Ultimate Guide To Things To Do In Columbia TN

Things To Do In Columbia TN

Exploring the endless possibilities for fun in smaller towns can sometimes feel challenging. We get it – we’ve scoured countless places looking for those hidden gems that turn an ordinary day into something special.

That’s how we stumbled upon Columbia, TN. Tucked away by the picturesque Duck River and boasting the historical home of President James K. Polk, our exploration of this delightful town revealed a bounty of activities and attractions waiting to be discovered.

Everything you need for a memorable adventure is right here—so let’s start!

Key Takeaways

  • Columbia, TN is home to the Presidential Residence of James K. Polk where visitors can learn about his life and presidency through daily tours.
  • The vibrant Downtown area and Columbia Arts District offer unique shopping, local art, live music venues like The Mulehouse, and historic sites such as Hardison Mill Homestead Hall.
  • Outdoor activities are plentiful with the serene Duck River providing opportunities for fishing, picnicking, and guided SxS rides to explore Tennessee’s backcountry.
  • Various annual events including Mule Day, First Fridays, Cars & Coffee, and seasonal celebrations like the Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting enrich community life in Columbia.
  • Educational experiences about African American History are accessible at significant sites like Veterans Memorial Plaza U.S. Colored Troops showcasing the town’s rich heritage.

Top Attractions in Columbia

Things To Do In Columbia TN - A photo of the Presidential Residence with blooming gardens, cityscape, and bustling atmosphere.

Discover the Presidential Residence, Downtown Vibes, and the serene Duck River. Experience the charm of Columbia Arts District, immerse in history at Hardison Mill Homestead Hall and explore African American History.

The Presidential Residence

We all get excited to learn about history, especially when it’s tied to important figures. The Presidential Residence in Columbia, TN takes us back to the 1800s. It was home to President James K. Polk, the 11th U.S. President. Today, it stands as a museum filled with relics and stories from his time. Visitors can walk through daily tours guided by experts who share tales of the past.

This place is more than just an old house; it’s a piece of American history kept alive through detailed exhibits about President Polk’s life and achievements. The tour includes a look at original items from his era, offering a glimpse into what life was like during his presidency.

By exploring this historic site, we connect with our nation’s past in a personal way that books and photos cannot offer.

Downtown Vibes

Downtown Columbia is where the city’s heart beats loudest. Here, Main Street buzzes with life. Shops line the sidewalks, offering everything from vintage finds to modern treasures.

The historic train depot sits proudly in the Columbia Arts District, a reminder of days gone by but now serving as a hub for creativity and community gatherings.

We wander through town square, marveling at its beauty and charm. It’s easy to lose track of time here, whether you’re sipping coffee from a cozy café or searching for that perfect gift in one of many antique shops.

Downtown offers an experience unlike anywhere else – it’s like stepping into a different era but with all the comforts of today. From enjoying live music at The Mulehouse to discovering local history, there’s always something new to explore around every corner.

Duck River

We love exploring the Duck River in Columbia, TN. It’s a fantastic spot for outdoor enthusiasts like us who enjoy the serene beauty of Tennessee’s back country. The river offers many activities such as guided SxS rides that let you experience nature up close.

We often pack our gear and head out early to catch the calm waters at sunrise. It’s not just about the thrill; it’s also learning and respecting nature.

The Duck River flows gently through Columbia, creating a perfect backdrop for picnics or fishing outings with friends and family. We always make sure to check out local spots along the river for unique finds and scenic views.

This place holds special memories for anyone looking to escape city life and find an adventure right in nature’s lap. Whether we’re paddling downstream or just sitting by the shore, Duck River never fails to amaze us with its quiet charm and rich biodiversity.

Columbia Arts District

Columbia Arts District is a vibrant neighborhood with diverse art galleries and live music venues. The district features captivating public art and murals, adding charm to the area’s streetscapes.

Embrace the creative energy as you explore this corner of Columbia, Tennessee. Engage with local artists, appreciate unique artworks, and soak in the cultural essence of this artistic hub.

The arts district offers an engaging experience for visitors seeking to immerse themselves in creativity and expression. Discover bespoke pieces from talented craftspeople and artists while exploring this ever-evolving realm.

With numerous attractions like Downtown Vibes nearby, it’s easy to spend a day engrossed in art and culture here in Columbia.

The Mulehouse

Situated in the heart of Columbia is The Mulehouse, a popular attraction offering live music performances that provide an exceptional firsthand experience. This vibrant venue not only showcases local talent but also contributes to the ever-evolving music scene.

It’s an ideal spot for those seeking more than just a performance — it’s where you can immerse yourself in the rich musical history of the area and unlock the secrets of authentic live entertainment.

The Mulehouse perfectly encapsulates the essence of Columbia, providing visitors with a tailored experience designed to enhance their stay. Nestled amongst historic landmarks and nestled under  public art, this dynamic space embodies the spirit of community while offering robust cultural encounters synonymous with this region.

Hardison Mill Homestead Hall

Hardison Mill Homestead Hall is a must-visit attraction in Columbia, offering a blend of music and captivating stories. The acoustically pleasing hall presents an immersive experience for those seeking to explore regional culture and musical traditions.

At the Hardison Mill Homestead Hall, visitors can expect to be serenaded by local musicians while delving into the rich history and heritage of this charming town. The engaging performances and narratives bring the legacy of Columbia to life, making it an enriching stop for travelers looking to savor authentic Tennessee experiences.

The venue’s intimate setting makes it ideal for experiencing live music in a more personal atmosphere, allowing guests to connect with artists on a deeper level. Guests have described their visit to Hardison Mill Homestead Hall as enlightening and delightful, providing insights into the soulful sounds that echo through Maury County’s cultural landscape.

This landmark embodies the essence of Southern hospitality and showcases the community’s passion for preserving its artistic identity within a serene environment.

African American History

Our exploration of African American history in Columbia brings to light significant sites such as the Veterans Memorial Plaza U.S. Colored Troops and the Courthouse, which prominently showcase this vital aspect of our town’s heritage.

Notably, attractions like Maury County Archives and Civil War Trail for Hood’s Campaign of 1864 also offer valuable insights into this rich historical narrative, enriching our understanding of the legacy woven into the fabric of our community.

Annual Events

A festive town square decorated for a Christmas parade and tree lighting.

Discover upcoming events to liven up your trip, from Mule Day to the Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting…Read more in our comprehensive guide!

Mule Day

Mule Day is a popular annual celebration in Columbia, featuring various events like parades, mule shows, and arts and crafts booths. This festive occasion attracts people from all over the country to gather and appreciate the significance of mules in agriculture.

The highlight of Mule Day is the lively parade which showcases marching bands, dancers, and colorful floats that create a vibrant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the parade, visitors can also witness mule shows where these remarkable animals display their strength and agility through various competitions – an experience that truly captures the unique spirit of this wonderful event.

First Fridays

First Fridays is a monthly event in downtown Columbia, featuring local artists, musicians, and culinary delights. It’s an excellent opportunity to support the community while immersing ourselves in the vibrant arts scene.

The event showcases the town’s unique charm and gives us a taste of its creative spirit. With live music echoing through the streets and various food vendors offering delicious treats, First Fridays promises an enjoyable evening for all who attend.

During First Fridays, we can stroll through the streets lined with art galleries and boutiques or simply take in the lively atmosphere around every corner. It’s a perfect chance to connect with local artisans and shop for one-of-a-kind souvenirs! We look forward to experiencing this cultural extravaganza that truly encapsulates the essence of Columbia’s artistic fervor.

Cars & Coffee

Cars & Coffee is an event where automobile enthusiasts gather regularly to showcase their collection of cars and enjoy a casual, social environment. It’s a great place for car aficionados to connect with like-minded individuals, share stories about their vehicles, and appreciate the diverse range of automobiles on display.

At Cars & Coffee, you can expect to see classic cars, muscle cars, exotic supercars, vintage motorcycles, and more. It’s an enjoyable experience set against the backdrop of a quaint town like Columbia TN.

If you’re passionate about automobiles or simply love admiring beautifully restored or unique vehicles while sipping on your favorite coffee blend from a local shop – then Cars & Coffee is definitely worth checking out in Columbia TN.

Whether it’s taking in the sleek designs of sports cars or striking up conversations with fellow enthusiasts over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, this gathering has something for everyone interested in automotive culture and community camaraderie.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market is a seasonal market showcasing local produce and products, offering fresh fruits, vegetables, artisanal crafts, and specialty food items. It’s a vibrant place where we can support local farmers and entrepreneurs while enjoying the freshest ingredients for home-cooked meals.

The market provides an opportunity to engage with the community, learn about sustainable practices in agriculture, and discover unique handmade goods that reflect the spirit of Columbia.

Whether it’s handcrafted soaps or farm-fresh eggs, Farmers Market offers a diverse array of offerings that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Remember exploring the vibrant scene at Farmers Market allows us to connect with local growers and makers in an inviting outdoor setting while experiencing the essence of Columbia’s agricultural heritage.

Muletown Flea Market

Muletown Flea Market takes place regularly in Columbia, drawing locals and visitors alike. The market offers a diverse range of goods, including antiques, crafts, jewelry, and fresh produce.

It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture while finding unique treasures and supporting small businesses. This vibrant market creates a lively atmosphere where we can interact with the community and experience the town’s authentic charm.

The buzzing Muletown Flea Market provides an enriching experience for those seeking to explore local crafts, connect with vendors, and enjoy the warm community vibe. With its array of offerings – from handmade items to fresh produce – it truly encapsulates the heart of Columbia’s cultural scene.

Whether we’re looking for one-of-a-kind souvenirs or simply soaking up the bustling ambiance, this market is a must-visit when exploring Columbia.

Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting

The Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting is a cherished annual event in Columbia, drawing locals and visitors alike. The parade features festive floats, marching bands, and colorful displays as it winds through the town center.

The tree lighting ceremony creates a magical atmosphere with twinkling lights and holiday cheer at the heart of downtown Columbia. Families can enjoy hot cocoa while taking in the joyful sights of the season.

Second Saturdays

Second Saturdays is a monthly event promoting local arts and music. The event takes place in downtown Columbia, offering visitors a chance to engage with the town’s vibrant cultural scene.

From live music performances to art showcases, Second Saturdays provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in the community’s creativity. Whether it’s browsing through art galleries or enjoying outdoor concerts, this event offers a delightful way to connect with the town’s artistic spirit.

If you’re seeking an authentic experience that captures the essence of Columbia, Second Saturdays are not to be missed.

Miracle Fest

Miracle Fest is an annual celebration in Columbia that gathers the community for a day filled with music, food, and engaging activities. This lively event showcases local talent and offers a variety of artisanal crafts and delicious treats from regional vendors.

With its vibrant atmosphere, Miracle Fest provides an excellent opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture of Columbia while enjoying a fun-filled day with family and friends.

The festival also features interactive workshops and captivating performances, making it an ideal place to experience the town’s rich artistic heritage. As we explore Miracle Fest, we can expect to encounter talented musicians, skilled artisans, and delightful culinary creations that truly capture the essence of this charming Tennessee town.

Things To Do In Columbia TN

Explore a variety of activities such as tours, art and entertainment, breweries, historic landmarks, museums, live music venues, public art and murals. Dive into the outdoors or check out sports venues; there’s something for everyone.

For those with families or kids in tow – don’t forget to visit coffee shops and shop! Click here to read more about Things To Do In Columbia TN!

Tours & Driving Trails

When in Columbia, options for tours and driving trails are abundant. Here’s a tailored list to cater to our interests:

  • Guided Driving Trails – Take the Tennessee Back Country Guided SXS Ride for a rugged adventure through picturesque landscapes.
  • Self-Guided Tours – Explore historic Elm Springs and soak in the charm of the past at your own pace.
  • Winery Tour – Embark on a guided tour of the Tennessee Hampshire Winery, indulging in bespoke wine tastings amidst stunning vineyards.
  • Historical Landmarks Tour – Navigate through history with a trip to Chickasaw Trace County Park, delving into the complexities of the area’s past.

Encounter captivating stories as you journey through these vibrant tours and trails.

Arts & Entertainment

When exploring Columbia TN, you can immerse yourselves in the rich arts and entertainment scene. Some key attractions include:

  • Columbia Arts District – Explore a vibrant neighborhood filled with art galleries, studios, and public murals that showcase local and regional talent.
  • Downtown Columbia – Experience the city’s historic charm, featuring live music venues, theaters, and performance spaces that host various cultural events.
  • Museums – Discover the diverse offerings such as the Lotz House Museum and Athenaeum Rectory where you can delve into the region’s history and culture.
  • Public Art & Murals – Stroll through streets adorned with colorful murals and public art installations, offering unique perspectives on local narratives.
  • Live Music – Enjoy performances at venues like the Mulehouse and Hardison Mill Homestead Hall to savor local sounds and talents.
  • African American History – Gain insights into the heritage of Columbia at sites like Saint Catherine Church, which holds significant historical relevance.
  • Carter House – Visit this historic landmark to learn about its role in shaping Tennessee’s past during significant historical periods.
  • The Muletown Arts & Entertainment Center – Engage in various artistic workshops or attend performances offered by this dynamic community hub.
  • Outdoor Activities – Participate in outdoor concerts in local parks or along the Duck River for a unique blend of nature and entertainment.
  • Theatrical Performances – Immerse yourself in dramatic productions at local theaters like Bad Idea Brewing while enjoying charming downtown vibes.
  • Galleries and Exhibitions – Browse through ever-evolving exhibitions showcased throughout downtown, offering diverse artistic experiences that cater to different tastes.

Breweries & Wineries

We love to indulge in the exquisite breweries and wineries that Columbia has to offer. Let’s explore a curated list of must-visit spots:

  • Asgard Brewing Company: Immerse yourself in a diverse selection of house brews and delectable offerings from its food truck.
  • Amber Falls Winery & Cellars: Unwind amidst picturesque vineyards and savor award-winning wines through tastings or tours.
  • Mill Creek Brewing Co.: Experience the art of craft brewing while enjoying refreshing beers in a laid-back atmosphere.
  • Keg Springs Winery: Delight in locally crafted wines, scenic views, and memorable moments at this serene winery.
  • Beachaven Vineyards & Winery: Revel in the beauty of the vineyard as you sample a range of exceptional wines during guided tastings.

Historic Landmarks

Columbia, TN is replete with historic landmarks that offer insights into the town’s rich heritage and cultural diversity.

  • President Polk Home: Explore the former residence of President James K. Polk, which includes the main house, detached kitchen, open-hearth cookroom, and the gardens.
  • President Polk Exhibit: Immerse yourself in exhibits showcasing President Polk’s life and pivotal moments from his presidency at the James K. Polk Presidential Hall.
  • Pryor Art Gallery: Experience a collection of artworks by local artists as well as rotating exhibits featuring diverse artistic styles and themes.
  • Courthouse: Visit the historic Courthouse building which played a significant role in local governance and legal affairs during Columbia’s formative years.
  • Civil War Trail for Hood’s Campaign of 1864: Trace the route taken by General John Bell Hood during one of the major campaigns of the American Civil War, understanding its strategic significance within this historical context.


When visiting Columbia, TN, exploring the town’s museums is a must. Here are some fascinating museums to include in your itinerary:

  • The President Polk Exhibit – Delve into the rich history of President James K. Polk at this insightful museum.
  • AMUSE’UM Children’s Museum – Engage in interactive exhibits tailored towards kids, offering an educational and entertaining experience for families.
  • Maury County Archives – Discover a treasure trove of historical records and documents showcasing the area’s captivating past.
  • Columbia Athenaeum – Immerse yourself in the literary history of Columbia at this charming museum housed in a historic building.
  • Mt. Pleasant/Maury Museum of Local History – Uncover the captivating local heritage through diverse displays and artifacts that bring history to life.

Explore these museums and gain a deeper understanding of Columbia’s cultural legacy on your visit!

Live Music

We love to groove to live music in Columbia. The local scene offers diverse options for all tastes and ages. Get ready to explore the lively music culture here:

  • Downtown venues host energetic live performances, from rock bands to acoustic sets.
  • Experience the soulful tunes of local musicians at charming cafes and bars.
  • Enjoy outdoor concerts at scenic parks and public spaces, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.
  • Discover unique events celebrating bluegrass, jazz, and other genres throughout the year.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage at historic sites with live reenactments and performances.
  • Engage in interactive workshops and classes showcasing different musical styles.

Now let’s hit the streets of Columbia for some live music fun!

Public Art & Murals

We stumbled upon some fascinating facts about the public art and murals in Columbia that we’re excited to share with you. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • The Columbia Arts District features an array of captivating public art installations, including colorful murals that adorn the streets and buildings, adding vibrancy to the town’s cultural landscape.
  • Take a stroll through downtown Columbia, where you’ll encounter striking murals that depict the town’s rich history, local legends, and natural beauty, offering a unique glimpse into its past and present.
  • Keep an eye out for the diverse range of public art scattered throughout Columbia – from sculptures and interactive installations to thought-provoking murals that reflect the town’s artistic spirit.
  • Engage with the community as you explore these captivating artworks, each providing insight into the town’s heritage and fostering a deeper connection with its residents and visitors alike.
  • Experience firsthand the fusion of heritage, creativity, and expression showcased in Columbia’s public art and murals—each piece contributing to the tapestry of stories woven into this charming town’s identity.
  • Delight in uncovering hidden gems at every turn as you admire these artistic expressions—a journey that promises to enrich your understanding of Columbia’s cultural legacy.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of public art and murals that grace Columbia’s streets—a testament to its commitment to preserving heritage while embracing artistic innovation.

Kids & Families

Looking for things to do with your kids and family in Columbia? Bucket up for an adventure! Check out these options:

  • Explore the Presidential Residence with the little ones and discover its historical significance.
  • Enjoy live music events suitable for all ages at Downtown Vibes.
  • Take a family-friendly stroll along the beautiful Duck River.
  • Immerse yourselves in creativity at Columbia Arts District, where young minds can appreciate various artistic expressions.
  • Visit The Mulehouse for a unique and fun arts and crafts experience tailored towards families.
  • Step back in time at Hardison Mill Homestead Hall to learn about local history and indulge in interactive experiences suitable for children.
  • Delve into African American History to spark insightful conversations with your kids about diversity and culture.

Kids & Families – adventure awaits!

Coffee Shops

Looking to experience the local coffee culture in Columbia? Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Buckhead Coffee: A cozy spot with a variety of artisanal coffees and baked goods.
  • Muletown Coffee: Offers a laid-back atmosphere and flavorful roasts, perfect for a relaxing break.
  • Asgard Brewing Company: Not just for beer enthusiasts – their coffee selection is definitely worth a try, especially paired with their tasty snacks.
  • Hattie Jane’s Creamery: Known for their delectable ice creams, they also serve up delightful specialty coffees to enjoy.

With these unique spots, there’s no shortage of options to savor the local coffee scene while exploring Columbia’s quieter charm.


Looking to embrace the natural beauty of Columbia, we suggest exploring the tranquil Duck River and taking advantage of the outdoor activities available. Here are some outdoor attractions to consider:

  • Discover picturesque trails at Chickasaw Trace County Park, perfect for hiking and wildlife spotting.
  • Experience the serenity of Maury County Park with its scenic walking paths and recreational areas.
  • Embrace adventure at SOAR Adventure Tower where you can challenge yourself on their climbing walls and zip lines.
  • Enjoy a peaceful retreat amidst nature at Yanahli Wildlife Management Area, ideal for bird watching and photography opportunities.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through Columbia’s town square, surrounded by historic architecture and welcoming green spaces.
  • Immerse yourself in the charm of Riverwalk Park, offering riverside walking paths and picnic spots to unwind in nature’s lap.

Let’s step out into nature and unearth the hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

Sports Venues

When exploring Columbia, TN, one can enjoy a range of sports venues that cater to sports enthusiasts. Whether it’s catching a local game or visiting iconic sports arenas, here are some must-see sports venues in the area:

  • Midstate Classic: A hub for baseball fans featuring exciting games and events at the heart of the community.
  • Riverwalk Park: Perfect for outdoor activities such as walking trails, picnicking, and even fishing along the scenic Duck River.
  • Maury County Park: Offers various sports facilities including softball fields, soccer fields, and playgrounds for family fun.
  • Ridley Sports Complex: Known for its top-notch soccer fields and tournaments that draw in athletes and spectators alike.
  • Chickasaw Trace Park: Provides mountain biking trails, hiking paths, and equestrian activities suitable for all skill levels.

From cheering on local teams to enjoying outdoor recreational spaces, these venues offer something for every sports enthusiast visiting Columbia, TN.


Let’s explore the best shopping spots in Columbia:

  • Downtown Columbia offers a charming array of shops, including the Bleu 32 Vintage Marketplace and unique local stores.
  • Stroll through downtown to discover a variety of antiques, crafts, and specialty products at charming boutiques and independent retailers.
  • Explore the town square for an eclectic mix of artisanal goods and handcrafted items.
  • Consider stopping by the farmer’s market for fresh produce and handmade crafts from local vendors.
  • Uncover hidden treasures at the Muletown Flea Market, offering a wide selection of vintage items, collectibles, and one-of-a-kind finds.
  • Delight in browsing through a diverse range of merchandise at the Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting event.

Explore these delightful shopping experiences to discover unique gems in Columbia!


Looking for a cozy place to stay during your visit? We’ve got you covered with a variety of options. Here’s what we have for you:

  • Blythewood Inn: Offers comfortable accommodations in a historic setting.
  • Other hotels and lodging options: Varied choices to suit different preferences and budgets, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay.


When exploring Columbia, TN, dining options await with a blend of local food trucks and charming restaurants. Enjoy culinary delights at:

  • Whiskey Alley at Southern Tre Steakhouse – Experience elevated southern cuisine in a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere.
  • Bleu 32 Vintage Marketplace – Delight in unique shopping experiences while savoring the delectable offerings at this vintage marketplace’s dining options.
  • Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant – Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of a quintessential Southern eatery offering delicious home-cooked meals and live music entertainment.
  • Square Market & Cafe – Indulge in farm-to-table dining within a relaxed setting, where fresh, locally-sourced ingredients take center stage.
  • Ted’s Sporting Goods, Bait & BBQ – Savor mouthwatering barbecue delights while browsing through an array of outdoor sporting goods.
  • Columbia Farmers’ Fresh Market – Treat your taste buds to the freshest local produce and homemade treats from various vendors at this vibrant market.
  • The Boondox Bus – Relish gourmet comfort food served out of a converted school bus as you embrace the eclectic ambiance.


Discover new skills with hands-on workshops like the Mountain Ash Home Woodworking Class. Unleash your creativity and learn about local craftsmanship first-hand, immersing yourself in an interactive woodwork experience.

Engage in educational activities such as AMUSE’UM Children’s Museum where kids can explore and play while learning through interactive exhibits, offering something for the whole family to enjoy.

Explore virtual reality experiences at local museums or take part in historical walking tours that bring the past to life. Unlock the secrets of Columbia’s rich heritage at compelling landmarks and gain a deeper understanding of its history through immersive learning opportunities tailored towards all ages.

Mountain Ash Home Woodworking Class

Explore the art of woodworking at Mountain Ash Home, where the woodworking classes offer a hands-on experience in crafting bespoke wooden pieces. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, these classes cater to all skill levels and provide step-by-step guidance to create your own unique projects.

The classes are designed to enhance your creativity and knowledge in the realm of woodworking, offering an opportunity for first-hand experience in this craft.

Uncover the secrets of woodworking as you delve into this ever-evolving art form alongside other like-minded individuals. During the class, you’ll navigate through its complexities while learning from skilled instructors who meticulously guide you towards unlocking your potential in creating stunning woodwork.

It’s not merely a class—it’s an immersive journey into the world of woodworking that offers both education and entertainment, adding new dimensions to your exploration of Columbia TN.

Things To Do In Columbia TN Conclusion

We’ve shared an ultimate guide to Columbia, TN. The city offers a variety of attractions and activities, including the Presidential Residence and vibrant Downtown Vibes. Visitors can explore historic landmarks, live music events, and seasonal highlights catering to different interests.

With upcoming events like Mule Day and First Fridays, there’s always something exciting happening in Columbia. From art districts to outdoor adventures, this charming city has a lot to offer for those seeking a quieter retreat!

Things To Do In Columbia TN FAQs

1. What’s special about Columbia Town Square?

Well, we find that the Columbia Town Square is not just a place; it’s an experience. It’s where history meets today. You can stroll around, shop in unique stores, and enjoy local eats. It feels like stepping into a postcard from another era but with all the modern comforts.

2. Can you visit Ryman Auditorium from Columbia TN?

Yes, absolutely! A trip to Ryman Auditorium makes for a perfect day out. It’s about an hour’s drive from Columbia TN to this iconic venue in downtown Nashville…and trust us, it’s worth every minute. This place isn’t just any building—it’s called the “Mother Church of Country Music” for good reason.

3. Is there anything fun to do near Grand Ole Opry?

For sure! Being near Grand Ole Opry opens up so many doors for fun—literally and figuratively speaking… We’re talking about catching live shows that’ll give you chills or simply exploring Gaylord Opryland with its gardens and water features that look straight out of a fairy tale.

4. How do we make the most of our visit to Downtown Nashville after seeing these places?

Downtown Nashville is full of life—music, art, history—you name it… After visiting landmarks like Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ole Opry, take your time wandering through downtown streets. There are surprises around every corner; murals that tell stories, cafes with melodies floating through their open doors, shops filled with treasures waiting to be found… And don’t forget—the best way to experience it is by letting curiosity lead the way.

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