter Stack, standing at 585 feet tall, is a historic landmark that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area. The stack was once part of one of the largest copper smelters in the world and serves as a reminder of Anaconda’s rich industrial past.

Visitors can take a guided tour to learn about the smelting process and the significance of this towering structure. It’s an ideal spot for history enthusiasts and those seeking unique photo opportunities.

The towering Anaconda Smelter Stack provides a glimpse into Montana’s industrial heritage and offers an intriguing experience for visitors interested in historical landmarks. Standing at 585 feet tall, it played an integral role in the copper smelting industry, and today, it provides panoramic views of its surroundings.

Guided tours offer insights into its historical significance and make for noteworthy outings amongst travelers exploring quieter towns.

Drive the Pintler Veteran’s Memorial Scenic Highway

Embark on a picturesque drive along the Pintler Veteran’s Memorial Scenic Highway, featuring classic Montana scenery and winding roads that offer breathtaking views of lush forests and majestic mountains.

The highway guides us through unspoiled landscapes, with opportunities to stop at scenic viewpoints for perfect photo moments or simply soak in the peaceful surroundings. This historic route, rich in cultural significance, provides a leisurely yet captivating journey that showcases the natural beauty of Montana from the comfort of our vehicle.

The highway presents an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the tranquility of nature while marveling at historical landmarks such as charming towns nestled amidst the rugged terrain.

With its sweeping vistas and serene ambiance, this drive is an ideal way to experience Montana’s unfiltered beauty without straying too far from Anaconda.

Visit the Silver Bow Twin Drive-In

Make it a movie night under the stars at the Silver Bow Twin Drive-In, which has been entertaining locals and visitors for decades. The classic theater, situated just 16 miles from Anaconda, offers a nostalgic experience.

Grab your favorite snacks and settle in for a double feature in the comfort of your car. It’s an idyllic spot to catch the latest blockbusters or timeless classics while enjoying the charm of outdoor cinema.

While you’re here, immerse yourself in history as this drive-in captures the essence of old-school entertainment. With its enduring appeal, this cherished venue is an essential part of experiencing Anaconda’s leisurely pace and appreciation for vintage pastimes.

Explore Granite Ghost Town

Let’s venture to Granite Ghost Town, just 19 miles from Anaconda. The remnants of this historic mining town offer a captivating glimpse into Montana’s past, transporting visitors to the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The preserved structures, like the miners’ cabins and the old schoolhouse, tell tales of bustling life that once thrived in this secluded mountain community. Walking through these silent streets evokes a deep sense of history and offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the enduring spirit of the American West.

If you explore Granite Ghost Town on your trip to Anaconda, don’t miss out on experiencing this remarkable window into Montana’s rich mining heritage.

Tour the World Museum of Mining

Tour the World Museum of Mining offers a captivating journey through Montana’s rich mining history. The museum showcases an extensive collection of mining equipment, historic buildings, and exhibits that vividly depict the life and challenges faced by miners.

With well-preserved artifacts and interactive displays, visitors can gain insight into the evolution of mining techniques and its impact on shaping the region. Furthermore, stepping into an actual mineyard enhances understanding about the grueling working conditions experienced by miners in decades past.

This immersive experience makes it a must-visit destination for those intrigued by industrial heritage and seeking to understand Montana’s historical legacy.

The museum effectively brings to life how mining communities thrived amidst adversity while highlighting stories of resilience, innovation, and community spirit. Moreover, various events held at this site throughout the year ensure there’s always something new to discover – from gold panning lessons for families to special exhibits showcasing rare minerals found in Montana’s mines.

As you explore this treasure trove of knowledge, you’ll leave with a deep appreciation for Montana’s mining heritage as well as a renewed admiration for the industry’s endurance and lasting impact on Anaconda’s cultural fabric.

Plan Your Trip to Anaconda, Montana

Looking for a place to stay during your visit? Find detailed information on accommodation options in Anaconda. Discover the best time to visit and explore nearby attractions in Butte and Philipsburg.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Where to stay for sightseeing

For sightseeing in Anaconda, consider luxury lodges or family resorts. Accommodation options are available to suit various budgets and preferences, ensuring a comfortable stay for those seeking a quieter town experience.

With free entry and kid-friendly facilities, these lodging choices offer convenience and relaxation after exploring the town’s attractions.

Ideal accommodations include traditional bed-and-breakfasts or cozy cabins nestled amidst nature. These options cater to the needs of travelers looking to be within close proximity of Anaconda’s key landmarks while enjoying serene surroundings that capture the charm of this smaller town.

To enhance your exploration experience, consider staying at one of the local lodgings that provide easy access to nearby attractions such as Butte and Philipsburg. This allows for convenient day trips without sacrificing the tranquility offered by Anaconda itself.

Best time to visit (climate chart)

Planning our trips, we always wonder about the best time to visit our chosen destination. For Anaconda, Montana, the answer depends on what we’re looking to do. Here’s a simple climate chart to help us decide when we should pack our bags for Anaconda.

MonthAverage High (°F)Average Low (°F)Activities
January3012Snow activities, Hot Springs
February3516Skiing at Discovery Ski Area
March4522Last chance for skiing
April5529Fishing starts, Outdoor walks
May6537Boating on Georgetown Lake
June7545Hiking, Golfing
July8350Peak season for all outdoor activities
August8248Continue outdoor adventures, Festivals
September7240Autumn colors, Fishing
October5831Last hikes before winter
November4323Prepare for winter sports
December3215Christmas markets, Snowshoeing

Choosing the best time for our visit means looking at what we want to do. Love skiing? February and March are perfect. If fishing or hiking calls to us, May through September offers ideal conditions. Those looking for winter wonderland activities will find December through February to their liking. Anaconda, with its serene beauty and array of activities, beckons us year-round, each season offering its unique charm and opportunities for adventure.

Nearby attractions in Butte and Philipsburg

Butte, just a 20-mile drive from Anaconda, is home to the World Museum of Mining and the Mai Wah Museum for history enthusiasts. And in Philipsburg, you can try gem hunting at Sapphire Gallery or Montana Gems.

If adventure beckons, visit Gem Mountain where the thrill of discovering your own sapphire awaits!

Things To Do In Anaconda MT Conclusion

In our quest to uncover the best of Anaconda, Montana, we’ve unearthed an array of captivating attractions and activities. From the historical marvels of the Washoe Theater and Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park to the natural wonders of Georgetown Lake and Lost Creek State Park, this town offers an adventure for every traveler.

With nearby experiences like exploring the Granite Ghost Town or indulging in the sweetness at Sweet Palace, there’s no shortage of excitement within reach. So grab your map, lace up your boots, and get ready to embark on a journey filled with unforgettable moments in Anaconda!

Things To Do In Anaconda MT FAQs

1. What’s a fun activity to do in Anaconda, MT?

You can explore the Washoe Park for a day full of fun and nature.

2. Is there a place to learn about Anaconda’s history?

Yes, visiting the Copper Village Museum and Arts Center will give you a peek into Anaconda’s rich past.

3. Can I go skiing near Anaconda during winter?

Absolutely, Discovery Ski Area is perfect for hitting the slopes in winter.

4. Are there any spots for fishing around Anaconda?

Georgetown Lake is popular among locals and visitors for fishing adventures.

5. Where can I enjoy hiking with beautiful views in Anaconda?

The Lost Creek State Park offers stunning trails for hikers looking to enjoy scenic views.

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