Explore The Best Things To Do In Evergreen CO

Things To Do In Evergreen CO

Finding those hidden gems in small towns can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt without a map. We’ve all been there, scrolling endlessly, looking for that perfect weekend escape or a family outing worth cherishing.

That’s when we stumbled across Evergreen, CO—a genuine mountain retreat just 35 minutes from Denver, brimming with activities. Whether it’s gliding gracefully on the ice at Evergreen Lake or soaking up live tunes downtown, your adventure is waiting to unfold!

Key Takeaways

  • Evergreen, CO is a mountain retreat close to Denver, offering outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.
  • You can do fun things at Evergreen Lake such as boating, paddleboarding, ice skating in winter, and attending the annual Dam Duck Derby.
  • Downtown Evergreen has over 180 businesses where you can shop for unique items and enjoy dining from various cuisines.
  • Nearby attractions include Chatfield State Park for outdoor activities and Red Rocks Park for concerts with amazing views.
  • Special events like Firehouse Farms Birthday Party Entertainment offer unique experiences with baby goats.

Things to Do in Evergreen, CO

Things To Do In Evergreen CO - A stunning natural landscape featuring a serene lake, lush forests, and a majestic mountain backdrop.

Explore Evergreen, CO’s great outdoors with hiking, biking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Enjoy recreational activities at Evergreen Lake such as boating, paddleboarding, and ice skating.

Visit downtown Evergreen for shopping and dining experiences. Attend annual festivals and events to immerse in the local culture. Hit the links at Evergreen Golf Course for a rewarding golfing experience.

Explore the great outdoors (hiking, biking, fishing, wildlife viewing)

We love exploring the great outdoors in Evergreen, Colorado. It’s full of amazing activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and watching wildlife.

  1. Hiking around Evergreen offers various trails for all skill levels. You can find maps at Jeffco Open Space Website or the Visitor’s Center. Trails offer views of Bear Creek and scenic overlooks where you might spot elk or mountain goats.
  2. Biking through the area has something for everyone. Mountain bikers enjoy challenging routes at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park, while road cyclists find scenic cycling routes enjoyable. Group rides information is available too.
  3. Fishing in Evergreen isn’t just about casting a line; it’s an experience. Year-round fly fishing is popular at O’Fallon Park, and when it freezes, ice fishing on Evergreen Lake becomes a favorite activity.
  4. Wildlife viewing is spectacular here. Elk Meadow Park and Alderfer Three Sisters Park are hotspots for spotting elk, bald eagires, and sometimes even shy mountain goats across various open spaces.
  5. Outdoor activities aren’t limited to dry land – Evergreen Lake offers boating options where you can quietly paddle amidst nature.
  6. For those who prefer walking paths or bike trails closer to town, downtown Evergreen links to Echo Mountain via well-maintained routes that showcase local flora and fauna alongside Bear Creek.

Each of these activities connects us with nature and provides unforgettable memories in the beautiful landscape of Evergreen, Colorado. Whether you’re casting a line into Bear Creek or spotting wildlife at Elk Meadow Park, there’s never a dull moment outdoors here!

Enjoy recreational activities at Evergreen Lake (boating, paddleboarding, ice skating)

We always find joy and excitement in the recreational activities at Evergreen Lake. This beautiful spot offers us a chance to enjoy the great outdoors through various water sports and winter activities.

Here’s what we can do:

  1. We hop into a boat for an afternoon of exploration on Evergreen Lake. With rental rates varying, it’s affordable and includes life jackets to keep everyone safe.
  2. Stand-up paddleboarding is another favorite. It challenges our balance and strength but brings peace as we glide over the calm waters.
  3. Winter transforms the lake into a vast ice skating wonderland. Ice skating here, with the Rockies as our backdrop, feels like stepping into a holiday card.
  4. Sunrise Yoga classes by the lake start our day right. For $35 per person, these sessions are open to all experience levels and those 13 years old and up.
  5. In addition to yoga on land, Sunrise SUP Yoga presents an extra challenge and fun twist—doing yoga poses on paddleboards!
  6. The annual Dam Duck Derby brings our community together every summer for a quirky race with rubber ducks across the lake—a not-to-be-missed event that adds charm to our town festivities.
  7. Fishing is not just about catching; it’s about relaxing by the water’s edge, soaking in serene lake views, or engaging in friendly competition with fellow anglers.
  8. Paddleboarding classes offer us a chance to learn or polish up our skills while meeting others who share our interests.
  9. Special events often include live music by the lakeside during summer evenings—perfect for enjoying local talent in an idyllic setting.
  10. For kids (and adults who are young at heart), Firehouse Farms Birthday Party Entertainment at the lake provides memorable experiences with fun activities themed around firefighting heroes.

Evergreen Lake gives us endless ways to create memorable moments, whether we’re seeking adventure on its waters or simply enjoying its scenic tranquility from ashore.

Shop and dine in downtown Evergreen

In downtown Evergreen, we find over 180 businesses waiting for us. They sell clothes, gifts, skateboards, and home decor. It’s a place where you can stroll from one unique shop to another.

Each store offers something special that you won’t find anywhere else.

Dining in Evergreen lets us taste the world without leaving town. We enjoy Italian dishes one night and sushi the next. There are places serving Mediterranean flavors, Mexican feasts, vegan delights, and classic barbecue—all perfect for eating outside.

The local eateries give us a taste of what life in Evergreen is truly like.

Attend annual festivals and events

We’re excited to share the array of annual festivals and events in Evergreen. This lively town offers a range of activities throughout the year, catering to various interests and ages:

  1. Spring: Festivals honoring Native American culture, community leaders, and the environment bring vibrancy to the season.
  2. Summer: Enjoy free concerts, farmers’ markets, outdoor dining, and a variety of outdoor activities.
  3. Autumn: Embrace the tranquility with quiet walks, community trail races, and seasonal events that capture the essence of fall.
  4. Winter: Engage in ice melt contests, witness stunning ice sculptures, and take part in holiday events featuring concerts and festive celebrations.

These events perfectly complement Evergreen’s charm and are designed to provide enriching experiences for all who visit this picturesque town.

Hit the links at Evergreen Golf Course

Get ready to tee off at Evergreen Golf Course, nestled 7,220 feet high in Dedisse Park. This breathtaking course offers the chance to encounter elk and other wildlife while enjoying your game.

The stunning views combined with the recreational activities at Evergreen Lake, including boating and paddleboarding, make this an ideal spot for golf enthusiasts looking to combine their passion with nature’s beauty.

Soak up the tranquility of this picturesque setting as you putt your way through this unique and captivating course.

If nautical activities are more your speed, Evergreen Lake – part of Dedisse Park – provides opportunities for boating and paddleboarding during summer months. Don’t miss out on a round of golf where natural beauty meets sport!

Other Popular Attractions in Evergreen

Things To Do In Evergreen CO - A serene forest trail with vibrant foliage captured in high-quality detail.

Looking for more to explore in Evergreen? Don’t miss the fascinating Evergreen Nature Center, showcasing the area’s diverse wildlife and ecosystems. Dive into local history at Hiwan Heritage Park & Museum, home to intriguing exhibits on the region’s heritage.

Or venture out to Alderfer/Three Sisters Park for breathtaking hiking trails and stunning mountain landscapes.

Evergreen Nature Center

Evergreen Nature Center offers animal and bird displays, with hands-on furs and antlers for visitors to explore. The center features programs and exhibits focused on the area’s natural history, educating all about the mountain ecosystem and wildlife.

It’s a great place for families and nature enthusiasts to visit, diving into the local flora and fauna in an interactive manner.

Hiwan Heritage Park & Museum

Nestled in an old-growth ponderosa grove, Hiwan Heritage Park & Museum is a unique architectural gem that has stood since 1893. It served as Camp Neosho before being transformed into the former summer residence of Colorado’s pioneering female doctor, Josepha Williams Douglas.

This historic site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and offers a fascinating glimpse into Evergreen’s past amidst stunning natural surroundings.

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park offers moderately trafficked trails covering a 6.6-mile roundtrip hike and presents an elevation gain of around 1,700 feet. It features prominent trails like Hidden Fawn trail, Brothers Overlook, and Silver Fox trail ideal for hiking, running, biking, and skiing.

To secure parking easily, arriving early is advisable.

Nestled in the heart of Evergreen, this park is popular for its outdoor activities with captivating views tailored to nature enthusiasts seeking more than just ordinary experiences.

Nearby Attractions

Discover the picturesque landscapes of Genesee Park, with its diverse wildlife and scenic hiking trails. Immerse yourself in history at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, dedicated to the legendary Wild West showman.

Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park, just 26 miles from Evergreen, offers a range of water sports and is close to Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms. It’s an ideal spot for outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and hiking.

The park also provides a picturesque backdrop for picnics or leisurely walks near the lakehouse. Additionally, nature lovers can explore the diverse wildlife in the area.

The nearby Littleton Museum adds to the appeal of this destination. Situated amidst stunning natural beauty, it’s an excellent place to immerse yourself in Colorado’s rich history while enjoying its breathtaking landscapes – making it a must-visit addition to any itinerary when exploring the quieter towns like Evergreen.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Golden Gate Canyon State Park, located just 30 miles from Evergreen, offers a plethora of outdoor activities and breathtaking views. With its dense forests, wildflowers, and rocky peaks, the park is an ideal spot for hiking, wildlife viewing, camping, and snowshoeing during winter.

The park boasts over 35 miles of hiking trails that wind through aspen groves and ponderosa pines. Visitors can also partake in picnicking, birdwatching or rent one of the yurts available for overnight stays to truly immerse themselves in nature.

Additionally— visitors can explore Panorama Point Scenic Overlook which provides unparalleled views of the Continental Divide and snowy mountaintops. Throughout the year there are various interpretive programs offered at the park’s visitor center making it an engaging stop offering both natural beauty and historical context—a must-visit destination for those seeking solace in quiet nature away from bustling city life.

By incorporating these details into our visit— initiates will have a well-rounded understanding encouraging further exploration with friends and family amidst this serene environment alongside other popular attractions nearby such as Chatfield State Park or Red Rocks Park—all enriching experiences awaiting discovery.

Red Rocks Park

Red Rocks Park, situated near Evergreen, is renowned for its stunning rock formations and panoramic views. Known for its natural amphitheater, it hosts concerts and performances in a unique outdoor setting.

The park offers various hiking trails that cater to different skill levels. It also features the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and an on-site museum showcasing the geological history of the area.

Red Rocks Park is not only a haven for music lovers but also an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking awe-inspiring landscapes.

Special Events and Activities

Discover the excitement of the Dam Duck Derby. Learn more by reading on!

Dam Duck Derby

The Dam Duck Derby is an annual race held from 11am to 3pm, with the main event of numbered rubber ducks being dropped into the creek at 1pm. Cash prizes are awarded for the top three finishers of this highly-anticipated and fun-filled race.

It’s a joyful gathering where we get together to watch the excitement unfold as these little rubber ducks make their way down the creek and compete for victory.

Firehouse Farms Birthday Party Entertainment

At Firehouse Farms, located at 26279 CO-74, Evergreen, CO, we offer unique birthday party entertainment with baby goats – a fun and memorable experience for all ages. You can celebrate your special day surrounded by adorable farm animals and picturesque mountain views from our tranquil location in Evergreen.

Bring your friends and family for an unforgettable celebration at our farm.

We invite you to plan your next birthday party with us and enjoy an enchanting experience that combines the charm of nature with the joy of celebrating milestones. Firehouse Farms provides a delightful setting amidst the natural beauty of Colorado, promising a one-of-a-kind celebration that will leave lasting memories for everyone involved.

Go Paint! Art Studio

If you’re looking for a creative experience in Evergreen, you won’t want to miss Go Paint! Art Studio. It’s a popular paint-your-own pottery studio located at 4602 Plettner Ln. Here, you can create customized gifts for any occasion while enjoying the charming ambiance of historic Evergreen.

Whether it’s personalized mementos or unique souvenirs, this art studio offers an enjoyable way to express your creativity and take home something truly special.

The studio is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it perfect for individuals, families, and groups alike. You’ll find a wide range of pottery pieces ready to be transformed into one-of-a-kind masterpieces – from mugs and plates to figurines and vases.

So if you’re seeking an engaging activity that allows you to explore your artistic side in Evergreen, make sure to stop by Go Paint! Art Studio during your visit.

Zipline Adventure in the Rocky Mountains

Get ready for an exhilarating zipline experience in the Rocky Mountains. Soar along the longest and fastest zip lines, reaching up to 60mph and hovering as high as 250ft above the ground.

With lines spanning from 850ft to over 1,900ft, this adventure offers a heart-pounding adrenaline rush set against breathtaking mountain vistas. The cost of $129.59 per person includes this thrilling ride through the rugged terrain.

If you’re seeking more than just a casual outdoor activity, this ziplining adventure is designed to enhance your exploration of the Rockies with its unmatched speed and height.

Visit Breckenridge and the Continental Divide

When visiting Breckenridge, explore over 300 shops, boutiques, and restaurants offering a diverse range of experiences. Engage in the world-class skiing at Breckenridge Ski Resort with its 5 peaks, 2,908 skiable acres, and 187 trails.

Take a scenic drive to the Continental Divide via Boreas Pass Road for breathtaking views and outdoor adventure.

In Breckenridge or the nearby areas like the Continental Divide on Boreas Pass Road, there are numerous opportunities for recreational activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and wildlife viewing.

Evergreen also offers unique events and festivals worth attending throughout the year.

Discover More Small Towns in Colorado

We can find plenty of intriguing small towns in Colorado, such as Telluride, known for its famous film festival. Experience the old mining town charm of Silverton or take a stroll through the Victorian architecture of Durango.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the beautiful scenery and fascinating history these small towns have to offer.

Ever considered exploring Crested Butte? It’s renowned for its wildflowers and offers excellent mountain biking trails. Another gem is Manitou Springs, where you can soak in natural mineral springs and explore unique shops.

These small towns are teeming with character and activities that cater to various interests.

Exploring the Best Small Towns in the West

When exploring the best small towns in the west, we were captivated by the charm and tranquility of places like Estes Park and Glenwood Springs. We indulged in locally made doughnuts and candy while taking in stunning views of Mount Evans and Blue Sky Mountain.

The unique history, food, and nature experiences made every stop an unforgettable adventure.

Nearby attractions such as Chatfield State Park and Red Rocks Park provided opportunities for snowshoeing excursions and outdoor concerts amidst breathtaking scenery. Each town offered a distinctive blend of culture, entertainment, and natural beauty that catered to our desire for quieter getaways away from bustling city life.

Small Towns Near Denver

Discover charming small towns near Denver within a 30-minute drive like Boulder, Golden, Arvada, Louisville, and Erie. These destinations offer unique experiences with diverse food scenes and shops that cater to those in search of quieter and smaller-town vibes.

Each town has its own historical charm waiting to be explored by visitors seeking a break from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Things To Do In Evergreen CO Conclusion

In Evergreen, CO, you can explore the great outdoors with hiking, biking, and fishing. Enjoy recreational activities at Evergreen Lake like boating and paddleboarding. Discover small town charm in downtown Evergreen through shopping and dining experiences.

Explore nearby attractions such as Chatfield State Park and Red Rocks Park. Embrace the unique events like the Dam Duck Derby and Firehouse Farms Birthday Party Entertainment to make your visit memorable!

Things To Do In Evergreen CO FAQs

1. What’s a must-see place in Evergreen, Colorado?

In Evergreen, you can’t miss the Lake House. It’s a spot where everyone finds something fun to do, whether it’s having ice cream by the water or taking a peaceful holiday walk around the lake.

2. Can we enjoy outdoor activities in Evergreen during winter?

Absolutely! Grab some snowshoes and head over to Mount Blue Sky for an adventure. The views are incredible and it makes for a perfect day out in the snow.

3. Is there anything fun for sports fans in Evergreen?

While Evergreen itself is more known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, sports fans can take a short drive to Denver and experience Empower Field at Mile High. It’s an iconic venue that hosts thrilling games throughout the year.

4. Are there any big events near Evergreen worth checking out?

Yes, if you’re visiting during an event period, check out what’s happening at the Colorado Convention Center – just a stone’s throw from Evergreen. From conventions to exhibitions, there’s always something interesting going on.

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