Discover Exciting Activities In Lanesboro Minnesota

Things To Do In Lanesboro Minnesota

We all know the feeling—eager for a new adventure but not sure where to head next. That’s how we stumbled upon Lanesboro, Minnesota, a gem tucked away with its scenic 60-mile Root River State Trail and more.

Let us guide you through this quaint town’s plethora of activities that promise an unforgettable getaway. Time to pack your bags!

Key Takeaways

  • Lanesboro, Minnesota, features the 60-mile scenic Root River Trail and offers outdoor activities like biking, kayaking, tubing, hiking at Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park, and trout fishing.
  • Visitors can enjoy local dining with fresh baked pies from Aroma Pie Shoppe, dinner at Juniper’s Restaurant, and shop downtown for unique finds like Spring Grove Soda and Norsland Lefse.
  • The town is rich in arts and culture with opportunities to see performances at Commonweal Theatre Company, explore art at Lanesboro Arts, and learn history at the Lanesboro Historical Museum.
  • Unique outdoor attractions include river tubing on the Root River, exploring an abandoned town in Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park, tasting craft beer at Sylvan Brewing within a historic feed mill.
  • Big Springs Farm offers a fall experience with a corn maze and pumpkin patch while Little River General Store supports outdoor adventures with bike rentals for exploring surrounding natural beauty.

Things To Do In Lanesboro Minnesota – Explore the Natural Surroundings

Things To Do In Lanesboro Minnesota - A colorful kayak floats on the serene Root River surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant wildflowers.

Lanesboro, Minnesota offers a variety of outdoor activities. The scenic Root River Trail is perfect for biking; explore it and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.

After biking, try kayaking or tubing on the Root River for an exhilarating experience on the water.

Bike the Root River Trail

We love biking the Root River Trail for its stunning views and easy rides. This trail stretches 42 miles through beautiful Minnesota towns like Fountain, Lanesboro, Whalan, Peterson, Rushford, and Houston.

It’s perfect for anyone wanting to see bluff country up close. The trailconnects to Harmony-Preston Valley state bike path system too. That adds another 18 miles of scenic paths.

The ride takes you past 300-foot limestone cliffs, dense forests, rolling fields and alongside the river itself. It’s a great way to spend an outdoorsy day any time of year. In winter, the trail is also popular for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Kayak or Tube on the Root River

We set off on the Root River with either kayaks or tubes, thanks to Root River Outfitters. With over 30 years of experience, this family-owned business makes sure we all have a blast.

They offer kayak, tubing, and canoe rentals for everyone wanting to enjoy the water. For those of us looking to float without a care, tube rentals are ready to go on a walk-in basis.

Kids as young as five can join in on the fun too.

The last chance to grab a tube and hit the river is at 2 PM – perfect timing for soaking up the sun and enjoying the gentle flow of the Root River Valley. Plus, if we bring friends or family along, we can save some cash with group packages offering discounted rates.

This adventure down the river lets us see Lanesboro’s beauty from an entirely different angle – right from its heart.

Go Hiking at Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

We love exploring Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park for its 17 miles of hiking trails. These paths take us through stunning scenery, from thick woods to open fields. The park is home to blue ribbon trout streams and a village from the 1800s that has been brought back to life.

Hikers can also join guided tours to see Mystery Cave, where modern lighting and walkways make the underground world accessible.

The park asks for a small fee – $7 for a day or up to $35 for an annual pass, with discounts available. This small cost supports the maintenance of this beautiful area, including the cave state park’s unique features.

Here, we find adventure underground in Mystery Comment Cave or enjoy peaceful walks alongside nature’s finest views above ground.

Trout Fishing

Trout fishing in Lanesboro, Minnesota offers a thrilling experience. The Root River boasts 12 designated trout streams within 20 minutes of the resort, ensuring ample opportunities for anglers.

Additionally, with guided tours provided by Root River Rod Co., both beginners and seasoned anglers can enjoy the tranquility of casting their lines into these pristine waters.

Things To Do In Lanesboro Minnesota – Enjoy Local Dining and Shopping

Indulge in homemade pies at a local bakery, savor exquisite dining experiences at Juniper’s Restaurant, and peruse charming shops downtown – all adding to the appeal of Lanesboro. Ready for more details?

Fresh Baked Pies

We found a gem for pie lovers at Aroma Pie Shoppe in Whalan. The shop offers a delectable variety of flavors, from classic apple to sumptuous pecan, and the perennial favorite, strawberry rhubarb.

Prices are reasonable too! A slice will set you back $6.50 while a whole pie is priced at $30 – definitely worth the splurge when you’re craving something sweet on your Lanesboro escape.

With an impressive 187 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor, this is one spot not to miss during your visit to Lanesboro.

With such delicious offerings, make sure that you don’t miss out on visiting this quaint little pie haven situated at 618 Main St, Whalan.

Dining at Juniper’s Restaurant

Juniper’s Restaurant, owned by Chef Tyler Shipton, offers an eclectic dining experience in Lanesboro. The menu features favorites such as smash burgers, the pasta of the moment, and a delightful mushroom soup.

It presents a unique blend of fast food and fine dining, catering to families and date nights alike. With Executive Chef Tyler at the helm, reservations are highly recommended for dinner service due to its popularity among locals and tourists.

The restaurant prides itself on offering a relaxed yet upscale setting where guests can enjoy delectable dishes prepared with meticulous attention to detail… using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

This adds both flavor and sustainability to the culinary experience while contributing towards supporting local farmers and businesses. Juniper’s provides a taste of Lanesboro’s charm along with its top-notch gastronomic offerings that visitors shouldn’t miss out on during their visit.

Shopping Downtown

Downtown Lanesboro offers delightful shopping experiences, including E2 Boutique and Stone Mill Clothing & Gifts. Here, you can find trendy fashions and handcrafted items to elevate your wardrobe or bring home as souvenirs.

Treasures on the Trail is another gem where you can explore a variety of artisan goods, making it an ideal spot for picking up unique treasures and supporting local craftspeople. Don’t miss out on the Lanesboro Farmers Market either; it’s the perfect place to grab fresh local produce, canned goods, and other artisanal delights.

At these stops, we encountered Spring Grove Soda – ranked as one of Minnesota’s best craft sodas – along with Norsland Lefse at a full-service grocery store in town. These treats are just a few examples of what makes downtown shopping in Lanesboro so special.

Things To Do In Lanesboro Minnesota – Experience the Arts and Culture

Immerse in local theater at the Commonweal Theatre Company and discover various forms of art at Lanesboro Arts.

Explore historical exhibits at the Lanesboro Historical Museum, providing insights into the town’s rich heritage.

Commonweal Theatre Company

The Commonweal Theatre Company has thrilled audiences for 30 years. In 2017, it received the Minnesota Nonprofit Award for Excellence. The theatre focuses on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Their new $3.5 million facility opened in July 2007 with a 200-seat house.

This esteemed theatre company is renowned for delighting audiences for over three decades. It was honored with the Minnesota Nonprofit Award for Excellence in 2017 and emphasizes equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Lanesboro Arts

When visiting Lanesboro, make sure to explore the vibrant arts scene at Lanesboro Arts. This organization is known for its year-round programming that includes art galleries and events like Art in the Park.

It has also received recognition from prestigious institutions such as ArtPlace America, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Bush Prize for Community Innovation. Their commitment to promoting economic and community development through the arts is truly commendable.

Moreover, their Artist Residency Program and involvement in elementary schools showcase their dedication to fostering creativity within local communities.

By integrating historical background where relevant, we can appreciate how Lanesboro Arts has made a significant impact on the town’s cultural landscape. So next time you’re in Lanesboro, don’t miss out on immersing yourself in this enriching artistic experience offered by Lanesboro Arts.

Lanesboro Historical Museum

The Lanesboro Historical Museum contains three floors of artifacts, including arts, crafts, textiles, fashion, and music. It’s open from April through October and features varying hours.

Additionally, it has a phone booth with stories and provides kids’ activities to spark their interest in history. Donations are encouraged to support the upkeep of this historical treasure in Lanesboro.

Things To Do In Lanesboro Minnesota – Unique Outdoor Activities

Explore the stunning nature at Big Springs Farm with its charming pumpkin patch and intricate corn maze. At Sylvan Brewing, savor a delightful blend of craft beer amidst the tranquility of Sustainable Dream Greenhouses.

River Tubing

River tubing on the Root River east of Lanesboro is a popular and refreshing outdoor activity that attracts both locals and tourists. Rental tubes are readily available for an enjoyable river float, allowing everyone to take in the picturesque surroundings at their own pace.

The town also hosts exciting outdoor events such as the Root River Triathlon, adding to the vibrant atmosphere around this leisurely water adventure.

Attracting those who seek nature’s embrace, river tubing provides a serene and rejuvenating experience amidst lush greenery. As we gear up our audience with all they need to know about this activity, let’s ensure they’re equipped with sun protection and ready for an easy-going day on the water.

Abandoned Town at Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

The state park houses the abandoned town of Forestville, a significant piece of Minnesota’s history. The Minnesota Historical Society meticulously restored part of this 1853-1910 town-site and transformed it into an educational tour.

Visitors can unlock the secrets of the past through costumed interpreters offering firsthand experience of life in the summer of 1899. Guided tours lead through scenic pools and cave formations, painting a vivid picture of what life was like during that era.

Sylvan Brewing and Sustainable Dream Greenhouses

Sylvan Brewing, the first brewery in Lanesboro for over 100 years, is housed in a historic feed mill. The brewery offers three distinctive beer types – “comfy,” “crafty,” and “a little bit crazy.” Visitors can experience unique beers that have garnered positive reviews for their craft and individuality.

Sustainable Dream Greenhouses provide an eco-friendly touch to the town’s landscape, offering a sustainable approach to agriculture with innovative greenhouse practices that support local produce.

Sylvan Brewing has revived the historical essence of brewing in Lanesboro while Sustainable Dream Greenhouses contribute to sustainable agriculture through innovative farming methods.

These spots offer engaging experiences for visitors exploring quieter and smaller towns like Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Big Springs Farm Pumpkins & Corn Maze

Located near Lanesboro, MN, Big Springs Farm is a family-owned attraction open on weekends and during MEA from Mid-September to Late October. Experience the fall spirit with a 10-acre corn maze and pick-your-own pumpkin patch.

The admission covers all activities and embraces green initiatives, making it an ideal destination for sustainable fun. Grab the chance to explore the enchanting farm atmosphere while indulging in eco-friendly entertainment options.

The cozy charm of Big Springs Farm Pumpkins & Corn Maze offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking unique seasonal adventures. Whether you’re interested in exploring the sprawling corn maze or selecting your own pumpkins, this farm promises a delightful escape into nature’s vibrant autumn beauty intertwined with ecological values.

Little River General Store

Located in Lanesboro, Minnesota, the Little River General Store offers a range of outdoor gear and supplies. You can find everything from Fuji hybrid and mountain bike rentals to Terra Trike recumbent rentals.

In addition, kids’ bikes, Tag-A-Longs, and Burley Child Carts are available for rent – perfect for family adventures. The store provides bike parking and accepts credit cards for convenience.

If you’re planning an outdoor excursion in the area, you’ll find all the necessary equipment and more at the Little River General Store on 105 Coffee St. So whether you’re hitting the Valley State Trail or exploring other natural attractions around Lanesboro, this is your go-to spot for gearing up and making the most of your adventure!

Discover More Charming Small Towns in Minnesota

Explore the quaint beauty of Grand Marais, located on Lake Superior’s North Shore, offering stunning views and outdoor activities. Wander through its art galleries, enjoy a treat at the local ice cream parlor or grab a bite at one of the cozy cafes.

Take in the scenic vistas of Stillwater; stroll along Main Street with unique boutiques and charming bistros while admiring historic architecture and panoramic river views. Step into Red Wing – visit the famous shoe manufacturing factory tour or hike Barn Bluff for breathtaking landscapes.

These small towns embody Minnesota’s charm, making them ideal destinations for tranquil getaways.

Travel back to days gone by in Winona – explore Garvin Heights Overlook for sweeping panoramas or take a boat ride down picturesque lakeside. Cross paths with legendary characters from literary history in Duluth; delve into its vibrant arts scene, savor delicious food at beloved eateries and relish natural wonders like Enger Park or Leif Erickson Park & Rose Garden.

Embrace serenity in Nisswa, flaunting idyllic shopping experiences amidst unbeatable lake views – perfect for leisurely strolls or relaxing lakeside retreats. Each town offers distinctive experiences to captivate curious travelers seeking authentic Midwestern charm.

Things To Do In Lanesboro Minnesota Conclusion

Get ready for an unforgettable trip to Lanesboro, Minnesota. With plenty of outdoor adventures, delightful dining spots, and captivating art experiences, there’s something for everyone here.

So pack your bags and start planning – Lanesboro awaits your arrival!

Things To Do In Lanesboro Minnesota FAQs

1. What are some top things to do in Lanesboro, Minnesota for a weekend getaway?

In Lanesboro, Minnesota, you can explore the state bike trail, visit the historic Lanesboro Stone Dam or enjoy delicious food at Pedal Pushers Cafe. These activities make it one of the best places for weekend getaways.

2. Can I find good food spots like Pedal Pushers Cafe in the Lanesboro area?

Yes! The Pedal Pushers Cafe is an excellent spot in the Lanesboro area known for its tasty dishes and warm atmosphere. It’s a must-visit on your tour of Lanesboro.

3. Is there any outdoor activity available in Lanesboro, Minnesota that involves biking?

Absolutely! You can rent a bike from River State Bike and take on the beautiful state bike trail which winds through picturesque landscapes around this charming town.

4. How is tourism in Lanesboro? Are there convenient accommodations like hotels available?

Lanesboro tourism thrives due to its rich history and natural beauty attracting visitors year-round. There are several comfortable hotels available catering to different budgets making it perfect for a weekend getaway.

5. Where can I buy items related to my trip to remember my time spent in lanesboro minnesota?

You’ll find various souvenirs online at that commemorate your memorable trip to this quaint small town.

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