Ultimate Guide To Fun Activities In Bandon Oregon

Things To Do In Bandon Oregon

Are you searching for exciting things to do in Bandon, Oregon? Trust me, I know the feeling of struggling to find fun activities in a new place. My family and I have explored this charming coastal town inside and out, doing the legwork to uncover its hidden gems.

Let me share our insider guide to show you the best spots, from scenic beaches where we’ve watched stunning sunsets to local art galleries where we’ve chatted with talented artists.

Ready to discover Bandon’s secrets like a local? I can’t wait to help you fall in love with this special place just like we did.

Key Takeaways

  • Bandon, Oregon offers scenic viewpoints like Face Rock and Coquille Point, as well as art galleries and museums showcasing local talent and history.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like beachcombing, hiking, and fishing at state parks and wildlife refuges such as Bullards Beach State Park and Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Unique attractions include Circles in the Sand beach labyrinths, the historic Coquille River Lighthouse, and Cranberry Sweets & More store, which offers over 200 types of chocolates.
  • Visitors can reach Bandon by flying into nearby airports like Portland (PDX) or Eugene (EUG), or by taking a scenic drive along Highway 101.
  • The town provides diverse accommodation options, from hotels and vacation rentals to camping sites, and features local eateries serving fresh seafood and regional specialties.

Top Activities in Bandon, Oregon

Things To Do In Bandon Oregon - A colorful kite flies high over Bandon's iconic sea stacks against a clear blue sky.

Bandon, Oregon offers a wealth of activities for visitors. We’ve rounded up the top things to do in this charming coastal town.

Explore scenic viewpoints

We love exploring Bandon’s scenic viewpoints – they’re truly breathtaking. Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint offers stunning 5-star sunset views over the Pacific. It’s a perfect spot to end our day, watching the sky light up in vibrant hues.

Coquille Point, another 5-star gem, features a bluff walk with stairs leading down to the beach. We enjoy strolling along the clifftop, taking in panoramic ocean vistas and spotting wildlife.

Beach Loop Drive is a must-do for us. This 5-mile tour winds along the coastline, revealing numerous viewpoints along the way. We often stop at Bandon State Park, rated 5 out of 5 bubbles by visitors.

Here, we marvel at unique rock formations, explore caves, and peek into tidepools teeming with marine life. The park’s rugged beauty and abundant wildlife make it a favorite spot for nature lovers like us.

Discover local art and history

Bandon’s art scene thrives with unique galleries and museums. We love exploring the Washed Ashore Gallery & Workshop, where ocean debris transforms into stunning sculptures. This 4.5-star attraction offers a powerful message about marine conservation through creativity.

Art enthusiasts can’t miss the Second Street Gallery, boasting a perfect 5-star rating. It showcases decorative arts and avant-garde works that capture Bandon’s artistic spirit.

For history buffs, the Bandon Historical Society Museum is a treasure trove. With a 4.5-star rating, it houses artifacts from former residents, telling the town’s story through personal items.

The Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio, another 4.5-star gem, displays works by local artists, giving visitors a taste of Bandon’s creative community. These spots offer a perfect blend of art and history, making our exploration of Bandon’s cultural scene rich and rewarding.

Visit state parks and wildlife refuges

We love exploring Bandon’s natural wonders. Bullards Beach State Park offers excellent hiking trails and a 4.5-star visitor experience. At Cape Arago State Park, we can wander along scenic paths, discover hidden beaches, and peek into fascinating tide pools teeming with marine life.

For bird enthusiasts, Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit spot, earning 4 out of 5 stars from travelers.

Shore Acres State Park dazzles us with its manicured gardens and breathtaking ocean views. During the holidays, it transforms into a magical wonderland with twinkling lights. We often find ourselves mesmerized by the Pacific from the park’s enclosed observation building.

For a deeper dive into local ecosystems, we head to South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. This vast 5,900-acre sanctuary provides crucial habitat for diverse birds, fish, and shellfish species.

Enjoy outdoor activities such as beachcombing, hiking, and fishing

We’ve found Bandon to be a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Beachcombing along the Pacific Ocean reveals treasures like agates, driftwood, and seashells. Hiking trails wind through Bullards Beach State Park, offering breathtaking views and chances to spot local wildlife.

For anglers, the Coquille River teems with opportunities. Keys To The Outdoors Guide Service and Prowler Charters provide expert fishing expeditions for both novices and seasoned fishermen.

Our favorite spots include the Coquille Point Interpretive Trail. It’s perfect for bird-watching and catching glimpses of harbor seals. The trail also offers insights into Native American history, adding depth to our outdoor adventures.

For those interested in crabbing, Port O’Call rents out all the necessary gear. These activities let us soak in the natural beauty of the southern Oregon coast while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of this charming small town.

Taste local cuisine and shop in Old Town Bandon

Old Town Bandon offers a feast for the senses. We love strolling through this charming district, sampling local flavors and browsing unique shops. Tony’s Crab Shack serves up fresh seafood, while Foley’s Irish Pub offers hearty fare with a Celtic twist.

For those with a sweet tooth, Coastal Mist Fine Chocolates & Desserts and Face Rock Creamery (rated 4.5 out of 5) are must-visits.

Shopping in Old Town Bandon is a treat. The area boasts local art galleries, wood carvings, and specialty stores. Cranberry Sweets & More (rated 4.5 out of 5) is a local gem, offering delicious fudge and candy.

As we explore, we often find ourselves captivated by the mix of coastal charm and artistic flair that defines this quaint Oregon town.

Must-Do Activities in Bandon, Oregon

Bandon, Oregon offers a wealth of experiences for visitors. Here are some must-do activities that capture the essence of this coastal gem.

Circles in the Sand

We love the Circles in the Sand experience in Bandon. This unique attraction features stunning beach circles and labyrinths created by artist Denny Dyke. He crafts the Dreamfield Labyrinth, a mesmerizing design etched into the sand.

Visitors can walk these intricate patterns year-round, with a packed schedule from May to September.

Circles in the Sand has earned perfect ratings from those who’ve tried it. All 35 reviewers gave it 5 out of 5 bubbles, praising its beauty and calming effect. It’s a must-see for anyone exploring Oregon’s coast, offering a peaceful break from the usual beach activities.

We think it’s an ideal spot for quiet reflection or a gentle stroll along the shore.

Things To Do In Bandon Oregon – Coquille River Lighthouse

We’ve got a real treat for lighthouse enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The Coquille River Lighthouse, built in 1891 and first lit in 1896, stands as a beacon of maritime history on the Oregon coast.

This historic landmark guided mariners through treacherous waters for decades before undergoing renovation in 1976. Now, it’s open for visitors to explore and even climb the tower, offering a glimpse into the past and stunning views of the surrounding area.

Our trip to Bandon wouldn’t be complete without a stop at this coastal gem. The lighthouse’s white exterior and red roof make for great photo ops, while its location at the mouth of the Coquille River provides a perfect backdrop for sunset watching.

It’s a testament to the area’s rich nautical heritage and a must-see spot for anyone interested in Oregon’s coastal history.

Bullards Beach State Park

Bullards Beach State Park offers a perfect escape for nature lovers. We love this park’s 4.5-star rating and its four-mile stretch of sandy beach. It’s a great spot for hiking, with trails winding through diverse coastal landscapes.

The park boasts nearly 200 campsites, including full hook-up and standard electric options, making it ideal for extended stays.

One of the park’s highlights is the Coquille River Lighthouse. We enjoy taking interpretive tours here, learning about the area’s maritime history. The lighthouse stands as a sentinel, offering stunning views of the coastline and serving as a reminder of Oregon’s rich coastal heritage.

Things To Do In Bandon Oregon – Cranberry Sweets & More Store

We love Cranberry Sweets & More Store in Bandon, Oregon. This sweet spot has been delighting taste buds since 1962 with over 200 types of chocolates. Locals and visitors alike give it high marks – 4.5 out of 5 bubbles from 153 reviews.

The store offers a candy wonderland, from rich fudge to sugar-free options for those watching their intake.

Our favorite part? The house-made treats. We can spend hours browsing the aisles, sampling unique flavors, and picking out gifts for friends back home. It’s a must-visit on any trip to the Oregon coast.

The friendly staff and cozy atmosphere make us feel right at home in this charming small town gem.

Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge offers a serene escape for nature lovers. Established in 1983, this sanctuary provides a vital stopover for tens of thousands of migrating shorebirds every spring and fall.

We can explore two public trails and viewing platforms, perfect for bird watching and enjoying the coastal scenery.

Our visits to this refuge are always rewarding. With a 4.0 out of 5 rating from visitors, it’s an easy stop along the Oregon coast. We often spot various bird species and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

The refuge’s importance to wildlife and its accessibility make it a must-see attraction in Bandon.

Exploring the Charm of Small Towns in Oregon (Including Bandon)

We love exploring Oregon’s small towns, each with its own unique charm. These quiet spots offer a glimpse into local life, away from big city hustle. Bandon, founded in 1873 by George Bennett, is a perfect example.

It boasts charming main streets, a strong community spirit, and stunning natural beauty. We’re always amazed by how these towns preserve their history while embracing modern touches.

Small Oregon towns like Bandon often surprise us with their hidden gems. For instance, Bandon produces 95% of Oregon’s cranberry crop – a fact we didn’t expect! The Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, rated 5.0 out of 5 bubbles, offers world-class golfing with breathtaking views.

These discoveries make our trips to places like Bandon, along Highway 101, truly special. We find joy in uncovering local art, tasting regional cuisine, and chatting with friendly residents who embody the warm spirit of these coastal communities.

Planning Your Trip to Bandon

Planning your trip to Bandon is easy and fun. We’ll guide you through the best ways to get here, where to stay, and what to eat.

How to get there

Getting to Bandon, Oregon is part of the adventure. We’ve got several options to help you reach this charming coastal town.

  1. Fly into Portland International Airport (PDX): From here, enjoy a scenic 4.5-hour drive along the Oregon coast. Take Interstate 5 south, then cut west on Highway 38 to reach Highway 101.
  2. Land at Eugene Airport (EUG): This option puts you closer, with a 2.5-hour drive to Bandon. Head west on Highway 126, then south on Highway 101.
  3. Arrive at Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in North Bend: The closest option, just a 30-minute drive from Bandon. Follow Highway 101 south for a quick and easy trip.
  4. Drive from Coos Bay: If you’re already on the Oregon coast, it’s a beautiful 51-mile journey south on Highway 101 to reach Bandon.
  5. Take a road trip: For those coming from further afield, plan a route that includes stops at other coastal gems like Siletz Bay or Cape Blanco.
  6. Use public transportation: Greyhound buses serve the area, stopping in nearby North Bend. From there, local shuttles can take you to Bandon.
  7. Join a guided tour: Some companies offer package deals that include transportation from major cities to Bandon and other coastal towns.
  8. Rent a car: This gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and visit nearby attractions like Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint.

Things To Do In Bandon Oregon – Accommodation options

Bandon offers a range of cozy lodgings for visitors seeking a peaceful coastal getaway. We’ve compiled a list of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets.

  • Hotels and Motels: Clean, comfortable rooms above average for typical hotels. Many offer ocean views and easy beach access.
  • Vacation Rentals: Fully furnished homes and condos for a home-away-from-home experience. Perfect for families or groups.
  • Bandon Dunes Golf Resort: Luxurious lodging with a variety of options, from single rooms to four-bedroom cottages. Ideal for golf enthusiasts.
  • Bullards Beach State Park: Nearly 200 full hook-up and standard electric sites for RV and tent camping. Great for outdoor lovers on a budget.
  • Bed and Breakfasts: Charming, locally-owned inns providing personalized service and homemade breakfasts. A hit with couples seeking romance.
  • Oceanfront Resorts: Upscale accommodations with stunning views of the Pacific. Many feature on-site restaurants and spas.
  • Pet-Friendly Options: Several hotels and vacation rentals welcome four-legged family members. Check individual policies for details.

Best places to eat

We’ve scoured Bandon’s culinary scene to bring you the best dining spots. Our top picks offer a mix of local flavors, fresh seafood, and cozy atmospheres perfect for those seeking a quieter coastal experience.

  1. Tony’s Crab Shack: A local favorite serving up fresh seafood dishes. Their crab cakes and clam chowder are must-tries for any visitor.
  2. Bonfire Mexican Grill: Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine with a coastal twist. The fish tacos and margaritas are crowd-pleasers.
  3. Foley’s Irish Pub: A charming spot for hearty pub fare and a pint of Guinness. The fish and chips here are some of the best on the Oregon coast.
  4. Coastal Mist Fine Chocolates & Desserts: Satisfy your sweet tooth with artisanal chocolates and decadent desserts. Their hot chocolate flights are a unique treat.
  5. Cranberry Sweets: Rated 4.5 out of 5 bubbles, this shop offers delicious fudge and candy. Don’t miss their cranberry-infused treats, a nod to Bandon’s famous crop.
  6. Face Rock Creamery: Another 4.5 out of 5 bubbles destination, known for its delicious ice cream. Sample their award-winning cheeses for a savory option.

Things To Do In Bandon Oregon Conclusion

Bandon, Oregon captivates visitors with its diverse attractions. From stunning beaches to charming galleries, this coastal gem offers something for everyone. Nature lovers can explore wildlife refuges, while history buffs delve into local lore at museums and lighthouses.

Foodies savor fresh seafood and artisanal treats in Old Town. Our guide showcases Bandon’s best, helping you create lasting memories in this Pacific Northwest paradise.

Things To Do In Bandon Oregon FAQs

1. What are the top things to do in Bandon, Oregon?

Visiting Bandon Beach is a must. It’s a gem on the coast of Oregon. Explore Bandon by the Sea, a charming coastal town. Fish for steelhead and trout in nearby rivers. Spot wildlife at popular Bandon locations.

2. Where can I find the best fishing spots near Bandon?

Anglers love the Rogue and Elk rivers. They’re prime spots for steelhead and trout. The coast offers great ocean fishing too. Local guides can show you the best spots.

3. Is Bandon, Oregon good for beach activities?

Absolutely! Bandon Beach is perfect for walks and picnics. You can collect seashells or watch the sunset. The coastline offers stunning views and photo ops. It’s a key part of visiting Bandon by the Sea.

4. When is the best time to visit Bandon, Oregon?

Summer is great for beach activities. Fall offers mild weather and fewer crowds. Winter brings storm watching and cozy indoor fun. Spring showcases beautiful wildflowers. Each season in Bandon has its charm.

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