Ultimate Guide To Things To Do In Long Beach Washington

Things To Do In Long Beach Washington

We totally get it. Finding fun activities in small towns like Long Beach, WA, can feel a bit tricky at first glance. But after diving deep into what this charming place has to offer, we’ve uncovered some real gems.

So grab your adventurous spirit and come explore with us.

Key Takeaways

  • Long Beach, WA, is full of adventures like exploring Cape Disappointment State Park and horseback riding along the coastline.
  • The World Kite Museum offers a unique experience with over 1,500 kites from around the world.
  • Visitors can enjoy stunning views from the Long Beach Boardwalk and find fun activities for all ages including go-karts and beachcombing.
  • You can taste local flavors at ocean view restaurants and stay in charming accommodations like vintage trailers.
  • Festivals and events like the Garlic Festival and Water Music Festival highlight Long Beach’s community spirit.

Exploring Long Beach, WA

Things To Do In Long Beach Washington - A scenic seascape of the Long Beach Peninsula with crashing waves and a dramatic coastline.

Discover the stunning Cape Disappointment State Park. Stroll along the Long Beach Boardwalk and take in the scenic views of the ocean. Visit the World Kite Museum and Store for an immersive experience.

Try horseback riding for a unique way to explore this beautiful coastal town.

Discover Cape Disappointment State Park

We love exploring Cape Disappointment State Park, one of the top attractions near Long Beach. This park has it all – from the famous Cape Disappointment Lighthouse to stunning views of the ocean.

You can walk on trails that take you through rich forests and along rocky shores. It’s a perfect spot for those who enjoy beach activities or just want some peace by the sea.

At this park, we also get to see where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. It’s amazing! We always recommend bringing a camera for breathtaking shots, especially near North Head Lighthouse.

Whether you’re into birding, hiking, or learning about local history, this place won’t disappoint. Plus, seeing lighthouses up close is such a cool experience.

Walk on the Long Beach Boardwalk

The Long Beach Boardwalk stretches half a mile over sandy dunes, making it a perfect spot for a peaceful stroll or to enjoy a picnic. This boardwalk gives an easy walk with stunning views of the ocean, setting the scene for watching waves crash while sea birds glide overhead.

It’s great for those of us who love gentle breezes and the sound of the ocean.

We find this place ideal for families looking to relax or couples seeking a quiet moment together. The boardwalk also serves as an access point to one of Long Beach’s most enjoyable activities – beachcombing.

After storms, you might even get lucky and discover treasures washed ashore by the Pacific Ocean.

Visit the World Kite Museum and Store

We love exploring places that show us something unique, and the World Kite Museum in Long Beach is just the spot. It’s home to over 1,500 kites from 26 countries, making it a treasure trove of color and creativity.

Walking through this museum, folks see designs from all corners of the globe—each kite with its own story.

The store at the museum isn’t your typical gift shop. It offers everything you need to start your own kite-flying adventure on Long Beach Peninsula—the world’s longest beach where skies often fill with kites.

Here, we can pick up our very own kite or grab souvenirs that remind us of our visit to this special place in Washington.

Try horseback riding

When in Long Beach, WA, don’t miss the chance to experience horseback riding along the stunning coastline. Traverse sandy beaches and lush trails while enjoying the refreshing ocean breeze.

You can book guided tours or opt for individual rides with experienced instructors. Saddle up and explore the beauty of this serene coastal town from a different perspective. Don’t forget your camera – there are plenty of picturesque spots for memorable photos!

Don’t forget to check out local stables such as Peninsula Saddle Club for a customized horseback adventure, offering options suitable for riders of all levels. Whether you’re an experienced equestrian or a first-time rider, horseback riding is an excellent way to appreciate Long Beach’s natural splendor.

Must-See Attractions in Long Beach

A stunning sunset over the Long Beach coastline captured with a wide-angle lens.

The Long Beach Peninsula offers stunning views and a chance to walk on the world’s longest beach, providing endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and relaxation. For more hidden gems and exciting experiences, continue reading our guide!

Long Beach Peninsula

Long Beach Peninsula boasts a mix of natural beauty and interesting attractions. Encompassing the World’s Longest Beach and Leadbetter Point State Park, this destination offers picturesque views and outdoor adventures.

The Cranberry Museum provides insight into the area’s unique agricultural history, while the Discovery Trail invites exploration through its serene landscapes. Visitors can also enjoy leisurely rounds at Peninsula Golf Course or marvel at the historical appeal of Cape Disappointment State Park.

With diverse activities catering to varied interests, there’s something for everyone on Long Beach Peninsula.

Leadbetter Point State Park

Leadbetter Point State Park is a haven for bird enthusiasts, boasting a rich variety of bird species. The park offers an array of activities such as walking, kite-flying, and enjoying stunning sunsets.

Exploring the Discovery Trail or joining in on beachcombing activities are other delightful options at the park. Bird-watching here opens up a diverse realm where you can marvel at our avian friends in their natural habitat.

World’s Longest Beach

Long Beach holds the honor of being recognized as the world’s longest beach, stretching for 28 miles along the Pacific Ocean. The coastline offers a serene and untouched landscape that is perfect for leisurely strolls or adventurous activities like building sandcastles, flying kites, or trying horseback riding.

An iconic landmark in this area is the Long Beach Peninsula with its expansive shoreline and breathtaking natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful coastal retreat.

The World Kite Museum and Store provides insight into the history and artistry behind kite-flying – a beloved pastime here. Additionally, visitors can explore the Cranberry Museum to learn about one of Washington State’s important crops.

As you plan your visit to Long Beach, don’t forget to include time for experiencing the tranquility and grandeur of this remarkable stretch of coastline.

Cranberry Museum

The Cranberry Museum offers an outdoor tour, providing limited signs and the opportunity to sample cranberry mini ice cream. You can also look forward to engaging with a friendly shopkeeper who shares insights into the area’s cranberry heritage.

The Cranberry Museum & Demonstration Farm is another highlight, where you can learn more about the history and cultivation of cranberries in a tranquil setting. This insightful experience combines education and enjoyment, offering a unique aspect of Long Beach that shouldn’t be missed.

Other Fun Activities and Day Trips

Explore the historic Fort Stevens State Park, where you can discover military history and scenic landscapes. Take a journey through time at the Flavel House Museum and immerse yourself in the area’s rich maritime heritage.

Fort Stevens State Park

Explore the historical Fort Stevens State Park, a top attraction near Long Beach. We can indulge in beachcombing and venture through intriguing historical military sites right on the Oregon coast.

Mosier Twin Tunnels

The Mosier Twin Tunnels, a popular attraction in Long Beach, WA, offer a unique experience for hikers and bikers. These tunnels provide an opportunity to enjoy scenic views and explore their historical significance.

You can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area while learning about the fascinating history behind these tunnels. Visitors often find themselves captivated by the tranquil surroundings as they traverse through these historical structures.

Pines and Vines

Pines and Vines is a local winery and distillery where you can taste craft cocktails made with their own vodka. The serene vineyard is perfect for an afternoon picnic, offering a private Pacific Ocean beach experience nearby.

Visitors can also embark on a private Astoria coast tour through Cannon Beach to explore the panoramic views of the coastline including Ecola State Park and the Astoria Column. The place is popular for its handcrafted liquors such as bespoke vodka, meticulously crafted in small batches using locally sourced ingredients.

Drift Distillers offers unique experiences, crafting spirits that capture the essence of the region.

Visit the town of Astoria

When visiting the town of Astoria, we highly recommend exploring the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the maritime history of the area. Additionally, don’t miss out on riding the charming Astoria Riverfront Trolley for a delightful journey along the waterfront.

For an enriching experience that delves into local history, consider a visit to Fort Clatsop National Memorial and immerse yourself in the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.

With its unique blend of historical attractions and scenic beauty, Astoria presents an ideal destination for those seeking authentic exploration experiences.

Dining and Accommodation Options

Indulge in coastal flavors at the best spots with ocean views. Stay in vintage trailers or unique vacation rentals that capture the essence of Long Beach lifestyle.

Best spots to eat with an ocean view

When craving a delightful dining experience with a view of the ocean, options in Long Beach are truly spectacular. The Pickled Fish Restaurant offers an impressive menu and panoramic views, making it perfect for enjoying meals with loved ones while taking in the breathtaking coastal scenery.

Adrift Distillers is another enticing choice, providing not only delectable food but also a serene atmosphere where one can savor both the cuisine and the ocean vista.

Not only does Marsh’s Free Museum offer intriguing artifacts and exhibits but also fantastic oceanfront dining. With its carefully crafted menu and prime location overlooking the water, it promises to be a memorable culinary delight paired with stunning natural beauty.

And when seeking exceptional calamari lunch along with sweet potato fries by the beach, Peninsula Golf Course comes highly recommended for its inviting ambiance complemented by mesmerizing ocean views.

Stay in a vintage trailer or vacation rental

Discover the charm of Long Beach, Washington by staying in a carefully restored vintage trailer or cozy vacation rental. Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals offers an array of accommodations, including unique trailers and charming rentals perfect for exploring the quieter and smaller towns.

From well-maintained vintage trailers to bespoke vacation rentals with ocean views, there are options tailored towards families or adults seeking a peaceful getaway. Whether you’re seeking more than just accommodation close to Cape Disappointment State Park or looking for something off the beaten path near Leadbetter Point State Park, these comfortable lodgings embody historical context while providing modern comforts.

Options for families with kids

Looking for family-friendly options on your trip to Long Beach, WA? You’re in luck! Go Karts and Krazy Kars is a blast for both kids and adults, with friendly staff to make sure everyone has a great time.

At the Funland Family Fun Center, there are plenty of games and activities to keep the little ones entertained – just be mindful that it can get pricey. With these exciting attractions, there’s no shortage of fun-filled adventures for families visiting this charming town.

Peninsula events and festivals

Peninsula events and festivals present a vibrant tapestry of small-town charm. From the annual Garlic Festival celebrating all things garlic to the Water Music Festival featuring live performances by local and regional artists, there’s always something happening in Long Beach.

The Loyalty Days Parade honors veterans, while the Rod Run to the End of the World showcases classic cars against a stunning coastal backdrop. These community gatherings reflect the warmth and spirit of this coastal gem.

Discovering Small Towns in Washington

When exploring small towns in Washington, there are more than 25,000 options to consider. These charming Main Streets are known for their community spirit and rich history. Picture exploring the natural beauty and savoring local flavors as you embark on a journey through these ever-evolving towns.

Each town offers a bespoke experience that is tailor-made to enhance your exploration of quieter communities. From historical landmarks like the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park to unique attractions such as Marsh’s Free Museum, each small town unveils its secrets waiting to be discovered by adventurous souls seeking more than just a typical travel destination.

Unlock the secrets of these small towns as we dive into the heart of rural America’s realm. No need for flights when uncovering captivating places like Seatac or Long Beach with its magnificent Long Beach Peninsula, offering an undeniably refreshing escape from bustling city life.

Things To Do In Long Beach Washington Conclusion

Long Beach, Washington offers a myriad of activities for those seeking a quieter coastal experience. From exploring Cape Disappointment State Park to strolling the Long Beach Boardwalk and visiting the World Kite Museum, there’s something for everyone.

Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or embarking on day trips to nearby attractions like Fort Stevens State Park, Long Beach has it all. With an array of dining and accommodation options set against breathtaking ocean views, this is truly a destination worth discovering.

Visitors can look forward to uncovering unique small towns and delving into outdoor adventures in Long Beach and its surrounding areas. The area’s historical relevance adds depth to its charm while events and festivals bring about an added layer of excitement throughout the year.

Things To Do In Long Beach Washington FAQs

1. What can we see at the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks?

At the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks, we can step back in time to explore where these famous explorers made history. It’s a place filled with stories from their journey, beautiful trails, and stunning views of nature.

2. Is there something unique to find in Long Beach?

Yes! We must check out Marsh’s Free Museum. It’s not your typical museum – it has fascinating displays like Jake the Alligator Man. Plus, it’s full of oddities that will surprise us all.

3. Can we visit any historical shipwrecks nearby?

Absolutely! The Peter Iredale wreck is a must-see for anyone visiting Long Beach Washington. This historic ship ran aground over 100 years ago, and now it sits on the beach for us to marvel at its remains.

4. How easy is it to get flights to Long Beach Washington?

Getting here is simpler than you might think! There are flights available that bring us close to Long Beach Washington… Once we land, a short drive will get us right into the heart of this charming coastal town ready for adventure.

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