Towns On Oregon Coast

Discover The Best Towns On The Oregon Coast: A Comprehensive Guide

Towns On Oregon Coast

Scouting out that ideal getaway along the Oregon Coast? Trust us, we get it. It’s not always a walk on the beach with over 20 charming towns each waving their own unique flag of allure.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and did some digging to help guide you through these coastal treasures by region, uncovering what stands out in each spot. Are you ready to dive into this adventure?

Key Takeaways

  • The Oregon Beach Bill of 1967 guarantees public access to all beaches along the coast, offering free exploration opportunities for everyone. This law enables visitors to enjoy various activities like building sandcastles in Cannon Beach, exploring tide pools near Coos Bay, or walking on less crowded beaches in the Southern Oregon Coast.
  • Towns across the entire stretch of the Oregon Coast each have their special offerings, from whale – watching in Depoe Bay and hiking trails around Cape Perpetua to historical sites such as the Peter Iredale shipwreck at Fort Stevens State Park. These towns present a mix of adventure, culture, and natural beauty suitable for all interests.
  • Northern Oregon Coast towns feature attractions such as Astoria’s maritime museums and Victorian – era architecture; Seaside’s nostalgic Promenade; Cannon Beach’s iconic Haystack Rock; and unique experiences like staying in an Airstream hotel park in Pacific City. Each town provides a distinct coastal vibe with plenty to do outdoors.
  • Central Oregon Coast offers scenic spots like Lincoln City’s seven – mile beach famous for its Finders Keepers glass float treasure hunt program; Depoe Bay known for whale watching; Newport’s rich maritime history showcased at its aquarium and historic districts; plus Yachats’ intimate appeal with proximity to majestic landmarks like Cape Perpetua.
  • Southern Oregon Coast is known for quieter towns that provide serene getaways with stunning natural beauty such as Gold Beach’s dramatic rock formations and Brookings’ variety of outdoor activities. These regions offer less crowded alternatives for those looking to explore nature’s wonders at a leisurely pace.

Why the Oregon Coast is The People’s Coast

The stunning Oregon coastline with crashing waves and rocky cliffs.

The Oregon Beach Bill of 1967 made a big change. It said that all the beaches along the coast are for everyone to use, without having to pay or be stopped. This law gives families, friends, and solo travelers alike the freedom to explore miles of sand, rock pools, and ocean waves at no cost.

Whether you’re building sandcastles in Cannon Beach, checking out tide pools near Coos Bay, or just enjoying a quiet walk along less crowded spots on the Southern Oregon Coast, these experiences belong to all.

Exploring towns from Astoria down to Brookings lets us see why people call it The People’s Coast. Each town has its own charm and history. From whale watching in Depoe Bay known as the whale-watching capital to hiking trails around Cape Perpetua and viewing historic sites like the Peter Iredale shipwreck at Fort Stevens State Park – there’s something special for everyone.

We don’t need special access or lots of money; our love for adventure is enough. The coast invites us with open arms to make memories on its shores any time we wish.

Northern Oregon Coast Towns and Cities

A young couple strolling along the beach with iconic Haystack Rock in the background.

Explore the charming coastal towns and cities of northern Oregon, each offering its own unique attractions and scenic beauty. From the historic waterfront city of Astoria to the picturesque beaches of Cannon Beach, there’s something for everyone along this stunning stretch of coastline.


Astoria sits at the northern tip of the Oregon coast, a perfect first stop for those driving from Portland or places in the Willamette Valley. This trip takes about 1.5 to 2 hours heading west toward the ocean along US-101.

The town offers a charming mix of history and nature, making it an attractive spot for travelers wanting to experience coastal life without the hustle.

This seaside community boasts attractions like maritime museums, cozy cafes by the water, and trails that showcase stunning views of where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors enjoy browsing local shops and dining on fresh seafood caught right off the coast. Astoria’s rich past as a trading post is still alive in its Victorian-era architecture and historical sites, inviting everyone to explore its unique story alongside breathtaking natural beauty.


We find Seaside a charming stop on our coast road trip. This town pulls you in with its mix of nostalgia and natural beauty. We love strolling down the Promenade, feeling the ocean breeze against our faces.

It’s like stepping back into a simpler time but with all the comforts of today.

Seaside Beach offers more than just sand and waves; it’s a place where families come together to enjoy picnics and games under the sun. After some beach time, we often head to Sisu Beer for a refreshing craft brew or indulge in some Sea Star Gelato that always hits the spot after a day outside.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach boasts charming coastal cottages, delightful storefronts, and a stunning beach dominated by the iconic Haystack Rock. Notably, Ecola State Park and Oswald West State Park offer fantastic hiking trails nearby.

While exploring this area, Hug Point State Park and Short Sands Beach are also well worth a visit for a picturesque seaside experience.


Manzanita-Nehalem is a serene and laid-back town nestled along the Oregon Coast. This charming destination boasts a relaxed, hippie/artsy vibe that attracts those seeking a quieter coastal experience.

The town’s long flat sandy beach is perfect for activities like kite flying and windsurfing, offering an idyllic setting for leisurely strolls and enjoying the natural beauty of the coastline.

The community exudes an inviting atmosphere with its art galleries, local shops, and unique dining establishments where visitors can savor delicious meals while soaking in the tranquil surroundings.

Rockaway Beach-Garibaldi

Rockaway Beach-Garibaldi boasts affordable accommodations, a broad beach, and a wooden boardwalk leading to the Rockaway Big Tree. This area is part of the Oregon Coast’s charming network of scenic towns, offering an excellent destination for those seeking a quieter coastal experience.

The expansive beach and picturesque boardwalk make Rockaway Beach-Garibaldi an ideal place to relax and soak in the untouched natural beauty. Whether strolling along the boardwalk or lounging on the tranquil shores, visitors can revel in the peace and serenity that this hidden gem offers.


Tillamook sits on the Northern Oregon Coast, boasting picturesque coastal bluffs and charming downtown vibes. The town offers uncrowded beaches and stunning natural scenery perfect for nature lovers seeking a tranquil getaway.

Visitors can explore the beautiful Cape Meares Lighthouse and Octopus Tree in nearby Oceanside or opt for adventures like stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and beachcombing in the larger town of Lincoln City just a short drive away.

Tillamook is an ideal destination for those looking to immerse themselves in serene coastal beauty and outdoor activities without the hustle and bustle of more touristy areas.


Oceanside boasts stunning natural beauty, featuring the iconic Cape Meares Lighthouse and the fascinating Octopus Tree. Visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquility while exploring Cape Lookout State Park and enjoying the uncrowded Oceanside Beach.

The town offers a peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal getaway from busy city life. Oceanside’s charm lies in its unspoiled landscapes and serene ambiance, offering a serene retreat for those seeking to reconnect with nature.

Pacific City

Pacific City sits nestled between Tillamook and Lincoln City on the Northern Oregon Coast, offering a laid-back coastal vibe with a mix of outdoor activities and local dining experiences.

The iconic Cape Kiwanda boasts impressive sandstone cliffs, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts keen on hiking or even driving along McPhillips Beach. A beloved local tradition involves experiencing the dory boats firsthand while enjoying breathtaking ocean views.

When hunger strikes, options like Stimulus Coffee and Bakeshop or Pelican Brewing’s original location are sure to satisfy taste buds.

The accommodations in Pacific City provide unique stays with mesmerizing ocean views. For those seeking an unconventional experience, Hart’s Camp Airstream Hotel and RV Park offer stylish lodging choices amid nature’s beauty.

Long Beach, WA

Long Beach, WA lies in the heart of the Northern Oregon Coast and offers a bustling atmosphere amidst its beautiful beaches. Visitors can explore the iconic Discovery Trail or experience the exhilarating Washington State International Kite Festival.

The vibrant community and close proximity to other coastal towns make this an ideal destination for those seeking more than just a beach vacation. Whether it’s kite flying at the festival or strolling along the Long Beach boardwalk, there are abundant opportunities to immerse yourself in outdoor activities and experience nature at its finest.

In addition to these exciting adventures, Long Beach is conveniently situated near other delightful coastal towns such as Astoria, Seaside, and Cannon Beach – making it a perfect base for exploring nearby attractions while enjoying its own distinct charm and offerings.

Central Oregon Coast Towns and Cities

Discover charming Central Oregon Coast towns and cities. Explore the scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and historical landmarks that define this coastal region. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere and uncover hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Lincoln City

Lincoln City is famous for its seven-mile beach, perfect for leisurely strolls and building sandcastles. The town also offers nearby hiking trails with stunning coastal views that cater to outdoor enthusiasts seeking a peaceful escape.

Visitors can partake in the exciting Finders Keepers program, where blown-glass floaters are cleverly concealed along the beach, providing an adventurous treasure hunt experience. Stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking are popular activities here, allowing tourists to explore the pristine waters and observe marine life firsthand.

Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay presents an idyllic setting for whale watching enthusiasts, with its reputation as the world’s smallest natural navigable harbor. The town boasts a charming downtown area and is home to the famous Spouting Horn, where waves shoot up to create a dramatic plume of water.

From June through September, visitors can witness magnificent whales in their natural habitat, making this period ideal for observing these majestic creatures off the coast. For dining options, travelers can indulge in local cuisine at Pirate Coffee Company or savor delicious meals at The Horn Public House and Brewery.

SCP Depoe Bay is an excellent choice for comfortable accommodation during your visit.


Newport, a picturesque town on the Central Oregon Coast with a population of 10,240, is known for its stunning natural beauty. The town boasts attractions such as the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Nye Beach, and the Historic Bayfront district.

Visitors to Newport can indulge in fresh seafood, explore local shops and galleries, and experience outdoor activities like whale watching and crabbing. Additionally, Newport’s rich maritime history is showcased at the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center.

This charming town is popular among beachcombers, birdwatchers, and those interested in exploring tide pools.

Waldport-Seal Rock

Waldport-Seal Rock rests between Lincoln City and Florence on the Central Oregon Coast. This area boasts lush forests and rugged beaches, offering a delightful coastal experience for visitors.

Travelers can indulge in various outdoor activities, find comfortable accommodations, and savor delectable dining options while exploring Waldport-Seal Rock.

Here is a first-hand tip: The relaxing atmosphere of Waldport-Seal Rock sets it apart from larger coastal destinations, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a more intimate seaside escape.


Yachats, a town nestled on the central Oregon Coast, is home to just 553 residents. Here, visitors can explore unique shops, art galleries, and local restaurants that offer an authentic coastal experience.

The town’s laid-back vibe is complemented by its proximity to natural landmarks such as Cape Perpetua and the Yachats River. While in Yachats, visitors can enjoy activities like hiking, beachcombing, and birdwatching – perfect for those seeking a quieter and more intimate coastal adventure.


Florence, nestled in the central Oregon Coast region, is an ideal spot for those seeking a quieter and picturesque coastal getaway. Offering a distinctive coastline and natural beauty, Florence appeals to travelers coming from Portland, northern and central Willamette Valley, or Washington.

Situated about 75 miles south of Lincoln City, this charming town provides various outdoor activities along with comfortable accommodations and dining options for visitors.

Spanning expansive beaches and unique sand dunes, Florence is a haven for nature enthusiasts looking to explore the ever-evolving oceanfront. Intriguing landmarks like Heceta Head Lighthouse and Sea Lion Caves dot the landscape while offering remarkable sights.

Southern Oregon Coast Towns and Cities

Explore the charming towns and cities nestled along the Southern Oregon Coast, each with its own unique character and attractions. Discover Reedsport, Coos Bay, Bandon, Port Orford, Gold Beach, and Brookings – all offering a tranquil escape for those seeking a quieter coastal experience.

From scenic beaches to historic sites, this region is rich in natural beauty and captivating landmarks that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on any visitor.


Reedsport, located in the Southern Oregon Coast, offers a plethora of outdoor activities and dining options. This town’s proximity to kayaking spots and waterfall hikes makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers seeking adventure.

Furthermore, Reedsport hosts vibrant festivals celebrating pirates, fungi, floral blooms, and holiday lights throughout the year.

With its diverse range of activities and events, Reedsport provides an authentic taste of coastal life without the hustle and bustle found in larger towns. Whether it’s exploring unique lodgings or joining in on local festivities, this quaint town promises a delightful experience for those looking to immerse themselves in nature and community warmth.

Coos Bay

Coos Bay offers a quieter and less-traveled experience on the southern Oregon Coast. This town is known for its dramatic coastal scenery and attractions such as Sunset Bay State Park and the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Visitors to Coos Bay can enjoy stunning coastal views, outdoor activities, and explore nature’s beauty with ease.

This area is perfect for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers who prefer a calmer atmosphere away from bustling crowds. Sunset Bay State Park allows visitors to admire the scenic coastline while engaging in beachside picnics or exploring tide pools.


Bandon, a town nestled on the Southern Oregon Coast, boasts stunning rock formations and a tranquil ambiance. The town offers an array of outdoor activities, accommodations, and dining options for visitors seeking a well-rounded experience.

Bandon is renowned for its vibrant festivals celebrating pirates, fungi, floral bloom, and holiday lights—an enriching addition to the charm of this captivating region.

Furthermore, Bandon presents an idyllic setting for exploring the quieter and smaller towns along the Oregon Coast. From its dramatic coastal landscapes to the warmth of local hospitality, Bandon holds endless opportunities for adventure seekers.

Port Orford

Port Orford offers unique experiences for visitors, including kayaking, waterfall hikes, and spring break trips. Known for being quieter, warmer, and less traveled than other areas of the Oregon Coast, the town is home to some of the most dramatic rock formations on the west coast.

Visitors can also enjoy festivals celebrating pirates, fungi, floral bloom, and holiday lights. Businesses in Port Orford offer a range of options from antique and collectibles malls to bookstores and camping adventures.

The town provides a quieter and less crowded experience compared to other regions along the Oregon Coast.

Gold Beach

Gold Beach, situated on the Southern Oregon Coast, offers a quieter and warmer atmosphere for those seeking a more tranquil coastal experience. This picturesque town allows visitors to explore multiple areas along the coast while enjoying its less traveled environment.

Gold Beach is renowned for some of the most dramatic and photogenic rock formations on the west coast of Oregon, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

With its relaxed ambiance and stunning natural beauty, Gold Beach provides an inviting escape from the hustle and bustle of busier tourist destinations.


Brookings sits on the Southern Oregon Coast near the California border, making it a convenient stop for travelers from Medford or California. The drive from Portland takes about 6 hours, as towns on the southern Oregon beach are around 30 miles apart.

In Brookings, visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing along with numerous lodging options and dining choices.

Plan Your Oregon Coast Road Trip

When planning your Oregon Coast road trip, consider the following factors to make the most of your experience:

  1. Select a comfortable vehicle: Choose a reliable car or camper rental suitable for coastal driving and equipped to store all necessary items for an enjoyable trip.
  2. Research accommodations in advance: Look into lodging options in the towns you plan to visit, considering factors like amenities, proximity to attractions, and reviews from previous visitors.
  3. Pack appropriate clothing: Prepare for varying weather conditions by bringing layers, waterproof outerwear, and sturdy shoes for outdoor activities.
  4. Create a flexible itinerary: Schedule visits to the towns along the coast, allowing time for unexpected discoveries and leisurely exploration.
  5. Explore local cuisine: Seek out dining options featuring regional specialties such as seafood, artisanal cheeses, and farm-fresh produce to savor the flavors of the Oregon Coast.
  6. Engage with local culture: Embrace opportunities to participate in community events, visit art galleries or museums, and interact with residents to gain insights into each town’s unique character.

Towns On Oregon Coast Conclusion

After exploring the diverse towns and cities along the Oregon Coast, it’s evident that each region offers its own unique charm and attractions. The Northern, Central, and Southern coastlines present a plethora of activities for travelers to enjoy – from historical sites in Astoria to the scenic beauty of Yachats.

Whether you are fascinated by coastal history or seeking a tranquil retreat, there is something for everyone along this breathtaking stretch of coastline. So pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through these picturesque coastal communities.

Towns On Oregon Coast FAQs

1. What makes the Oregon Coast special for travelers?

The Oregon Coast offers unique experiences with its stunning coastlines, including whale watching opportunities, historic sites like the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, and beautiful state parks perfect for beach lovers.

2. Can I find good places to eat along the Oregon Coast?

Yes, you can enjoy delicious meals at various towns along the coast. From fresh seafood in coastal Oregon towns to unique dining experiences like the Truffle Shuffle event, there’s something for everyone.

3. Are there any famous movie locations on the Oregon Coast?

Absolutely! The Goonies, a popular film from the 1980s, was filmed in several locations along the coast, including Astoria and Cannon Beach. Fans can visit these spots to relive their favorite moments from the movie.

4. What outdoor activities can I do on the Oregon Coast?

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do on the coast, from exploring serene beaches at state parks to fishing in rivers like Rogue and Wilson River or hiking near scenic areas such as Chetco and Bayocean Peninsula.

5. How can I learn more about local history when visiting coastal towns?

Many coastal towns have community writing centers or local museums that offer insights into their rich history and cultural heritage. Visiting these places is a great way to deepen your understanding of each town’s background.

6. Is it easy to navigate between different towns on the Oregon Coast?

Yes! With helpful links available through social media platforms and websites mapping out travel tips for navigating from North Coast regions down through South Coast locales via routes like I-5 corridor or scenic byways ensures an enjoyable journey across Coastal Oregon.

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