Top 15 Things To Do In Winthrop WA

Things To Do In Winthrop WA

Searching for fun Things To Do In Winthrop WA might seem like a daunting task at first glance. Trust us, we understand that feeling all too well. But fear not! After thoroughly exploring everything this charming place has to offer, we’re excited to share a list of top activities that are sure to provide both adventure and relaxation.

Whether you’re keen on wandering through the Methow Valley or eager to soak up some local history at the Shafer Historical Museum, your adventure begins here—let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Hit the trails for hiking or mountain biking to enjoy nature’s beauty in Winthrop, with paths like Falls Creek Falls and Slate Peak offering breathtaking views.
  • Dive into local history at the Shafer Museum or unwind with handcrafted beers at Old Schoolhouse Brewery, blending leisure with learning about Winthrop’s past.
  • Experience winter differently by going tubing, sledding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing across Methow Valley’s scenic snowy landscapes.
  • Cool off in summer at Patterson Lake or Pearrygin Lake State Park where swimming areas welcome everyone seeking refreshment.
  • Join community events such as the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival and Methow Valley Rodeo to feel the town’s vibrant spirit firsthand.

Things To Do In Winthrop WA – Outdoor Activities

Things To Do In Winthrop WA - A stunning nature scene of vibrant hiking trails surrounded by scenic landscapes.

Experience the thrill of hiking amidst breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy heart-pounding mountain biking trails that cater to all skill levels. Savor the fresh air while horseback riding through scenic routes.

Glide down tubing and sledding spots for an exhilarating adventure, and take a refreshing dip in natural swimming areas.


We love hitting the trails around Winthrop. The Falls Creek Falls trail head offers a short and easy path that rewards hikers with numerous views. It’s perfect for those of us who prefer a serene walk in nature without too much strain.

For adventure seekers, Slate Peak presents a slightly tougher challenge with its narrow hiking paths and rough dirt roads leading up to some breathtaking views.

Methow Community Trail is another gem suitable for hiking enthusiasts of all levels. As the leaves turn, hikes like Grasshopper Pass and Windy Pass fill with vibrant colors, making fall an ideal time to explore these routes.

Every step on these trails brings us closer to the untouched beauty surrounding Winthrop, from towering trees to wide open skies above Methow Valley. We pack our hiking shoes and water bottles, eager to discover what each bend in the trail has in store for us under the vast Washington sky.

Mountain Biking

We find mountain biking in Winthrop exhilarating. The Methow Valley has trails that keep bikes moving smoothly. These paths wind through quiet, scenic areas, offering both challenge and charm.

Riders of all levels can tackle the Winthrop Twin Lakes Loop. Its well-kept grounds invite cyclists to enjoy nature’s beauty while pedaling.

In our adventures, we’ve discovered that each trail offers unique views and experiences. From the winding paths alongside the Methow River to the breathtaking panoramas at Pearrygin Lake State Park, there’s always something new to see.

Mountain biking here means not just exercise but also connecting with nature in a special way.

Horseback Riding

We enjoy horseback riding in the Methow Valley. The trails are perfect for horses. We often start our adventure at Sun Mountain Stables. They offer great horseback riding experiences.

Riding through the valley, we see beautiful views and feel closer to nature.

Our rides take us past landmarks like Spring Creek Bridge and Homestream Park. Sometimes, we spot wildlife along the way too. Each ride is a new adventure. Horseback riding tours help us explore more of Winthrop’s outdoor beauty without getting tired feet.

Tubing and sledding

Want to experience pure joy? Try tubing and sledding in Winthrop! The Methow Valley offers excellent spots for these thrilling winter activities. Head to the hills and feel the rush as you slide down the snowy slopes on a tube or sled.

It’s perfect for all ages, making it a great way to bond with family or friends. Make sure to check out Sun Mountain Lodge or Mack Lloyd Park for some of the best tubing and sledding experiences around Winthrop National Fish Hatchery.

Ready for an adventure in the snow? Tubing and sledding are fantastic ways to embrace the winter wonderland of Winthrop. Whether at Sun Mountain Lodge or Mack Lloyd Park, this is an activity everyone will love! So grab your gear and get ready for an exhilarating day in the Methow Valley.


Patterson Lake and Pearrygin Lake State Park offer ideal swimming spots for outdoor enthusiasts. Kayak and canoe options are available at Patterson Lake, making it a great choice for water activities such as swimming.

For those seeking designated swimming areas, the north and south park sections of Pearrygin Lake State Park are perfect for a refreshing swim during your visit to Winthrop.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

The exterior of Shafer Museum surrounded by old artifacts with bustling atmosphere and cityscape photography.

Discover the enthralling past at Shafer Museum, where you can immerse yourself in the history of Winthrop and the surrounding area. The Old Schoolhouse Brewery offers a unique blend of craft beer and local history, providing an authentic taste of Winthrop’s heritage.

Shafer Museum

The Shafer Museum, nestled in Winthrop, showcases the town’s captivating history. Inside small period buildings, you’ll find a myriad of displays, including mining equipment and informative plaques that offer insights into the exhibitions.

Highly rated by travelers, this museum promises an enriching and engaging experience for those eager to delve into the region’s past.

Featuring a wealth of historical artifacts and detailed exhibits on local mining and frontier life, the Shafer Museum stands as both an educational experience and an intriguing journey through time.

Situated near other notable attractions such as Old Schoolhouse Brewery and Winthrop National Fish Hatchery, it offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of this quaint town while relishing its peaceful ambiance.

Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Old Schoolhouse Brewery offers a relaxed setting to savor handcrafted beers and share hearty meals with friends. Situated in the heart of Winthrop, the brewery entices visitors with its selection of 10 to 12 beers on tap.

From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, there’s something tailored for every palate. The brewery also boasts a meticulously curated menu that serves up farm-to-table dishes showcasing local flavors like smoked meats and artisanal cheese platters.

Take time to unwind on the outdoor patio while relishing in scenic views and live music performances during weekends.

With an inviting ambience and diverse beer options, Old Schoolhouse Brewery is a standout addition to Winthrop’s bustling dining scene. It’s not merely about grabbing a drink; it’s about embarking on a memorable culinary journey amidst welcoming company.

Winthrop National Fish Hatchery

Winthrop National Fish Hatchery opens from 8 am to 3 pm, providing an opportunity to see and feed salmons and trouts. This fascinating visit offers a chance to observe the lifecycle of various fish species and understand efforts toward sustainable aquatic ecosystems.

The hatchery is part of our exploration into Winthrop’s outdoor recreational activities, offering insights into the region’s natural resources and conservation initiatives that play a crucial role in maintaining local biodiversity.

This stop at Winthrop National Fish Hatchery aligns with our goal to delve into the town’s historical context while experiencing its outdoor offerings. It adds depth to our understanding of environmental stewardship in this quieter and smaller community.

Dining and Shopping Scene in Winthrop

Experience the local flavors at Winthrop’s specialty breweries and wineries. Discover unique finds at the town’s boutiques and shops, offering handcrafted items and locally made goods.

Local wineries and breweries

When it comes to exploring Winthrop’s local wineries and breweries, there are plenty of options for us to enjoy. Lost River Winery offers delightful wine tasting experiences, immersing us in the rich flavors of the region.

The Old Schoolhouse Brewery is a must-visit for a fantastic dinner paired with delicious beer, while Methow Valley Ciderhouse provides an opportunity to savor a refreshing cider flight alongside mouthwatering BBQ dishes.

These spots promise an authentic taste of the area’s culinary offerings and are tailored towards enhancing our exploration.

Unique shops and boutiques

We found a charming market called Winthrop Market where local vendors sell fresh produce during the summer. In addition, Glassworks of Winthrop is an art and crafts store offering unique, locally-made souvenirs to remember your trip.

Not forgetting Ms Kitty’s Old Time Photo Parlor, where you can have fun creating unique photo experiences as mementos from your visit.

Local restaurants and cafes

We found charming local restaurants and cafes in Winthrop, Washington. The Rocking Horse Bakery offers delightful breakfast options. At Copper Glance, enjoy creative cocktails while Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe tempts with homemade ice cream and sandwiches.

Whether craving a hearty meal or a quick bite, these spots satisfy diverse tastes.

These eateries cater to various preferences – from comforting breakfasts at the Rocking Horse Bakery to inventive cocktails at Copper Glance and delicious treats at Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe.

These establishments ensure an enjoyable experience for those seeking delectable dining options in Winthrop, Washington.

Events and Festivals in Winthrop

Explore Winthrop’s vibrant calendar with events like the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival and the Methow Valley Rodeo. Immerse yourself in local festivities, offering an authentic taste of this charming town.

Ready to discover more?

Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival

The Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival is an annual music event that draws locals and visitors. It’s a lively celebration featuring a variety of blues and rhythm performances, creating a vibrant atmosphere for music enthusiasts.

The festival is well-known for its diverse lineup, offering a range of musical styles to suit different tastes. This popular event provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy great music while soaking up the charming ambience of Winthrop.

Methow Valley Rodeo

The Methow Valley Rodeo is a quintessential experience, showcasing the rich and vibrant regional culture and traditions. From thrilling bull riding to daring barrel racing, the rodeo captivates audiences of all ages.

The event also features roping competitions and lively music performances, making it a must-see for those seeking an authentic taste of the West. The electrifying atmosphere and heart-pounding action make the Methow Valley Rodeo one of our top recommendations for an unforgettable time in Winthrop.

Winter activities such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing

Winter in Winthrop offers fantastic opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, with the Methow Valley boasting over 200 kilometers of groomed trails. The area near Slate Peak Lookout is ideal for winter hiking too, providing stunning vistas.

Glide through the serene landscape or take a guided tour to immerse in nature’s tranquility.

The ski trails include options suitable for all levels, allowing us to savor the thrill amid breathtaking backdrops. Moreover, there are rentals available for those who wish to embark on this adventure without prior equipment and lessons, making it a seamless experience.

Exploring the Best Small Towns in Washington

When exploring the best small towns in Washington, we recommend venturing to Twisp, located just 10 minutes south of Winthrop. This charming town offers a serene escape with its mesmerizing Susie Stephens Trail and the delightful Twisp River Tap House for those seeking a relaxing ambiance.

Additionally, consider embarking on an hour’s journey to Lake Chelan, where you can immerse yourself in stunning lake views and visit local wineries for bespoke wine tasting experiences.

Remembering that both Twisp and Lake Chelan cater to our desire for peaceful exploration among picturesque landscapes, these quaint towns provide an idyllic retreat from bustling city life.

Things To Do In Winthrop WA Conclusion

As we wrap up our exploration of Winthrop, WA, remember to consider the diverse activities it offers. From hiking and biking to historical museums and local breweries, there’s something for everyone.

Step into the tranquility of small-town life as you explore this gem in Washington State. So when planning your next adventure, keep Winthrop at the top of your list!

Things To Do In Winthrop WA FAQs

1. What can we do in Winthrop WA that’s outdoors and fun?

We can explore North Cascades National Park for scenic drives, hike trails, or even try cross-country skiing. Lake Diablo offers stunning views and a chance to cool off in summer.

2. Is there a place to learn about the history of Winthrop?

Yes, we can visit speciality museums that tell stories of the past. The North Cascade Smokejumper Base shows us the brave world of smoke jumping with tours.

3. Where should we stay when visiting Winthrop?

Hotel Rio Vista and Mt. Gardner Inn are great choices. They offer cozy rooms with beautiful river views and easy access to town attractions.

4. Are there any unique activities in Winthrop?

Absolutely! We can walk across the Sa Teekh Wa Bridge or play a round at Bear Creek Golf Course. For something different, checking out how smoke jumpers train is quite an experience.

5. What about dining options? Any recommendations?

Winthrop has microbreweries with refreshing drinks and menus filled with tasty dishes… Perfect after a day exploring or hitting the slopes!

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