Discover Exciting Activities In Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado

Things To Do In Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado

Finding fun things to do in small towns can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. We all crave that perfect balance of peace and adventure, and it often seems just out of reach.

But then there’s Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, tucked away in Grand County—a hidden gem that checks all the boxes with its famous Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa.

But this town offers more than just soothing mineral-rich pools. It’s steeped in history at places like the Pioneer Village Museum and is nestled among natural wonders like Byers Canyon and the Arapaho National Forest.

It doesn’t matter if your idea of fun involves hiking scenic trails, reeling in a big catch while fishing, or immersing yourself in local lore—Hot Sulphur Springs delivers. And for those who love embracing winter’s chill, Winter Park is just around the corner with its snowy escapades.

This blog peels back the layers on this diverse destination where adventures await visitors every season. Let’s explore!

Key Takeaways

  • Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, is home to the famous Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa with 22 pools, open every day from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including hiking in Pioneer Park, fishing in the Colorado River, biking on rugged paths, and winter sports like snowshoeing at Winter Park.
  • The town has historical attractions such as the Pioneer Village Museum which showcases pioneer clothing and artifacts from Grand County’s past. It’s open Monday through Sunday in summer and Wednesday through Sunday in winter.
  • Byers Canyon offers stunning views for nature lovers, rated 5.0 out of 5 by travelers for its breathtaking vistas and geological wonders.
  • Accommodations range from camping sites in natural settings to luxury stays near hot springs for those looking for relaxation after a day full of adventure.

Top Things to Do in Hot Sulphur Springs CO

Things To Do In Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado - A scenic mountain trail with wildflowers and a crystal-clear lake.

Are you ready to explore the best of Hot Sulphur Springs, CO? From thrilling outdoor activities like hiking and biking to relaxing at the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa, there’s something for everyone here.

Immerse yourself in history at Pioneer Village Museum or take in breathtaking views at Byers Canyon and Winter Park.

Outdoor activities (hiking, biking, fishing, etc.)

Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, is a treasure for lovers of the outdoors. We find peace and adventure in its vast landscapes, from hiking trails to gold medal waters.

  1. Take a hike at Pioneer Park – this spot has trails for all levels. Enjoy walking, fishing, and even frisbee golf as Dr. Sally510 suggests.
  2. Ride mountain bikes on rugged paths that challenge every skill level. Feel the rush of Rocky Mountain air against your face.
  3. Cast a line in the Colorado River for some of the best trout fishing around. This river boasts gold medal status for a reason.
  4. Experience winter sports like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing at Pioneer Park when the snow falls.
  5. Rent ATVs and explore the backcountry with friends or family, discovering hidden spots away from the crowds.
  6. Boat rentals offer a different perspective of Hot Sulphur Springs’ stunning scenery from the water’s surface.
  7. Disc golf at Pioneer Park adds a fun twist to traditional golf, perfect for a relaxed afternoon.
  8. Include mountain national park hikes in your plans to witness breathtaking views that photos can hardly capture.
  9. Take a rafting trip down roaring rivers for an adrenaline-pumping journey through rapids and serene waters alike.
  10. End your day soaking in the healing waters of Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa, letting nature’s warmth rejuvenate tired muscles.

These activities showcase just how much Hot Sulphur Springs invites us to step outside and embrace its natural beauty – every season brings new adventures to enjoy!

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

We can’t wait to share about the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa, a gem for those of us looking to unwind and soak in nature’s luxury. This sanctuary is open every day of the year, from 8 am until 10 pm.

It features 22 pools and private baths, offering plenty of options for relaxation. The last chance to walk in is at 9:15 pm, so plan accordingly.

Some visitors have expressed concerns, mentioning that the pools can get crowded and might not be as clean as expected. A review by Brett R on July 25, 2023 gave it a rating of three out of five bubbles.

Despite this feedback, many find comfort in the steamy embrace of these natural hot springs nestled within Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes. If soaking under the sky appeals to you after a day exploring Grand County or biking mountain trails near Winter Park Ski Resort, this spot surely deserves a visit.

Pioneer Village Museum

The Pioneer Village Museum is a must-see for anyone visiting Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. Located in the old schoolhouse, it’s been open to the public since 1974. It welcomes visitors Monday through Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm during summer months and from Wednesday to Sunday in winter.

Adults pay $8, seniors $7, and children aged 6-17 pay $5 for admission. Kids under 5 enter free of charge. This museum offers a unique glimpse into the lives of early settlers with its collection of pioneer clothing, historic tools, and artifacts from Grand County’s past.

Visitors get an up-close look at how pioneers lived and worked in Rocky Mountain National Park’s neighboring areas. The museum showcases everything from early farming equipment to clothing that brave men and women wore as they built their lives in the wild terrain surrounding Hot Sulphur Springs and beyond.

It tells stories of resilience and adventure that shaped this part of Colorado into what it is today.

Byers Canyon

Byers Canyon offers stunning views of the Colorado River and dramatic cliffs. This scenic canyon, located near Hot Sulphur Springs, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

The rugged terrain and diverse wildlife make it a captivating destination for hikers and bird watchers. Rated 5.0 of 5 bubbles, Byers Canyon impresses travelers with its breathtaking vistas and geological wonders.

The canyon features spectacular rock formations, including volcanic rocks that are over a billion years old. This geological legacy provides an excellent opportunity to explore the area’s ancient history while taking in the natural beauty surrounding it.

Whether you’re into outdoor adventures or simply appreciating nature’s majesty from afar, Byers Canyon promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Winter Park

Winter Park is renowned as the Mountain Bike Capital USA™ with over 600 miles of trails. The area hosts the Winter Park Jazz Festival and other exciting events. Activities in this charming town include alpine slide, tubing, sledding, ice skating, dog sled tours, sleigh rides, hayrides, hot-air balloon rides, and horseback riding.

Accommodations & Lodging in Hot Sulphur Springs

A luxurious outdoor tent with hot spring views and a bustling atmosphere in nature.

Discover cozy camping sites nestled in the scenic wilderness. Immerse yourself in luxurious stays with access to natural hot springs, offering a perfect retreat after a day of adventures.


Pioneer Park offers first-come, first-served RV and tent sites for camping. Arapaho National Forest allows dispersed car camping. Winter enthusiasts can enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Hot Sulphur Days even hosts community barbecues and live-music performances.

Hotels and resorts with access to hot springs

Hot Sulphur Springs offers a range of accommodations with access to relaxing hot springs. Here are some options:

  1. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa: Featuring 6 room/suites with amenities including hot tub, kitchenette, and mountain views. The resort boasts 20 natural hot spring pools and offers massages with complimentary all-day passes.
  2. Camping: Enjoy the outdoors by staying at nearby campgrounds offering easy access to the town’s hot springs.
  3. Hotels and Resorts: Several options in the area provide convenient access to the rejuvenating hot springs, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay for visitors.
  4. Dean Public House: This charming lodging option provides a cozy atmosphere and easy access to the town’s renowned hot springs.
  5. Mountain Blue Sky Resort: A peaceful retreat offering delightful accommodations and close proximity to the famous sulphur springs for a truly tranquil experience.

Exploring the Best Small Towns in Colorado and Beyond

Discover quaint mountain villages nestled in the Colorado Rockies. Immerse yourself in the small-town charm of Grand County, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage.

Special Events & Activities in Hot Sulphur Springs

Here’s what you can look forward to in Hot Sulphur Springs:

  1. Hot Sulphur Days celebration – June.
  2. Various activities: pie-baking contest, community barbecues, live music, fireworks, 6K trail run, botany walk, free carnival, town parade.

Fall activities

Fall Activities in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO:

  1. Enjoy the stunning fall colors of aspen trees and cottonwoods in Grand County.
  2. Witness the fascinating elk bugling in Kawuneeche Valley during September.
  3. Venture into Middle Park area for thrilling big-game hunting.
  4. Experience the delightful winter sports at Winter Park Resort with mountain biking on 30 trails and lifts open through September.

Explore these engaging fall activities for an unforgettable experience in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado!

Winter sports

Winter sports in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO are a must-try. Here’s our detailed guide to the best winter activities for you:

  1. Skiing and snowboarding at nearby ski resorts like Winter Park and Breckenridge.
  2. Snowshoeing through Mount Blue Sky’s picturesque trails.
  3. Ice fishing on Grand Lake or Cascade for a unique winter angling experience.
  4. Joining the annual Hot Sulphur Springs Winter Carnival for exciting sledding and tubing adventures.

Explore these exhilarating winter sports options when visiting Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado!

Summer adventures

Summer adventures in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO are full of outdoor fun and exploration. We have compiled a list of exciting activities to make the most of your visit:

  1. Hiking: Enjoy scenic trails through lush forests and alongside rushing rivers in the warm summer sun.
  2. Fishing: Cast your line into pristine mountain streams and tranquil lakes for a chance to reel in a variety of trout species.
  3. Mountain Biking: Traverse thrilling mountain terrain on well-maintained trails designed for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.
  4. Disc-Golf: Challenge friends or family to a round of disc-golf amid breathtaking mountain views at the 18-hole course within Pioneer Park.
  5. Camping: Spend nights under the starry sky at one of the scenic campgrounds, surrounded by nature’s peaceful serenity.
  6. Byers Canyon: Explore the rugged beauty of Byers Canyon, where the Colorado River winds through stunning rock formations and lush valleys.
  7. Whitewater Rafting: Embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey down the nearby Colorado River for an unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking scenery.

All year round attractions

Hot Sulphur Springs boasts a variety of year-round attractions. Experience the following:

  1. Outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and fishing.
  2. Enjoying the 23 pools at Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa.
  3. Exploring Pioneer Village Museum.
  4. Taking in the scenic views of Byers Canyon.
  5. Delving into Winter Park activities, from skiing to snowshoeing.
  6. Camping amidst natural beauty.
  7. Unwinding in hotels and resorts with access to hot springs.
  8. Attending special events and fall activities in Hot Sulphur Springs.
  9. Participating in winter sports such as snowmobiling and ice skating.
  10. Embarking on summer adventures like rafting down the Colorado River.
  11. Exploring nearby attractions such as Grand County and the Arapaho National Forest.
  12. Discovering ghost towns and historic sites near Hot Sulphur Springs for a glimpse into Colorado’s past.
  13. Planning your trip with tips from fellow travelers while exploring this picturesque town!

Explore the Surrounding Area

Excursions to nearby attractions

When you’re ready to venture beyond Hot Sulphur Springs, here are some nearby attractions:

  1. Explore Grand County’s scenic trails and lush forests, perfect for hiking and wildlife spotting.
  2. Embark on a historic journey at the Pioneer Village Museum to uncover the stories of Colorado’s past.
  3. Discover the captivating beauty of Arapaho National Forest with its diverse landscapes and outdoor recreation opportunities.
  4. Experience the thrill of white-water rafting along the stunning Colorado River.
  5. Uncover the time-honored heritage of ghost towns near Hot Sulphur Springs for a glimpse into the region’s history.
  6. Enjoy scenic drives through Gore Canyon and towards Vail Mountain, immersing yourself in breathtaking mountain vistas.

Each attraction promises an enriching experience immersed in nature, culture, and adventure.

Grand County

Grand County, located in the Colorado high country, is home to remarkable natural beauty and a wealth of outdoor activities. With five towns including Winter Park and Kremmling, it offers diverse options for exploring the great outdoors.

From kayaking and paddleboarding on Grand Lake to horseback riding at dude ranches, this county beckons with an array of experiences for nature enthusiasts. Whether you are drawn to the tranquility of smaller towns or seeking adventure in the heart of untouched wilderness, Grand County has something memorable for everyone.

Venturing into Grand County provides an opportunity to encounter historical locations like Hot Sulphur Springs – renowned for its geothermal springs and pioneer heritage. Additionally, embarking on excursions near this area unveils stunning features such as Arapaho National Forest and Colorado River that add depth to your vacation experience.

This captivating locale promises unforgettable moments amongst diverse landscapes and recreational pursuits while opening a door towards discovering hidden gems within its boundaries.

Arapaho National Forest

Arapaho National Forest covers 723,744 acres in Grand and Clear Creek counties. It boasts six officially designated wilderness areas, offering a range of activities such as hunting, fishing, off-roading, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

The forest provides various camping options including dispersed camping, group camping, RV camping, and campground camping. With its vast expanse and diverse offerings for outdoor enthusiasts all year round — from summer hikes to winter sports — Arapaho National Forest is an ideal destination for those seeking adventure in the heart of nature.

Colorado River

The Colorado River offers gold medal trout fishing. You can enjoy an Upper Colorado River float tour for $94 per adult or take an inflatable kayak excursion at the same price. For a thrilling adventure, try whitewater rafting on the Upper Colorado River ranging from $70 to $94 per adult.

Ghost Towns and Historic Sites Near Hot Sulphur Springs

Near Hot Sulphur Springs, you can explore several ghost towns and historic sites including:

  1. Lulu City: Offering a peek into the area’s mining history.
  2. Gaskill: A nearby ghost town to uncover unique historical remnants.
  3. Williams Fork Ghost Town site: An opportunity to step back in time and witness a piece of history.
  4. Byers Canyon Historic District: Showcasing a scenic railroad route and numerous historic sites that captivate with their rich heritage.

Planning Your Trip to Hot Sulphur Springs

Ready to plan your trip to Hot Sulphur Springs? You can find tips, reviews from other travelers, and contact information for local businesses and organizations. Plus, we have additional resources available for you to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip!

Additional Information & Resources

For more details about Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, you can visit the Town Hall at 513 Aspen Street, CO 80451 or contact them by phone at (970) 725-3933.

The website for further information and resources is Don’t forget to check out local visitor centers and travel guides for tailored recommendations when planning your trip.

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of the area’s rich history, consider visiting the Pioneer Village Museum and engaging with locals to get firsthand insights into the town’s heritage.

For outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore activities like hiking, fishing, or visiting hot springs in neighboring towns such as Glenwood Springs or Winter Park, rely on authoritative sources like national parks websites or tourist offices for detailed guidance.

When it comes to accommodations and lodging options in Hot Sulphur Springs while embarking on your adventure – whether camping under the stars in Grand County or checking into hotels with access to hot springs – trusted travel platforms offer meticulous reviews from real visitors that can aid in tailoring your experience.

Tips and reviews from travelers

Travelers have described the hot springs resort and spa as a popular and relaxing destination, but some reviews mention crowded pools. Many visitors recommend this spot for fishing, hiking, and Frisbee golf.

Contact information for local businesses and organizations

For information about local businesses, such as opening hours and available services, you can contact the Hot Sulphur Springs Town Hall. You can visit them at 513 Aspen Street or reach out by phone at (970) 725-3933.

If you’re looking for a particular service in the area, whether it’s related to outdoor activities or accommodations, these contacts could provide insightful assistance on your exploration journey.

Remember that Town Hall might have additional resources and information regarding the surrounding towns and attractions if needed.

Things To Do In Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado Conclusion

Discover Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado – an ideal retreat for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike. With its mineral-rich pools, diverse outdoor activities at Pioneer Park, and intriguing spots like the Pioneer Village Museum, this small town is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Don’t miss out on the special events such as Hot Sulphur Days celebration in June! Whether it’s soaking in natural hot springs or delving into local history, there’s something for everyone in Hot Sulphur Springs.

Start planning your visit now to uncover the secrets of this captivating destination.

Things To Do In Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado FAQs

1. What can we do in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado?

In Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, we can relax in the natural sulfur springs that give this place its name. These healing waters are perfect for a day of relaxation. Besides soaking in the spas, there’s plenty to explore around town and the nearby areas like Steamboat Springs and Estes Park.

2. Is Hot Sulphur Springs close to Denver?

Yes, it is! Just a couple of hours’ drive from Denver, making it an easy getaway for us city folks looking for some peace and quiet in nature… It’s close enough for a day trip but far enough to feel like an adventure.

3. Are there activities for outdoor lovers near Hot Sulphur Springs?

Absolutely! Aside from enjoying the soothing sulfur pools, we can venture out to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre for some hiking or catch a concert under the stars… There’s also Steamboat Springs and Estes Park nearby with their own set of adventures waiting – think hiking trails, wildlife spotting, and more!

4. Can families enjoy visiting Hot Sulphur Springs?

Definitely! Families will find lots to do here – from relaxing together in the warm mineral-rich waters of the springs to exploring all that this area has to offer… Think about picnics with breathtaking views or educational trips where we learn about local history; there’s something here for everyone.

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