Discover The Top Activities In Walker MN: Things To Do

Things To Do In Walker MN

Sometimes, finding new and exciting things to do can feel like a chore. We totally get it, because we’ve walked in those shoes too. That’s what led us to uncover the charms of Walker, MN—a place where the serene waters of Leech Lake meet the exhilarating vibes of Northern Lights Casino.

Let this guide be your compass to a treasure trove of must-try activities in Walker that promise entertainment for all. Get ready—you’re in for quite an adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • Walker, MN, is home to Leech Lake, famous for its sport fishing and over 200 miles of shoreline.
  • The Green Scene Farmer’s Market in Walker runs from June through September, offering live music and handcrafted goods.
  • Portage Brewing Company rebuilt after a fire in 2019 and now features unique beers in the Chippewa National Forest area.
  • Northern Lights Casino provides gaming and hotel accommodations at 6800 Y Frontage Rd NW, Walker.
  • The Heartland State Trail offers a scenic journey for hiking or biking across northern Minnesota forests.

Must-See Attractions in Walker, MN

Things To Do In Walker MN - A stunning sunset scene of Leech Lake with vibrant colors and silhouetted pine trees.

Walker, MN offers a variety of must-see attractions such as Leech Lake and the Green Scene Farmer’s Market. These places showcase the natural beauty and unique offerings of this small town in northern Minnesota.

Leech Lake

Leech Lake shines as the crown jewel of our lake area, known far and wide for its sport fishing. With over 200 miles of shoreline, this beautiful leech lake offers endless water sports opportunities.

We love sailing and boating here too. It’s not just about the fish; it’s a paradise for anyone craving the tranquility of clear waters under a vast Minnesota sky.

Exploring Leech Lake further reveals more than fishing spots and sunsets. Its surrounding trails stretch over 150 miles, inviting bikers, hikers, and explorers to venture through scenic byways that weave around Walker Bay and beyond.

The beauty around us in this part of Minnesota makes it easy to see why we call it home – every trail tells a story, every catch shares a tale.

Green Scene Farmer’s Market

We love visiting the Green Scene Farmer’s Market in Walker, MN. It’s at 617 Michigan Ave W and welcomes visitors from June through September. This place isn’t just a market; it’s an event where you can enjoy live acoustic music and explore handcrafted goods.

Each stall at the market is like stepping into a new world. You find local produce, unique crafts, and hear stories from Walker’s own people. There’s always something new to discover or someone friendly to chat with under the open sky.

Portage Brewing Company

Portage Brewing Company found a home in Walker’s first hospital building back in 2017. They quickly became a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Tragedy struck with a fire in 2019, but the community came together to help rebuild it stronger than before.

Now, they run a 10BBL brewhouse alongside a cozy wood cellar for small-scale fermentations.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, receiving high praise from beer enthusiasts far and wide. This brewery is not just about crafting unique beers; it’s also about embracing its roots within the Chippewa National Forest area and contributing to the vibrant culture of the leech lake area.

Whether you’re here for the history or the brews, Portose Brewing Company stands as a testament to resilience and community spirit in Walker, Minnesota.

Northern Lights Casino

Located at 6800 Y Frontage Rd NW, Walker, MN 56484-2123, Northern Lights Casino offers 105 rooms and a player’s club for potential room discounts. It has slot machines, table games, and a hotel with mixed reviews from Saint Paul.

The casino is an attraction for those seeking more than just scenic beauty in the area and provides diverse entertainment options.

Heartland State Trail

The Heartland State Trail spans 49 miles between Park Rapids and Cass Lake, MN. This multiple-use trail was one of the first rail-to-trail projects in the country and offers a scenic journey through northern hardwood forests and stands of pine.

The trail is perfect for hiking, cycling, or snowmobiling, providing an excellent opportunity to experience the natural beauty of this region.

It’s advisable to take a leisurely stroll or bike ride along the Heartland State Trail to immerse oneself in the picturesque surroundings.

Cass County Museum

The Cass County Museum, located at 205 Minnesota Avenue W, Walker, MN 56484, features a significant collection of Ojibway and Dakota beadwork. The museum opens from Memorial Day to Labor Day every Tuesday through Friday.

Admission rates are $9 for a family, $4 for adults, and $1 for children. It presents an enriching experience by showcasing the cultural heritage of the region with authentic artifacts.

This historical gem offers a fascinating insight into the indigenous history and traditions that shaped the area – providing an exceptional educational opportunity to learn about local culture and artistry firsthand.

Shingobee Recreation Area

Shingobee Recreation Area, merely 5 miles southwest of Walker, Minnesota, offers 6 miles of hiking/cross-country ski trails – perfect for an outdoor adventure. This lovely area also connects to the North Country National Scenic Trail, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and hikers alike.

As part of our journey to explore the quieter and smaller towns near Walker MN., Shingobee Recreation Area is a delightful spot offering picturesque trails and connections to significant national scenic routes.

Tianna Country Club

Tianna Country Club features a challenging golf course surrounded by the picturesque beauty of pine, maple, and oak trees. This renowned club has received an impressive 4.0 out of 5 bubbles rating from Missouri225 in September 2018.

The well-kept fairways and fast greens are among its notable highlights, offering golf enthusiasts a memorable experience on the course. It’s important to note that some repairs are needed for the cart paths due to erosion damage.

The country club situates itself as a must-visit location for those seeking a delightful round of golf amidst nature’s serene backdrop while also enjoying exceptional amenities such as engaging events and dining options available to complement the overall experience.

Christmas Point Wild Rice Co.

Located at 523 Minnesota Ave. W., Christmas Point Wild Rice Co. offers a wide variety of gifts, decor, and clothing. Open Monday through Saturday from 10-5, and Sunday from 11-4, it is a must-visit during your exploration of Walker, MN.

The store’s offerings make it an essential stop on any visit to the town – whether you are seeking unique local products or looking for distinctive gifts to take back home with you.

Paul, Ole, and Otto Statues

Paul, Ole, and Otto Statues stand in Adams Park. The statues are iconic, with Paul Bunyan being 18 feet tall and Babe the Blue Ox standing at 10 feet. In Akeley, Minnesota you can find the World’s Largest Paul Bunyan Statue.

On a related note, Otto the Otter statue is located in Fergus Falls.

Additionally, attendees have been welcomed by Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox since 1937…Each statue exudes its own charm that adds to these towns’ character – an essential stop for anyone visiting this region seeking to experience small-town Americana up close.

Things To Do In Walker MN – Outdoor Recreation

Explore the scenic trails for hiking and biking, enjoy a day of fishing on Leech Lake, or tee off at the Tianna Country Club. There’s so much more to discover in outdoor recreation!


The abundant waters of Leech Lake beckon to fishing enthusiasts, offering over 160 square miles of prime fishing spots. Known for being a premier destination for sport fishing, the lake is teeming with various species waiting to be reeled in.

Recent fishing reports for Leech Lake are readily available, ensuring that anglers are well-informed before casting their lines. For those seeking additional opportunities, the nearby Chippewa National Forest also provides ample lakes and rivers brimming with fish just waiting to bite.


Looking to tee off amidst stunning natural beauty? Walker, MN offers top-notch golfing experiences for enthusiasts. Tianna Country Club, LongBow Golf Club, and Moonlight Bay Golf Course are popular destinations here.

Tianna Country Club has been a favorite for over 95 years.

Hit the greens at these striking courses and soak in the serene surroundings. Whether you’re an avid golfer or just seeking a leisurely round, the scenic views and welcoming community enhance your golfing experience.

Join us as we explore the lush fairways of this charming region.

Tee off against picturesque backdrops while enjoying Minnesota’s warm hospitality – it’s truly an unforgettable golfing adventure!

Hiking and Biking Trails

Explore over 120 miles of scenic paved trails on Paul Bunyan State Recreational Trail, perfect for biking and hiking enthusiasts. The Heartland Trail offers a 49-mile stretch between Park Rapids and Cass Lake for an equally captivating outdoor experience.

Additionally, the Shingobee Connection Trail seamlessly links these two trail systems, providing endless opportunities to immerse ourselves in the breathtaking natural surroundings.

Test your endurance and relish the serene beauty of Walker’s outdoors on these meticulously maintained trails. Whether it’s exploring new terrains or soaking up stunning vistas, we can savor every moment whilst traversing these expansive paths that epitomize Minnesota’s wilderness.

Immerse yourself in nature along these interconnected pathways – an inviting prospect for any outdoor enthusiast seeking adventure and tranquility among the picturesque landscapes of Walker, MN.

Let’s embrace this opportunity to delve into the heart of our cherished local countryside scenic byway on foot or wheels!

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing at Leech Lake is a popular winter activity. The area offers rental equipment, making it easy for us to enjoy ice fishing without buying our gear. Leech Lake provides ample opportunities for ice fishing during the winter vacation season.

Water Sports

Water sports in Walker, MN offer an array of activities to revel in. Stand-up paddleboarding is a hit among visitors seeking a tranquil experience on the water, while fishing charters are popular for those aiming to reel in a big catch.

Leech Lake caters to boating enthusiasts with boat tours and readily available opportunities for water sports activities. At Walker City Park, accessible docks make it easy for everyone to embark on their water sports adventure.

For those seeking an extraordinary experience, night tours on the water are available through various tour operators – perfect for soaking up the mesmerizing natural beauty under the stars.

Would you like more insight about our thrilling boating excursions or perhaps details about chartering a fishing trip?

Things To Do In Walker MN – Shopping and Dining

Discover unique local boutiques and stores, along with farmer’s markets and a variety of dining options that cater to different tastes. To find out more about these charming shopping and dining experiences in Walker, MN, continue reading the full blog post.

Local Boutiques and Stores

When exploring Walker, MN, we discovered charming local boutiques and stores that offer unique finds. These include:

  1. Peculiar Painter – featuring original artwork, pottery, and jewelry.
  2. Christmas Point Wild Rice Co. – a popular store offering food items and rustic decor.
  3. Upscale boutique items available for shoppers to enjoy.

Farmer’s Markets

We’re excited to introduce you to the vibrant farmer’s markets around Walker, MN. These markets boast a wide array of local produce and handcrafted goods. Check out what these bustling farmer’s markets have to offer:

  1. The Walker Community Farmer’s Market hosts over 30 weekly vendors, creating a delightful bustle of activity for visitors.
  2. Amidst the lively atmosphere, the market features live music and engaging activities that cater to all ages.
  3. You can experience this lively market from June 6, 2024, to September 26, 2024.
  4. Notably, the market participates in the Hunger Solutions Market Bucks Program, offering an opportunity for visitors to contribute to a great cause while enjoying fresh produce and local crafts.
  5. From freshly-picked fruits and vegetables to handmade crafts and unique artisanal products, these bustling markets provide an authentic glimpse into the local culture and community spirit of Walker, MN.
  6. Visitors can immerse themselves in the delightful hustle and bustle while exploring these charming local markets.

Unique Dining Options

Looking for unique dining options in Walker, MN? Here’s a list of must-visit spots, offering a diverse culinary experience:

  1. The Boulders: Known for its diverse array of dinner entrees.
  2. Cafe Zona Rosa: Offers Southwest cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds.
  3. The Village Square: Famous for its breakfast pizza that is a local favorite.
  4. Bayside Bar & Grill: Boasts a large local tap selection to accompany your meal.

These dining establishments offer an array of delectable dishes, ensuring a memorable culinary experience during your visit to Walker, MN.

Discovering the Charm of Small Towns Near Walker, MN

Small towns near Walker, MN offer a delightful peek into authentic American life. These places boast quaint main streets with unique shops, charming cafes, and historic architecture.

The surrounding landscapes are picturesque, featuring rolling hills, lush forests, and serene lakes and rivers. This setting provides an ideal backdrop for leisurely strolls or capturing stunning photographs of the surrounding natural beauty.

In these small towns near Walker, Minnesota – commonly referred to as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” – visitors can experience an escape from urban hustle while immersing themselves in the rich cultural tapestry that defines these areas.

With their idyllic charm and captivating scenery, these small towns are perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst rustic allure.

Upcoming Events in Walker, MN

Get ready for a variety of upcoming events in Walker, MN. Festivals, live music concerts, art exhibitions, and family-friendly activities await your participation.


The vibrant town of Walker, MN, hosts a variety of exciting festivals throughout the year. From the Rock ‘N Roll event at Moondance in July to the Leech Lake Regatta in August and the Art Fair at the Winery also in August, there’s something for everyone.

These festivals provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture while enjoying live music, art exhibitions, and family-friendly activities. With a range of events year-round, there’s always something new and engaging happening in our charming small town.

If you’re seeking more than just exploration when visiting Walker, MN Area – unlock the secrets of these upcoming festivals by joining us during these dates: July 20-22; August 12-14; August 19.

Concerts and Live Music

Looking for live music in Walker, MN? You’re in luck. The town hosts concerts and festivals that appeal to a variety of musical tastes. Coming up, you can catch Rodney Carrington, Ryan Stevenson, and The Dweebs.

Plus, nearby festivals like Moondance Jam and The Lakes Bluegrass Festival offer even more options for enjoying some tunes. Whether you prefer rock, country scenic byway or bluegrass melodies – there’s something for everyone here.

If you need personalized concert recommendations based on your musical preferences or artists you enjoy – we’ve got you covered! Let’s make your visit to Walker memorable with some lively tunes!

Art Exhibitions

Art enthusiasts in Walker, MN can explore a diverse array of art exhibitions that add cultural richness to the experience. Circle of Time and Peculiar Painter are two prominent art destinations showcasing talent in various visual arts.

Additionally, galleries and art centers in the area routinely feature local artists’ work, providing an immersive artistic experience for visitors seeking creative inspiration. The Cass County Museum & Research Center is another potential venue where captivating art exhibitions may take place, enhancing the town’s vibrant cultural scene.

Walker, MN hosts numerous local events that include art exhibitions and showcases, offering compelling opportunities to interact with regional creativity. Widening the appeal for visitors from different age groups, these showcases contribute significantly to the town’s flourishing arts culture and offer unique insights into its creative community.

Family-Friendly Activities

Looking for family-friendly activities in Walker, MN? The area offers a variety of options to keep everyone entertained. Immerse the kids in history at Cass County Museum and Pioneer School or head to Leech Lake for horseback riding, canoe adventures, and sailing charters.

For outdoor fun, try Shingobee Canoe Adventures and Sailing Daze. Plus, there’s a range of recreational activities like golf, fishing, biking, hiking, boating – even winter sports if you’re visiting during colder months! Family adventure awaits!

Discover memorable moments with your loved ones as you explore the charms of Walker with family-friendly activities that cater to both young and old. Whether it’s delving into local history at Cass County Museum & Pioneer School or creating cherished memories on an outdoor escapade at Leech Lake with its array of water-based activities – there is something for every member of the family!

Things To Do In Walker MN Conclusion

In conclusion, Walker, MN is a haven for those seeking outdoor adventures and small-town charm. There are numerous attractions to explore, including Leech Lake, where visitors can enjoy fishing charters and stand-up paddleboarding.

The area also offers unique dining experiences at local boutiques and farmer’s markets. With upcoming events like festivals and live music, there’s always something exciting happening in Walker.

So, come join us in discovering the delightful activities this picturesque town has to offer!

Things To Do In Walker MN FAQs

1. What are some top activities to do in Walker, Minnesota?

Walker, Minnesota is known for its state park and breweries among other attractions. You can explore the natural beauty of the state park or enjoy a local brew at one of the town’s breweries.

2. Can I visit a brewery when I’m in Walker, MN?

Yes! In fact, visiting local breweries is one of the popular activities in Walker MN. It’s an excellent way to taste locally crafted beers and learn about their brewing process.

3. Is there a state park near Walker, MN that I can visit?

Absolutely! The state park near Walker, Minnesota offers numerous outdoor activities such as hiking trails, picnic spots and wildlife viewing areas that you can enjoy during your stay.

4. What makes visiting Walker, Minnesota so special?

Walker has a unique blend of natural beauty from its state parks and historical context with local breweries offering rich tastes of craft beer – making it an exciting destination for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation.

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